Need of the Free or Premium WordPress Themes-Do You Need Them

If you ask a beginner to select between free and premium theme, he will tell free because of cost otherwise his inclination will obviously go to premium. When you talk about free themes, it is free of cost or you can call them free WP themes listed in the directory of WordPress. It is not advised to download and install the free WP theme through the resources that are not reliable. One of the benefits of free over premium WordPress themes is the cost freeness. The barrier of entry to start the blog is gone with free WP theme. But there are people with different concepts about free theme. Many do not rely these. Many think that the free themes have the low quality but that is not always the case. A free theme can provide benefit like the premium one.

Premium WordPress Themes

Tough Review Process

Free WordPress themes have a strict review process. These are the themes in the theme WordPress directory. The examination is done by the theme review team. After that, these are included in the directory.

Availability for Free—Buy Why?

When you give and share, you have the benefit. With this, the developers will sharpen the skills. At the time of the team review, team audits code and provides suggestion for improvement. The theme is available to big user base. People can make use of it, provide feedback and give suggestion regarding improvement. You can build reputation as a skilled developer and get paid jobs for customization of the free themes. They can develop custom themes for clients. Though free themes are good but there are certain disadvantages when you compare it with the premium WP theme and WordPress premium templates. When it comes to the disadvantage of the free or premium WordPress theme, it is subjective. You may call it a disadvantage but it may not be the concern for other person. So in this matter, the viewpoints vary.

Disadvantages of making use of free WP themes

Support options are limited

Free WordPress theme developers provide the support through the WordPress forums but they are not actually obliged to the support queries.

Restricted features/ functionality

With the free themes support, you have the standard features but many of such themes do not provide you the extra features and these include shortcodes, creating buttons or creating the landing pages.

Uniqueness is missing

Free WP themes like WP premium WordPress themes are used by the blogs and websites in large numbers. As a result, your website is not distinct. You also have the limited options as far as customization of the visual appearance is concerned.

Obligation is missing

Free themes do not have the warranty unlike the best premium WordPress themes and therefore, nothing is guaranteed as such.

Premium Themes

You can get the premium WP themes for purchase from the third party theme shops as well as marketplaces. One of the biggest advantages of the WP premium theme is that it has more features and customization options. These themes have regular updates as well as support. Not all WP premium themes are perfect. There may arise issues of poor coding, extra features cross over to plugin domain.

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