Why It Is Necessary To Have Premium WordPress Themes

With the availability of so many free themes, you might be wondering why you need to spend your money on Premium WordPress themes. Well, this question is absolutely valid. When you go for free themes, it may save you a lot of bucks initially. However, there are enough reasons for choosing a premium theme for your website. But before we start to have a deep discussion over it, let us first understand what Premium WordPress themes exactly are.

Premium WordPress Themes

To simply tell you, a premium WordPress theme is one for which you have to pay. If it is not available for free, that means it is a premium one. Any person can design a WordPress theme and sell it as a premium theme as there are hardly any certifications or pre-defined standards for designating a theme as a premium one. But in general, a premium theme is built by professional web designers by studying the needs of different business types and the latest market trends. They develop these themes with an aim to cater to a market that is willing to pay a handsome amount for a quality product.

With all these things in mind, let’s go ahead and discuss the reasons for premium themes being immensely important for creating attractive websites.

-Brings Quality Stuff

Whenever you get free stuff, its quality cannot be blindly trusted. On the contrary, when you buy premium WordPress themes from a reliable and reputable developer or theme shop, you are guaranteed (most of the time) a superior quality product. With paid stuff, you can always expect things that are unique and out of the box. For making your blog or web page distinguished and unequalled, a free theme will not work for you. Now you might question why is this so? The reason is free themes being available for free of cost are used by many other websites as well as blogs. It is possible that the free theme that you choose for your blog might have been used by hundreds of other websites. That means there are hundreds of similar-looking websites like yours.

Though free themes are also responsive and show compatibility to various devices, what about the uniqueness of your page? Surely, you don’t get it with free themes. For carving a niche in this supremely competitive business world, you need to look different so that people could notice you even among the crowd. This is possible only with the premium WordPress themes. Along with compliance, they have responsive design. Nowadays, as websites are being accessed through mobile devices; it is important for you to ensure that your website should remain functional on multiple platforms. Also, they are designed keeping in mind the latest web standards. So, for making a purchase for premium themes, always keep in mind that themes from reliable sources only are worth to invest in. Well established theme developing companies guarantee a product of top quality. This cannot be said with confidence in the case of free themes.

-Packed With Exclusive Features

The best thing about premium WordPress themes is that they provide easy customization options and well as many premium quality features. For those who are not tech-savvy and have zero coding skills, trying to make even minor changes in free themes can land you in trouble. With premium themes, this is not an issue. They have a user-friendly interface and designed with functionality in mind. These themes have a very intuitive user-interface that allows formatting your web page in just a few clicks without touching the coding part. Features such as shortcodes, pre-built demos, and WordPress premium templates are also included in these themes.

-More Secure

Coding standards are extremely high in the case of premium themes. By high coding standards, I mean the quality of code. Developers take complete care to pack the theme with a clean, bug-free and secure code. Also, the codes included in these themes are written as per the current guidelines issued by WordPress. There is no malicious code present unlike the case of many free themes that are available online. Hence, websites designed with premium WordPress themes are more secure and are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


With WordPress premium themes, most of the theme developing companies backs their clients and users with a support system. And presently, almost all the premium theme designers offer you support through various support forums for any technical issues regarding the theme. They are obliged to provide solutions for all your technical grievances within a very short time. Let it be a customization issue, problem while installation or improper functioning; you can reach out to the developer any time and ask for help. Surely, your problem will be resolved within no time. You don’t need to keep posting your queries and asking for help on various forums and wait for someone who is kind enough to help you. On the contrary, free themes do not promise any such help.


With constantly changing trends, you also need to update yourself. The same is the case with WordPress themes also. As WordPress is constantly updated, it is essential that the WordPress themes that you use are also updated. When you switch to Premium WordPress themes, it is the developer’s responsibility to provide you with all the recent updates regarding the theme. The designers are obliged to do this because the client has already paid a handsome amount of money. Plus, not providing the updated themes would do great damage to the developer’s reputation. Hence, premium themes are always updated.
Considering all the discussed positives of premium WordPress Themes, you might consider the need for grabbing premium themes to have an upper hand over your competitors.

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