How To Get The Best WordPress Themes For Your Website

Your Website is the face of your business on a digital platform and the look of your website depends on the theme you choose. In a world where there are hundreds and thousands of themes to choose from, you need to make the correct choice. Having said that, there lies the fact that no theme is complete or perfect on its own. You will have to modify it to an extent so that it looks perfect to you. At times, you might need to add more functionality to your site and to accomplish this; you need to use plugins and Add-ons.

However, theme selection matters a lot. Though you need to modify any theme you choose, you need to have that one particular theme that matches most of your criteria. Doing this will save a lot of your time and effort as you don’t need to modify it much. Hence, you need to make the right choice of the best WordPress themes. And for this, you can keep the following points in mind.

Best WordPress Themes

1. Is It Matching The Purpose And Personality Of Your Website?

The purpose of designing every website is different because of the different business requirements it needs to satisfy. A website can be designed for a simple blog that needs engaging typography and better readability. It can also be for any eCommerce store that requires complex functionality and should provide easy buying and selling options. It may require meeting the needs of a corporate firm that needs all stuff well organized. It doesn’t matter what type of requirement you have; the theme must match the purpose.

2. Is It Matching Your Budget?

There are both, free as well as paid themes available in the market. Before you look for a theme, fix your budget. If you are going for a free one, you are absolutely free to select any one of your choices. But, if you are looking to buy the best WordPress Themes, you must look for those that fit in your budget and provide the value for your money. Don’t forget that budget plays an important role while choosing a theme for you.

3. Is It Customizable?

As said earlier, no theme is perfect. You need to take some extra efforts to mold it to match your expectations. This is simply not possible without customization options. The theme must offer enough customization options. If these options are very few, you will feel helpless. And if they are too many, you will need some time to understand and use them to perfection. Also, too many options will bloat the website. So ideally, a theme must have a good balance of customization tools and WordPress website templates to make the work easy.

4. Is It Compatible To Work With Plugins?

Generally, it is recommended that you should go for the best WordPress themes that support plugin instead of those who already have those features in them as they will result in slowing down the website’s loading speed. Plugins that are commonly used include SEO, Social Media, Contact Form 7, etc. You must keep in mind that the theme that you choose, whether it is free or premium; must not conflict with these plugins.

5. Is it Fast-Loading and Easy to Use?

The loading speed of your site is yet another important factor that influences your rankings in search engines. As per the research studies, it is said that visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. To avoid this for your website, you need a theme that is lightweight and helps your website load faster. Also, the theme should have an intuitive user interface and features and functionalities that are so easy to use so that they can be used effectively even by a newbie.

6. Is It Accompanied By Documentation?

Sometimes it may happen that you will need to know some specific details regarding the theme options and features. Every time you cannot depend upon the support and keep on contacting them for getting every minute detail. It is time-consuming as well. Here is where documentation comes handy. It contains every detail regarding the theme and explains every aspect including features and procedures regarding installation and setup. So, you need to make sure that the theme that you choose should have detailed documentation.

7. Is It Translatable And Cross-Browser Compatible?

Cross-browser compatibility is a must as it helps users to access the website using any popular web browser of their choice. So it is essential that apart from different devices, your website should look and work well on different browsers. Most of the best WordPress themes provide this feature and ensures that your site gives a top-notch performance on any major browser. Now comes the translation support. Well, this is the feature that doesn’t hold equal importance to everyone. However, it is desirable as you are about to take your business to a global platform.

8. Is It SEO Friendly?

Most of the site owners think about search engine optimization (SEO) after the launch of their website. This is the point where they commit the mistake. It is way too late as the site is already being built with so many mistakes that eventually make it tough for search engines to index the content of your website. Because of this, users are unable to find you in the SERP. So, it is important that the theme you choose should have been built SEO friendly. All the best WordPress themes are built SEO ready.

9. Is It Updated Regularly?

As WordPress is constantly updated, it is essential that WordPress themes should also keep up with the updates. Otherwise, it may lead to a broken website. It is really important that the developer keeps the theme updated. So, before you go for the best WordPress themes, do check how frequently the developer provides an update for that particular theme.

10. Does The Theme Guarantee You Support From Developer?

You always need support on the technical front as there is a strong possibility that you might face some issues while working with the theme. I am not saying that all of you will face issues but those who are new to web designing are more likely to face problems. At such a time, technical support will be there to sort out the issues and get the work done for you. Most of the theme providers that make the best WordPress themes have a 24*7 support facility for their clients.

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