WordPress and Free WordPress Themes and Issues

If you are in the world of content marketing, there is a fair chance that you have worked with WordPress especially the free WordPress themes and this you must have done at any point of time in your career. WordPress is no doubt among the most popular CMS but there can be issues when it comes to word ‘Free’ and the same can be the case with most popular free WordPress themes as well. WordPress is indeed a fine publishing platform for the content marketers but it will be unwise to say that everything is genuine. WP is good for independent bloggers or for the individuals who want to make or redesign a particular website for business purposes. But it is better if you resolve issues related to the free WP themes.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is an incredibly useful tool and helps you even with the minimal knowledge and you can make and maintain the basic website through the leadership qualities of this CMS. But with the remarkable qualities, there are notable downfalls as well especially if you are dealing with free WordPress themes.

You may encounter problems in free WP themes or even with the best free responsive WordPress themes especially if you are interested in making the website with the help of these WordPress products. You may encounter certain issues that can be frustrating if not resolved but the question is for resolution, there needs to be an investment.

You have many customization options available with WordPress and this makes the backend of the individual WordPress site difficult to a greater degree. For the individuals or the agencies who are managing various websites for their respective clients, it could be complex to know about the setting up of the individual account for even making the simple changes on the website. The beginners who are even having the most popular free WordPress themes may also face the issues related to the troubleshooting. As a result, since the theme is free, it is not that easy to find a genuine customer or technical support especially when you need it the most. The question is all this is not good for your business because you are missing something at a particular time.

WordPress permits customization in a big manner. The reason is core product is minimal. A basic WordPress site can have premium or free WordPress templates and themes with which you can make web pages. If you take the backend, these themes have a similarity with the standard word document. You can set the Meta description, page title as well as URL that appears on the search engine. You customize these themes because you do not want the resemblance of your site with others.

With the free themes, you may have certain desired features absent like social media, SEO, in-depth analytics and people have to download many plugins to make the site operational the way they want. As a result, this increases the timeline for both set up as well as launch. With WordPress, there are multiple options available for the site improvement and you can start something distinct right from scratch but things can prove to be like double-edged sword especially if you have chosen free WP themes without any kind of prior analysis or consultancy.

WordPress makes use of an open-source structure for different aspects of the site. This means that the programmers can have access to the source code of the page as far as its working is concerned. It can adapt it based on the requirement. It can share the code online with others. If it is, on the one hand, it is viewed as a positive aspect because it saves the time of the developer. They can put the written code on the website. With this, you have more freedom to customize the themes based on individual requirements. If you take it, on the contrary, your website can be vulnerable because the system code is available online, it can become easy for the hackers to trace the security holes in the code. If you are using the free WP themes, you do not have the surety of things in your favour when it comes to security concerns. There are cases when the malicious code is placed in the publishing code and you are permitting hackers unknowingly for access to the preserved information. This problem is not concerning WP alone as it occurs on various PHP sites but has been improved over the years because people are aware to a greater extent now when it comes to the risk factors.

Even with most popular free WordPress themes, do not expect regular updates. Updates can be helpful and important for keeping the information safe. With the free ones, you have the slow page time resulting in the slow speed. It can happen because of the excess plugins and the generic code that does not contribute to the overall functionality of the website. Slow load time can be a cause of frustration for developers and marketers and if worst happens, it can turn off the visitors and they will finally leave your site. It is going to cost the potential leads. Note that Google makes use of the page load time in ranking algorithms. It further punishes websites that move slow.

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