Parameters You Need to Consider to Select WordPress Themes

As a beginner, you are truly overwhelmed as far as the selection of the WordPress themes is concerned. This selection of the WordPress theme is for the WordPress site. In the online world, you have innumerable free as well as paid options. If you make a comparison, you will find that one theme is comparatively better than the other. You need to consider many things before you think about the purchase of the professional WordPress themes.

Careful About The Selection

You can make use of WordPress for creating multiple websites and remember one thing that the different themes cater to the multiple markets both online and offline and therefore it is important to consider multiple parameters before you buy WordPress themes. Know one important thing that the WordPress theme needs to complement the content of the website. In case, you are interested in commencing a blog on social issues or politics, then you require a theme that improves readability.

WordPress Themes

You have WordPress themes with many customization options and in case you do not code themes in a proper manner, such options will create hassle for you as far as the changing of the themes is concerned. You can use other plugins but that also will be problematic for you. In such a situation, you may have to pay the developer. Do not come in any trap when you buy WordPress themes because you have many WordPress themes in the market that look incredibly great but if you have a look at them in the actual sense, they will make the website incredibly slow and the fact is that you are not actually interested in the slow websites and particularly when it comes to Google, the rank needs to go fast and the website have to move to a higher level.

Know that your WordPress themes play the role of a mirror for your website and play an important role as far as the perception of both the users as well as the search engines is concerned. The fact is whatever glitters is not necessarily the gold. You have the choice to take the steps as far as the choice of the finest WordPress Themes is concerned.

Simplicity-An Important Factor

When you go for the purchase of the professional WordPress themes, you need to consider many factors and one of these is the simplicity. You will get many WordPress themes with the flashy colours as well as the complex layouts apart from the flashy animations but in reality, you do not need all of this. You may need these features at times but not all the time. You need to go for the WordPress themes that have the perfect design layout that is immensely suitable for the fulfillment of your goal. Know one thing that the website theme has to look good but there has to be no compromise when it comes to the usability as well as the simplicity of the WordPress theme. Also you need to look at the presentation style of the WordPress theme and the style of presentation should not be complicated to a greater degree. The principal goal of the web design is to help the users to trace the genuine or particular information they require. At the same time, they need to help the site owners to achieve their goal. The WordPress themes may look great but if it is not getting the subscribers or the business, then it is not a genuine WordPress theme. You need to find the way around the website.

Responsive-Not An Optional Parameter

With the help of the responsive layout, the WordPress theme can be adjusted across the sizes and the screens of the device. You can generate the web traffic from the mobile as well as the handheld devices of different types and the number can go higher based on the topics of the website. Google displays the mobile friendly websites on the top and know that there are many mobile themes that are responsive by default but you have sellers in the market who still sell fixed width layouts and these are not mobile friendly. You need to select the mobile friendly WordPress theme. If you want to test whether the WordPress themes are mobile friendly or not, you can resize the browser screen. When you resize the browser screen, you will find that the layout of the theme will adjust itself with the width of the screen. If you want to do the thorough testing, copy the URL of the demo page of the theme and paste it on the mobile friendly test page of Google. The test may display some warnings but there is no need to get scared.

Compatibility With The Browser

The users may use different browsers when it comes to the professional WordPress themes. Though your WordPress theme may look perfect but there is something broken right there on the browser. This is where you need the compatibility with the browsers. Rigorous testing is done by the theme developers and they do this by sophisticated testing tools for browser compatibility. They clearly mention such things on the website but in case they do not, then you have to do the basic tests to check the WordPress theme on the multiple browsers. You should not forget to do the test on multiple browsers on mobile as well.

Added plugins for support

Know that if you want to feel the real strength of the WordPress, it is through the plugins and with the help of plugins, you can do anything with the WordPress site. There are many plugins but there also must have plug-ins and these include the gravity forms, Yoast SEO and much more.


Not all professional WordPress themes are in the English language and you may be creating the website other than in English. You may have the plan of creating a multilingual website in the near future. Your WordPress theme needs to be translation ready and needs to support multilingual WordPress plugins.

Page Builder

With the page builder, you can create the page layout with the help of drag and drop user interface. Many premium WordPress themes are accompanied with pre-installed page builders and some of these are used only by the theme developers. When you use such page builders for the creation of the landing pages, it can produce much unwanted code. You can use trusted page builder plugins.

Support Option

If you mess up, then you will have to pay a heavy price or you will have to go to the 3rd party developer for solving even the smallest problems.

SEO Friendly

Even if the professional WordPress themes are good looking, they can still generate HTML that is poorly coded and this impacts site performance on search engines. Beginners in general fail to make an analysis of the source code on their own and therefore pages have to be optimised for SEO.

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