Top 10 Amazing Looking Free WordPress Themes In 2020

WordPress is an ultimate platform for website establishment. It’s the perfect choice when it comes to website business. That’s why there are over thousands of companies around the world who make best WordPress themes and sell them. There are two types in making the sell too. They sell premium themes for different prices and free themes for giving you best experience. You just have to make right choice while making the purchase. So there are few things that you have to make sure you have in your WordPress themes.

When people hear about free WordPress themes, they think the quality of these themes must have been compromised. But you have to remember that it totally depends on the seller. The product represents the work done in the company and eventually the leader of the company. There are companies that offer quality WordPress themes for free. Companies like VWThemes not only promise the quality, but also further support that you will be needing.

Free WordPress Themes

VWThemes has been in the business since very short time compared to other top companies in the business. They never let the amount of time in the business affect the quality of their products. Their team of coders and designers have made 110 best WordPress themes which are available for free and in premium too. Here we are going to list top 10 best free WordPress themes by VWThemes.

1.VW Digital Marketing:-

In this VW free Digital Marketing WordPress theme you will get each and every feature that will help you in building successful website and a successful business. The layout of this free WordPress theme is made of attractive colors, background image, stylish fonts and several sections and free WordPress templates. It has customization feature which give you complete authority over your website.

2.VW Industrial:-

In this free VW Industrial WordPress theme you will get everything you expect in your website. It has responsible design with fast loading speed. It is SEO optimized and is multipurpose. So you can use this theme for any other business by making few changes into the layout. For setting this free WordPress theme you don’t need to know about coding or programming. You can make changes in few clicks with customization feature.

3.VW Pool Service:-

This WordPress theme is dedicated to the workers who keep our pools clean for us. This theme has everything that will promote your service to large number of people. It has different free WordPress Templates to sort out the description of service that you are providing. This free WordPress theme has CTA i.e Call To Action buttons for fast responses. It is compatible with third party plugins.

4.VW Fashion Designer:-

To a field like fashion designing the website must be showcasing and complimenting the kind of work being done. Considering that the team of designers made this free WordPress theme look exquisite. There is color palate to choose colors from and over 100 font family options which will help decorate it. It is responsive, attractive, strong and flexible WordPress theme which you will get for free.

5.VW Law Firm:-

As Law firm holds an important space in society, this VW free WordPress Law Firm theme has all the important features that are must in a website. It is responsible and has fast loading speed. It is SEO optimization which takes care of the search engine rank. It is multipurpose and multilingual too.

6.VW Automotive:-

Automotive field needs a website which will not only attract customers but makes the profit go high. This free WP theme has it all you need. It is SEO optimized multipurpose theme. With the customization feature you can make a website look like you want. There are several sections to sort the content and a slider to add unlimited images of vehicles you sell.

7.VW Furniture Carpenter:-

In this VW free WP Furniture Carpenter theme you will get attractive layout design and strong foundation of coding. This free WordPress theme is made with bootstrap framework so you don’t have to worry about the coding and programming while installing and adding content in it. With the customization feature you can make changes you want without disturbing the codes. It is SEO optimized with responsive design.

8.VW Computer Repair:-

This free WordPress theme has several different sections and free WordPress templates to sort out the information. It has slider where you can add unlimited images and video of your projects or customers reviews to create a slideshow effect. It is SEO optimized and multipurpose. The responsive design makes it more attractive. It is made with bootstrap framework which makes its foundation strong to the core.

9.VW Gardening Landscaping:-

This theme is designed with attractive setting of colors, font and free WP templates. Several different sections makes the website look sorted and attractive. It is SEO optimized with multipurpose design. To make your business global it is RTL and WPML supportive which makes it multilingual and translation ready. The CTA i.e Call To Action button makes the website responsive and fast at loading.

10.VW Personal Trainer:-

This free WP theme is made with bootstrap framework which makes it strong and rigid at functioning. But with the customization feature it also becomes flexible with the changes. The layout of this theme is made with attractive and complimenting colors and fonts. It is fast at loading and responsive too. This theme is SEO optimized and multipurpose. With RTL and WPML support it becomes multilingual and translation ready too. You can get all these premium features for free only here at VWThemes.



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