Free WordPress Themes for Eco-Friendly Initiatives

WordPress is the ultimate platform for website making. Here you can create the whole website without worrying about the mistakes. If you know about coding and programming WordPress gives the necessary tools to build a good and professional website. But if you don’t know about coding and programming, do not worry! There are plenty of companies out there who make WordPress themes for you. These WordPress themes are ready-to-use packages where you just have to add content. The companies take care of the coding and layout. There are premium WordPress themes and Free WordPress themes in the market. Most of the people will suggest you to buy the premium WordPress themes as they provide better features than the free ones. But there’s a company who provide Free WordPress themes as good as the premium ones.

VWThemes! This is the company who provides the free WordPress themes having all the premium features. VWThemes has been into business since few years, but has gained the trust of customers across the world. They have almost 110 Free WordPress themes for each and every profession. WordPress can be very tricky if you are not familiar with the programming world. But with the help of the Free WordPress themes you can build the website in no time.


We live in the era of computers and digitalism. Here virtual things have gained more importance than the actual ones. In this busy and always changing era, we are ignoring the only important thing in our lives, Nature! We are destroying nature for our temporary happiness. There are animals and birds going extinct, people suffering from poverty, shrinking wild life and ticking clock to the end of the world. We need to preserve the nature to make this clock go slow. In this very important task, eco-friendly businesses help a lot. They are the future of our species and this mother earth. The whole world is on the edge of losing everything and eco-friendliness is the ultimate answer to that. These businesses need to reach more and more people and websites are the way to do that. That’s why VWThemes have created several free WordPress themes for Eco-friendly business. Let’s check them out-

1.Free Solar Energy WordPress Theme- Sun and wind are the perpetual energy sources that we have to use now, because the fossil fuels are being extinct. In this process, to promote the use of solar energy you need to have a website. This free Solar energy WordPress theme is made just for this. It has all the features you need in your website. It has an attractive, responsive and multipurpose layout. With customization feature you can make changes into it as you want. It has Woocommerce plugin and is compatible with third party plugins.

2.Free Fitness WordPress Theme- For happy and healthy life fitness is very important. Fitness is gained by regular exercise and determination. To get more people aware of your fitness service and make them wan to follow your routine, you need to have a website. This free Fitness WordPress theme will help you in creating one with zero complications. It has SEO optimization and multipurpose design which you can change by using customization feature. It has responsive layout with CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast loading speed.

3.Free Business WordPress Theme- Business is successful when it makes money and reputation. To gain both of these you need to have a well-functioning website. This Free Business WordPress theme will help you in creating a professional website in no time. You don’t have to know anything about coding or programming to make it. In just two simple steps you can have a robust and attractive website. This free WP theme has SEO optimization, multipurpose design, multilingualism and customization. It is responsive and has fast loading speed.

4.Free Gardening and landscaping WordPress Theme- This theme is designed with attractive setting of colors, font and free WP templates. Several different sections makes the website look sorted and attractive. It is SEO optimized with multipurpose design. To make your business global it is RTL and WPML supportive which makes it multilingual and translation ready. The CTA i.e Call To Action button makes the website responsive and fast at loading.

5.Free Organic WordPress Theme- Organic is new trend in society. People are more aware about the organic products. In such case to promote your website you have to have Organic WordPress theme with SEO optimization. This SEO optimization will make sure of your search engine rank to increase the viewership of your website. There are a lot of other companies providing same organic products like you. So to be consistent in the race your website needs SEO optimization. Along with it, this WordPress theme has CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast responses.

6.Free Animal Shelter WordPress Theme- This Animal Shelter WordPress theme has all the features that you want in your website. It has attractive layout with elegant colors, fonts, different sections and best WordPress templates. It has customization feature which let’s you make the changes into the layout without changing codes. But most importantly it is SEO optimized. This feature will make sure you appear in first suggestions when someone searches for relatable stuff. This WordPress theme is made with bootstrap framework to make it robust in functioning.

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