How To Switch From One WordPress Themes From Another

We are a tiny part of the infinity! We realized that a century ago. But we actually felt the depth, when someone invented Internet! It told us that millions of impossible things can now exist. We can communicate, share files and see each-other from one part of the globe to other. The internet helped us most with the business.
Yes! All the doors that it opened for humanity, we mostly used them for making money. Because let’s be real, that’s what matters to us most. A perfect way to present your business or work is a website. Website can be the face for your work. It can gain you profit by sitting at one place.

But websites don’t grow on trees. They need to be made. And what could be the best platform for this than WordPress! At WordPress you can create any kind of website WordPress themes. Before we go into switching WordPress Theme, lets know more about WordPress and Themes!

WordPress Themes

Why WordPress?

Because WordPress is the best! Here you will get quality with quantity. WordPress initially was a blogging site. Here people used to create their domain and write. But eventually it entered in the business of website development. And absolutely nailed it!

Now WordPress is the best platform to make websites. Almost 75% of websites around the world are created on WordPress. It has gained trust of the customers with the excellent work. It is the best choice when you start creating your website.

The next choice you need to make is the right WordPress host. WordPress has two hosts. Whether you know about coding or not; you need to study to make this choice. Alright let us make this easy for you.

The two hosts of WordPress are and! There is a lot of difference between these two. The basic difference between these two is that, is ready-made. And is not! At .com you get WordPress Themes to set up. But you lose your authority over your own website. At .org you have to set everything from coding to layout. But you also get the liberty to make changes in it. We recommend as your WordPress host.

What’s Theme?

Theme is what represents your website. Theme is like a make up for a website. It is well coded and designed template. You can just install it and add content in it. The content says about your business and work. People are going to be impressed by your website design first and stick around because of your content.

WordPress provides its own themes for customers. But if you want, you buy form the third party sellers like, VWThemes! You will find literally thousands of WordPress theme making companies out in market. You need to choose the right one again!

How To Choose Right WordPress Theme?

There are few bullet points or features, that you MUST look for in WordPress Theme.

1.Responsive & Attractive Layout:-
Appearance creates the best impression. While responsiveness makes the process interesting. Many companies will offer you sparkling layout. But you have to choose wisely without focusing just on the glitter. You should check the responsiveness of the WordPress themes. It has to be fast loading and buffer free. If your website starts lagging then it would lose viewers and the rank on search engine. Both of which are harmful for your business.

Friendship is important, even in the website. Your website has to maintain a healthy friendship with different browsers and devices. Many companies promise this feature but it doesn’t really works. So you have to check it before buying. You can check it by using sophisticated browser compatibility test.

Plugins are the most important part of a websites. Before buying a WordPress theme, you need to be sure that it supports all kinds of plugins. These plugins will make the website function smoothly and effectively. But adding too many plugins can be the reason for slow speed of your website. If you have various plugins that you don’t regularly use, then it can be a problem. So install the plugins you are actually going to use.

4.SEO :-
This is a must have for any WordPress themes. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. SEO optimization is the only way you can get greater response from customers. Having the best rank on search engine will increase the viewership. When someone searches a relatable word of what your business is about, your website will appear in top suggestions. You have to check the SEO of the WordPress theme before buying it.

5.Lingual :-
Being multilingual helps a lot in matters. A WordPress Theme should be multilingual to reach more viewers globally. This feature will increase the reach of your website.

Along with multilingualism, being multipurpose in also important! This allows you to bend your website in any form you want. You can use your WordPress theme for other businesses and services as you like.

7.Technical support:-
This is the feature you must look for while buying a WordPress Theme. There are going to be troubles when you will need some help. Maintaining website is a lot more harder than creating one. That’s why you need to look for expert advice or customer support from the WordPress theme making company.

Now, let’s know how to create a website on WordPress by using WordPress Theme!

First, you have to create a domain for your work on WordPress. After that choose a host between and! is recommend for the reasons stated above. Then you need to choose right WordPress theme from right company.

For this we have a suggestion. VWThemes! This is where you can get over 100 types of WordPress themes. Each WordPress theme is made for different professions. You need to choose a WordPress Theme for your business.

After downloading the WordPress theme, install it. After that you just have to set the layout as you want. Then you need to add content in it. You don’t need to set codes or program anything for this. What you are using is a ready-to-use WordPress theme.

How To Switch WordPress Theme?

1.Backing Up- This is the first thing to do while switching from one WordPress theme to other. By backing up your original website, you make your previous work secure. So that you don’t have to start from zero. You will be able to add these primary features in other WordPress theme easily. It’s the easiest way of keeping it updated with regular setting.

2.Make List- You need to make a list of things you will need in new WordPress theme from the old one. You have to check for the codes that you created in the old WordPress theme. Check the changes with .php files and some other files too. Note down the optimal time and speed at which the current site is running. This will help you in updating the website with the new WordPress Theme.

3.RSS Feeds- RSS means Rich Site Summery! It’s the content publisher for the websites. With RSS each Website sends out the content to have more viewers or subscribers. This way the website keeps their followers updated about the changes. Most of the website use Google feed manager to manage their RSS feed.

4.Maintenance Mode- The maintenance mode is like putting a hold on your current site’s activities. This will allow you the space for switching WordPress Themes. To do this install the plugin for maintenance mode and transfer the visitors on temporary page.

5.Check Out- While switching WordPress themes you need to check the previous theme carefully. You don’t want to miss out few good features there. You have to know what to expect from the new WordPress theme.

6.SEO- Every WordPress theme carries its own setting for SEO. With the switching you are going to lose the old setting. So make sure you get new updated one.


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