Free WordPress Themes For Taking Your Business Online

WordPress is one of the most loved CMS and it is quite evident from the fact that almost 38% of the total websites available are based on WordPress. It is the simplest and the easiest Content Management System that allows you to manage the different aspects of your website without the need for coding. The first thing that attracts developers towards WordPress is its availability as an open-source and the ease of use it provides. Earlier, it was used only for creating blogging sites but thanks to the ease of use it provides, it has evolved as one of the most reliable CMS for creating any kind of website.

Today, WordPress themes are preferred as they act as ready-made skin for your website. So, obviously, people will find it much easier to use. What could be much better than getting a ready-made skin for your website? Though WordPress is very easy to use, using a platform and designing everything from scratch is not a great choice especially if you have pre-built skin available that too for free!!! Yes, you heard it right. There are many free WordPress themes available in the market that are immensely useful in crafting wonderful and professional business websites. Free WP themes are a boon for those who are eager to take their business online but do not have a budget for it. In such cases, using free themes will not only represent your business online but also benefit it in terms of sales and revenue.

Free WordPress Themes

There are numerous reasons why Free WordPress Themes are chosen.

  1. Free Is Always Good
    Free WP theme is always a better choice especially if you are new to WordPress or a new learner. For those who constantly love to experiment with the look of their website by trying out different things every now and then, a free theme is an ideal choice. When you go for the premium ones, you need to pay every time you want to try the new theme. And most of the premium themes are not that cheap. You will have to count at least 40-50$ for getting a premium theme. Also, if you are not satisfied with the theme or found that it is not compatible with the plugins you want to use then you will get stuck to a theme that you can’t even use. You cannot return it as many theme vendors don’t give you a refund once you download a theme. However, this is not the case with the free ones. You are free to use and experiment with them until you are fully satisfied.
  2. Approved By WordPress
    You can find all the best free responsive WordPress themes in the WordPress directory. At Least you can trust the ones that are listed in the official theme directory as these themes are approved after going through a multi-step process on WordPress.
  3. Tend To Have A Minimalist Design
    Free WordPress themes also include free WordPress templates and are often considered to have a minimalist design. The reason for the minimalist design is that they do not include many features, widgets, and functionalities that you will find in most of the premium themes. Just the basic features that are needed for any business website are included. Also, if you do not use any plugins on your website, then websites designed using such themes will deliver great speed that will enhance the user experience as well.
  4. Built With Beginners In Mind
    As most of the free themes are used by novices and beginners, developers always try to keep them as simple as possible so that even a person with zero skills can use them easily. So, before WordPress developers approve such themes, as a part of the testing process, they always try to make sure that all these themes available in the theme library can be effortlessly used by the beginners and people with all skill levels.


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