A Guide On Choosing Professional WordPress Themes For Business

When it comes to WordPress themes there is no shortfall for it as we all know this fact. With each new day we get various types of new free WordPress themes as well as premium themes that serves the various Websites like Blogs, portfolios, and a lot more things. In short, we can say that we have plenty of Professional WordPress themes and this number is rising day by day. In this world of WordPress with no. of themes available, Business people get confused how to choose the perfect WordPress Themes for their Website. What are the special factors and considerations that you should keep in mind? What you should always be aware of? It is so obvious that it depends a lot on your needs. If you need a News Site theme, you won’t pick a Video theme, and so on. While choosing the WordPress Themes, there are some key elements that does not change and remain the same. So, this article will address you how to choose the professional WordPress themes for your Business Website.

Professional WordPress Themes

Design Elements
When it comes to choose the professional WordPress Themes you should always look for the Design Elements That are modern in nature. Modern age design elements include Scrolling Banners, Parallax Layers, if you want to showcase the prices then you can use Pricing Tables, Static headers, Blog page if you will have blog in your website, form elements, uncluttered title based info or accordions for Frequently Asked Questions, Video Banners, Icon Boxes or services and many more things.

Performance plays a major role in two areas. The very first is Search Engine Optimization of the website and second is that it is very important in perspective of customer’s experience. You can check the performance of the theme by Live demo. There are various tools like GT Metrix, google Page Speed and Pingdom tools. Another thing to note down is that more the images you will add in your website, more will be the reduced speed.

Customization Options
You as an owner of Business Website should always use the available customization option to properly set the Website. This options Consists of addition of custom styling, editing mechanism of banners, changing to different colors, configurations of photo gallery, creation of page and many more useful options.

Mobile Responsiveness
With the increase in the use of smartphones, more than 50 % of the traffic comes from the mobiles, so it is mandatory that that websites should be mobile responsive. What exactly mobile responsiveness means is non- interrupted view of website on mobile. It is also so essential for the Search Engine Optimization.

Miscellaneous Aspects
When you are buying or downloading themes from theme stores, you should look for the ratings that the themes has got. You should always check the newer updates of the Themes. The WordPress gets updated regularly, so choose a theme that is compatible with the newer version. Themes that comes with an extensive help documents are always recommended.

Cross-Browser Compatibility
There are various browsers like Firefox, Edge, Chrome, IE, Opera etc. So, the users will have their own taste and will use the browsers according to their comfort level. The themes you will choose should have the cross- Browser compatibility i.e. themes should be adaptable to any browser and run smoothly. However, all the popular themes come with this functionality.

Plugin Support
Plugins are the Integral part of WordPress as we can do anything in WordPress site apart from the basic blogging tools. Your selected professional WordPress themes should be completely compatible with all the plugins you will use for SEO, forms, social sharing etc. The reputed themes will be compatible with all the plugins. If you are choosing less known themes then please read the description whether it is having compatibility with the plugins or not.

The theme you will choose will play a prominent role in optimization of your WordPress website to rank higher in search engine. Your selected theme will be responsible to make the pages that search bots crawl through. A theme that consists of messy code tells the bots that your site is of low-quality and our ranking in search engine will also get hurt. However, many descriptions tells us that the theme is SEO optimized but it’s better to run some of the tests to validate. You can paste the demo URL in W3C Mark-up Validator and see the quality of the website.

WordPress updates a lot regularly. Whether it is security patches, bug fixes, new features, performance improvements, WordPress will continue to update in shorter time span. Now, you need a theme that goes hand in hand with the update of WordPress. There are the themes with its description as “last Updated”, this themes are the best themes to trust for as it stays up to date consistently. There are some that has been updated few months back, you can easily go with that themes. The themes that is not updated since six months are the less trusted themes and less promising. And avoid the WordPress themes that has not been updated since two or more years.

Customer Support
There are the premium professional WordPress themes that have customer support for few month or a year. After this support gets expired you will have to pay again for the renewal on the annual or monthly basis. This is almost true that there is no customer support for the free themes as it is there in the premium one. You have to solve the problem on your own if you face any technical difficulties. So, just keep in mind that the themes you buy or download comes with the setup instructions and resources to support.

Conclusion: – The task of Choosing a Professional WordPress theme is not that tough but a pretty straightforward process. One should know how to handle this themes with care. If you are using the cheap and inferior quality of themes then it can negatively affect your site designs, user-friendliness and its performance. I Hope that this guide on choosing WordPress themes for business sites has provided you with the deep insight of how to choose it.


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