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WordPress themes for non-profits are an excellent option for churches and other organizations. It’s easy to add custom content, integrate with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and even create online donation forms. There are thousands of free themes available for use on your website. Some of these themes are great for branding your organization, while others don’t lend themselves well to presentations that need to encourage donations or volunteer participation. 

Here Are Four Best WordPress Themes For Non-Profit Websites:

1. Premium Alone WordPress Theme

Premium WordPress Themes are ideal for the best WordPress themes for non-profit organizations. It is difficult to operate your charity work if you lack funds, so you need to have a website that You can easily craft with Alone WordPress Theme. 

This theme features a beautiful homepage slider where you can introduce new projects or events in your organization, including donate button on the header bar. The donation button will help users make contributions by simply clicking on it. The section is neatly displayed to showcase your services for easy navigation for the users.

Apart from this feature, there are many more options available such as well-designed single pages, plugin compatibility for contact forms, and much more, which makes it easier for you to set up this website quickly without requiring advanced technical knowledge of web development language like HTML, etc.,

2. Islamic Center WordPress Theme

Islamic center WordPress theme is a modern light weighted theme with its design dedicated to Mosques, Islamic centers, and any non-profit Islamic organization. It gives a religious feeling through the green color buttons. Additionally, it has a sticky header that provides you with various pages for the easy navigation of your users.

You can display the prayer timings for your users to inform them of the times in the mosque. Even your services are neatly displayed so your users can reach you directly.

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3. Church WordPress Theme

The Church WordPress Theme is impressive and premium with a brand section, a product section, and an Instagram feed. It is suitable not only for the church website or the charity organization but also for non-profit organizations. It has a slider with unlimited slides that you can use to showcase your services. The donation button is placed on the top of the theme to help renovate your church building. The testimonial section is also available to display reviews from happy clients about your organization.

The google map feature helps users reach out directly to you with their queries by clicking on it from anywhere across the globe. This theme comes with a drag-and-drop page builder, which helps create content quickly, just like WordPress does! Additionally, you can access features like one-click demo import to set up your site fast without any hassle! Additionally, it supports various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE9+, Safari, etc.

4. Premium Charity WordPress Theme

Premium Charity WordPress Theme has excellent features that come with the best WordPress themes for non-profit organizations. This premium charity WordPress theme is for all who want to establish a charity website with minimum effort. It gives you the best platform to show your philanthropic work most convincingly.

The Best WordPress Themes can be used by those running charity houses, trusts, blood donation camps, welfare activities, and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). The special Call to action button is displayed attentively. For donating money, the button is provided as “Donate now.” And if you feel like taking back your money, a button is displayed as the “Raise refund option.”

It comes with an easy way for you to set up payment gateways like PayPal Standard Checkout, Express Checkout, PayPal Adaptive Payments API Profile, Stripe Checkout, and Authorize.net AIM Gateway/ for collecting donations from your visitors without requiring them to do anything extra. 


Our list of the top WordPress themes for non-profits is designed to help you find the perfect website theme for your organization. Whether you’re looking for a specific style or functionality, our curated collection contains various themes that will meet your needs.

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