Hidden Costs Free WordPress Themes For Small Businesses

WordPress is the most popular website platform, allowing you to create a professional-looking website without spending much money. However, some free WordPress themes aren’t as good as others. If you choose a theme that’s not secure or doesn’t have enough features for your needs, you could end up paying hidden costs down the road. Luckily for small business owners on a budget—and anyone else looking for an affordable option—there are plenty of free themes that won’t break the bank or sacrifice quality. In this article, we’ll cover what exactly makes these themes so great and why they’re worth checking out!

Free themes Are An Excellent Option For Small Businesses Starting On A Limited Budget.

Free themes are a great option for small businesses starting on a limited budget. They’re easy to install, update, customize, maintain and transfer to other WordPress sites. You can also back up your free themes with the right tools.

If you’re new to WordPress or have never used it before but would like to get started with a website for your small business, then installing one of these free themes is going to be much easier than installing an expensive theme from Theme Forest or elsewhere without knowing what you’re doing.

The Free Theme Design Is Often Based On The Theme Maker’s Vision.

A good free theme design balances the theme maker’s vision, your content and audience, and your use case.

Generally, themes geared towards a particular type of content (think blogging or eCommerce) or user (think Woocommerce users) will often come with specific design elements built right in. That can be great for you if it aligns with what you need but limiting if not.

Theme designers trying to appeal to as many people as possible may have less focus on their designs—but they might also have more flexibility with customization options like widgets or short codes to make them work better for your needs.

The Majority Of Free Themes Don’t Include Support.

The majority of free themes don’t include support. While this might not be a problem for you initially, it could catch up. When your business grows and gains popularity, there will be more questions about how to manage the elements of your site or make improvements to it. These questions can become overwhelming without an experienced party fully dedicated to assisting you in these matters.

For many businesses, having access to premium theme features is their main reason for buying a premium WordPress theme rather than using one of the many free options available today.

The Codebase May Not Be Secure.

A poorly written codebase can lead to many problems. This can include things like:

Security issues may result in hackers stealing your data or defacing your site.

Issues with speed can negatively impact user experience and make it harder for users to find what they’re looking for on your website.

Being difficult or impossible to customize, which means you won’t be able to customize it as much as you want (you might not even be able to customize it at all).

Few Great Free Themes With Plugins

  1. Landscaping WordPress Theme
  2. Bakery WordPress Theme
  3. Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  4. Computer Repair WordPress Theme

If you want high quality and security, you should consider migrating to a premium theme to avoid hidden costs.

A free WordPress theme is not necessarily cheap. Many free themes are poorly designed and coded and don’t receive frequent updates. As such, an update for WordPress or the theme can break your website or cause other problems with your hosting account (for example, if the site relies on third-party services).

While it’s true that some developers build their premium themes from scratch, many others resell someone else’s free theme with a few tweaks here and there—and that often means the same old code may still be lurking behind that “premium” label.


Free themes are a great option for small businesses starting on a limited budget. The majority of free themes don’t include support, but some good ones do. If you want high quality and security, then you should consider migrating to a premium theme to avoid hidden costs and headaches in the long run.


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