Creative Free WordPress Themes For Your Website

WordPress is an ultimate platform for website establishment. It’s the perfect choice when it comes to building creative websites. That’s why there are over thousands of companies around the world making and selling free WordPress themes. They sell premium themes for different prices and free WordPress themes to give you the best experience. Here your wise choice makes the right difference.

Free WordPress Themes

Having a website is one way of promoting your work to the whole world. For making your mark with it, you need to hit all the spots right. Perfection and only perfection can make anything successful. When it comes to websites, you have to be professional with perfection. If you are capable, you can achieve it on your own. But some help from experts will only make it better. As said above, WordPress is the best platform for building website. Here you can use free WordPress themes for building a website.

For free stuffs we always think that the quality won’t be as great as the premium ones. But you have to remember that it totally depends on the seller. The product represents the work done in the company and eventually by the leader of the company. In this vast industry of free WordPress theme making, there are some who deliver the best and quality results.

Before buying ready-made free WordPress theme you should know about the place where you are going to establish your website. WordPress has two hosts, and With you won’t be having complete authority on your website. Here it is easy to create a website but while operating it you will face a lot of difficulties. On the other hand, on you will have complete authority over your website which you can set and design as per your wish. The recommended host is

There are thousands of companies in the market who sell free WordPress themes or drag-and-drop WordPress themes. They offer some glitter along with it, but we need more than that. Three things you have to look for in the WordPress theme while buying it. The theme must have SEO for better viewership, it has to have a responsive design and the company must provide customer service or expert help. Along with attractive layout you need to look for these. Free or premium, these points are must.

You can either find free WordPress themes on ThemeForest, or you can save time and trust our recommendations. So we recommend you a company with great customer reviews from across the world, VWThemes!

Why VWThemes?

Because, they have 110 products of free WordPress themes for every profession. From fashion industry, ecommerce websites to under construction and IT professional’s websites.

They have free responsive WordPress themes for each profession. Each theme has CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast responses. Each theme is SEO optimized. This will automatically increase the viewership of your website. VWThemes provide customer support and guidance from tech experts for over a year for free. You can buy any free WordPress theme or a WordPress theme bundle from here and you will get technical support for over a year for free.

The free WordPress themes from VWThemes have attractive and customizable layout. The themes are made with elegant colors, stylish fonts and different sections, free WordPress templates and sliders. For customization, it has color palate to choose colors from and over hundred font family options for changing the fonts.

Along with this, each theme is RTL and WPML supportive which makes it multilingual and translation ready. You can choose any language for your website and it will be readable to anyone across the globe. The free WP themes here are browser, viewer, device and user friendly.

Apart from this, the free WordPress themes have Woocommerce and contact form 7 plugins to help you open the online store. Every theme here is compatible with third party plugins. You can add other plugins that you want without being threat to coding. But to keep the functioning of the website clean and fast, its suggested to add plugins that you will use regularly. The unused plugins make the website heavy to run faster.

Let’s take a look at some creative free WordPress themes from VWThemes which you can buy and establish your website in no time.

1.VW Free Hospital WordPress Theme:- Hospital services are very important for society. And having a professional and well-functioning website is very important for hospitals. This free hospital WordPress theme is one of the most selling free WordPress theme in the market now. This free WP theme has all the premium features which you can get for free. It has attractive, responsive and multipurpose layout which can be customized as per your needs. It is SEO optimized with multilingual features. This free WordPress theme has Woocommerce and contact form7 plugin. It is also compatible with third party plugins too.

2.VW Free Bakery WordPress Theme:- Who doesn’t love baked goods! Cake, pastries and other sweets are the integral part of any celebrations. To expand your business and gain more profit, you have to have a professional website. This free Bakery WordPress theme has all you need for it. In this free WP theme you can have premium features. In this free bakery WordPress theme you will get attractive layout with customizable sections and best free WordPress templates. This free WordPress theme is responsive and multipurpose. Its SEO optimized, compatible with third party plugins and completely user friendly.

3.VW Free Corporate WordPress Theme:- Corporate world demands perfection. It demands perfection in less time before anyone else. If you can achieve that, your business will flourish. The perfection starts from having a perfect website. This free Corporate WordPress theme can give you this perfect website in no time. This free WP theme is made with bootstrap framework which gives it a robust functioning. But it is flexible with changes too. With the customization feature you can make any changes you want. It has multipurpose, responsive and attractive layout. It also has Woocommerce plugin and is compatible with third party plugins too. So hurry up and get this free WP theme.

4.VW Free Accounting Finance WordPress Theme:- This free Accounting and Finance WordPress theme can help you build your website in no time. It is perfect choice for creating your digital footprint. Despite being free, this WordPress theme has everything you want in your website. It has attractive, responsive and multipurpose layout. You can make any changes you want without disturbing the codes by customization feature. It is made with bootstrap framework which gives it robust functioning. This free WordPress theme has RTL and WPML support to make it multilingual and translation ready. With this feature your website will become more global.

5.VW Free Multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress Theme:- Marketing has many ways. Business creates ways to reach its customers and make profit. To establish your way into digital market you need to have a website. This Free multipurpose Ecommerce WordPress theme is all you need. This free WP theme has everything you want in your website. This theme has several different sections and best free WordPress templates to sort the description of products. It has Woocommerce plugin to help you with the online store. Plus it is compatible with third party plugins.

6.VW Free Writers WordPress Theme:- Reading has always been a part of our lives. With the reading, writers words gained more importance. In today’s digital era, we still trust written words than people. If you want to make your words read by people, you need to have a website. In this process this Free Writers WordPress theme will help you. By using this free WordPress theme you take out all your worries in a snap. Because this theme takes care of the looks and the functioning by itself. You just have to install it and add content.

7.VW Free Business WordPress Theme:- Business is successful when it makes money and reputation. To gain both of these you need to have a well-functioning website. This Free Business WordPress theme will help you in creating a professional website in no time. You don’t have to know anything about coding or programming to make it. In just two simple steps you can have a robust and attractive website. This free WP theme has SEO optimization, multipurpose design, multilingualism and customization. It is responsive and has fast loading speed.

8.VW Free Fitness WordPress Theme:- For happy and healthy life fitness is very important. Fitness is gained by regular exercise and determination. To get more people aware of your fitness service and make them wan to follow your routine, you need to have a website. This free Fitness WordPress theme will help you in creating one with zero complications. It has SEO optimization and multipurpose design which you can change by using customization feature. It has responsive layout with CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast loading speed. This free WordPress theme is also compatible with third party plugins.


Free WordPress Themes and Their Use for Business

Once you have goals for the year figured out, it’s time to evaluate your present website design (or a new theme if you are thinking about buying one). What you’re searching for depends on business and what goals actually are, but there are obvious ways to ensure that the WordPress theme on the site supports you.

Free WordPress Themes
Free WordPress Themes

Content Areas that are Available

When you think about the goals (both small and big supporting goals), you ensure that there are multiple places around the site that you put the content into in order to to help you hit such goals. Much of the time it is widget areas – so think about things such as Sidebar and Footer. These are obvious, and many themes are having both of them.

However, some free WordPress themes go a step further and provide you additional places for adding things like calls-to-action or opt-in forms. For example, in screenshot below you see that in it there’s a banner option built in. This means if you launch something new for audience, you could add call-to-action for people in order to click over and check.

Simplify Things on Website

Last and not least irrespective of whether you try to make the existing site work better or you look for a new free WordPress themes, the easiest way to support the goals better simplification of what you have on website.

This is important to point out because I see people try to show off more than possible on their website. Just because there is content area in a bunch of cool places doesn’t mean it is right for to use them.

Instead of packing much content and linking in around the site, think regarding things you like and not like on the websites you visited in the past. Keep things in mind when you set up own website for audience.

So before sitting down and creating plan of action for the other part of the year, look at website to ensure it is helping rather than hurting you along the way.

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