A Complete Guide About Free WordPress Themes

If you search for free WordPress themes on Google, you will find hundreds and thousands of free themes and all of them will claim to deliver the best performance. To be honest, it is a good idea to go for free themes, especially if you are a beginner or don’t have a budget for your site. Just think, is there a need to purchase something by spending your hard-earned money if a similar thing is available for free? Absolutely not! But there is a saying that every coin has two sides and it fits perfectly to free WordPress themes as well. There is no doubt that free themes are capable of giving great websites however there are some potential risks such as you may end up downloading malicious code, poor code quality of themes, and so on.

Free WordPress Themes

So before you make a judgment about free WP themes, you need to know everything about them. This article discusses each and everything about free themes and provides you with information regarding some of the reliable and safe options for getting these themes.

What’s a Free WP theme?

Well, the name itself is self-explanatory. Free themes are free of cost. You don’t have to spend a single penny to download and use them. One of the reasons that developers create free themes is to promote their paid themes indirectly. They hope that once users get the free one, they will (not all but at least some) switch to the premium version of that theme. All free WP themes available online need to be uploaded to the WordPress Theme Repository and are required to be licensed under GPL.

GPL and Creative Commons:

In case of free software, GPL means freedom in terms of use. It ensures that users can have copies of this software and modify them for use. Creative Commons is yet another type of public license. Some of the themes that are not included in the WP Theme Repository are licensed under Creative Commons rather than GPL.

Benefits of Free WordPress Themes

These are for free!!!

Free themes don’t cost you any money. All you need to do is download the theme that you want and start using it without any ado. You can try to build a simple website using these themes. It adds advantage and saves money as you don’t have to look for any developer for getting you a website.

Support from WordPress Community

Indeed, even some of the most popular free WordPress themes don’t provide any kind of support from the developer’s end. However, you will find plenty of resources from where you can obtain help and get started with these free themes. You can always find help on the WordPress Support Forums.

Always a scope for experimentation

There are times when you think that a particular free theme is good for you and a moment later, you realize that you made a mistake in making a choice. At such a time, you can straightaway look for other better options without having second thoughts or worrying about the cost. You have the freedom to experiment by trying out different themes unless you find the one that satisfies your needs.

The Downside of Free Themes

Lack Uniqueness

Even if you go for the best free responsive WordPress themes, you will find some or the other website using these themes. There is always a strong possibility that your site may look similar to many other websites that have been developed using the same theme.

Poor Code Quality

You cannot trust the code quality as there are many free themes available online that are developed by fresher developers. If you use such free themes, this may leave your site open to online vulnerabilities. They also affect the performance of the site.

Deprived of advanced features

Generally, free themes offer basic features and some free WordPress templates that will give you just a simple and basic website to get started with. However, these features are insufficient if you are willing to get a complex, well-designed and functional business website

Hardly Updated

Free WordPress themes that you choose must show compatibility with the latest WordPress version to ensure proper functioning. But unfortunately, many free themes show compatibility issues as they are not regularly updated. You can find that some of the themes are updated in years and some are not even updated at all.


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Consider Things while Selecting Free WordPress Themes

The WordPress offers the custom themes and the free WordPress themes and these templates for your site permit implementation of the functional and coherent design for the pages and posts. When you start the WordPress blog, you will have a good choice of themes and your selection option is fast. You also have multiple options at disposal. Know that if you are selecting poorly constructed free WordPress themes or intend for some other type of site, this is going to be a big flow for the business. It is important to consider certain things.

Free WordPress Themes

Responsive design is one of the most important features if you have decided to go for the free wp themes and it refers to the ability of the WordPress theme to alter the layout based on the device you are using for internet access. The ultimate point is that the website needs to look different and above all readability is one important factor that has to be kept in mind. It should look like this both on the desktop and also the mobile phone. With responsive nature, you can use the website even on the minutest gadgets. Over the recent years, Google has made it amply clear it prefers the mobile ready websites over the desktop ones. One good point about the responsive premium and free WordPress templates is that these are beneficial for SEO as well and as a result, the ranking on the search engine goes high to a greater extent. You need to ensure that your selected best free WordPress themes fit as per the desire of Google and you can also check the mobile friendly test tool of Google. This is a fine tool and will easily judge whether the site is meeting the standards or not.

If you have a look at the WordPress, it is improving to a greater extent since its inception and as the WordPress progresses, all other things associated with it need to progress and in case, there is a new upgrade related to the WordPress, there will in general be an upgrade related to the plugins as well. You need to update the most popular free WordPress themes on a constant basis and this will do greater good in the area of your business in the near future. Finally, one thing you hate the most is the glitches or the website errors and this happens when the WordPress themes become outdated. When you think of making a choice for the WordPress theme, it is better to look for the one that has received recent updates and these premium themes as well as best free WordPress themes need to have a solid update record in the past. Apart from that, know that you take the proper care in order to ensure the state of compatibility with the current version of the WordPress.

For web design, you are not interested in something that is cluttered or something that is complex beyond than normal. You do not have to do the things that are confusing. The free WordPress templates that you have selected need to look nice apart from being user friendly and with the clean layout. Do not go just for the looks because it is not only the looks that are everything. Before you take a decision, it is important for you to make sure that the theme is intuitive and the best thing is you know this before you finally decide for the purchase.

The methodology of how you make the free WP themes affects how fast you load the web pages for the users. The page loading time has an impact on the site because it is not the tangible element you see keeping the statistics into consideration. Many of the customers want to load the web page in less than 2 seconds and more than forty percent of the people will leave the website in case the loading time exceeds three seconds. If there is a delay of one second in the loading time, it will cost seven percent conversions. If the web pages load slowly, your site will cause the issue and for this, you will have to calm down. You can make use of the specific tools in order to check the speed of the website. This will provide you the fine indication regarding the operation of the website. Your free WP themes can slow your site potentially but apart from this, there are also other factors as well. When you browse through the potential free WordPress themes, it is better to go through the user reviews and if there are complaints related to the coding and website speed, then you need to hold on. You can also have a thorough check of other sites that make use of your free WordPress themes or theme. If you want to add an extra layer of preparation, you can make the speed comparison test for satisfaction.

For the free WP themes, you need to look at the cross browser compatibility and experiencing the site majorly depends on the interaction of the premium or free WordPress themes with the specific web browsers. Many creators of the premium or free WP themes check the compatibility of their own and note the results in their description. With the proper tools, you can do the same tests. You can also check as to whether the tests are done with browsers on the mobile devices.

In web development, SEO plays a very important role and it also plays an important role in blogging. The most popular free WordPress themes you choose impacts SEO and ultimately has an impact on your success in business or consultancy. If the WOP theme is poor despite looking class as far as the outward look is concerned, it is going to hurt the SEO.Your ranking is dependent on the multiple factors and lett not the design of the site go against you. When you search for the best free responsive WordPress themes, you need to have the guarantee that it is optimised for SEO.

With premium and some free WordPress themes, you have the ongoing support and this support you receive from the developer or the expert especially if you are having the doubts or questions or certain problems or obstacles arise in this area. When there is the ongoing support, you do not have to necessarily pay anywhere else for the resolution. The support is not mandatory just for the premium ones and if you are a free theme holder, even the free theme developers will offer a suitable assistance. When you choose the free WP theme, make sure you look for ongoing support features especially if you have negligible web design experience.


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How Free WordPress Themes Help In Achieving Your Goals

When it comes to web designing, the modern approach is to use WordPress themes for designing sites and web pages. When most of the people are busy focusing on the content to be published on their website and marketing options, they just forget about the key role that their website plays in supporting the business or profession and meet their goals. The basic idea behind getting a website just skips their minds.

Every business has certain goals to meet and to fulfill those goals, there needs to be a good solid web presence that will show every aspect of your business in a simple yet effective manner. And for this, WordPress themes are a great help. There are premium and free WordPress themes available. However, there is a slight misconception regarding free WP themes. A lot of useless and false stuff can be heard and read about free themes. We often come across people saying that free WordPress templates and free themes are a complete waste. They contain useless stuff, have low quality, and lack features.

free wordpress themes

The Fact:

You will be surprised to know the fact that free WordPress themes support millions of online sites. The reason behind this is free themes are very simple and easy to use. They provide a perfect platform for novices and non-coding users who want to use these themes for getting a website. Such themes are available free of cost and are made for delivering simple, elegant websites and incredible user and end-user experience.

Free WordPress themes will help you in attaining your business objectives. There are a few things that free themes can assist you with. Do keep in mind the following things:

1. Simplicity Is Always Appreciated

If you are looking to make your existing website simpler or looking to design a new website; just make sure that simplifying the things that you have on your website will be the easiest way to support your goals. You may have seen many websites that try to show all things at once. Those sites show off as much information as possible regarding the business thus resulting in a website that is loaded with too much stuff. Such websites mostly fail to attract customers as they fail the purpose of depicting necessary details regarding a particular business. Free WordPress themes are easy to use and fulfill the requirements of a simple website.

2. Less Is More

Don’t pack your website with a lot of content. Similarly, adding too many links to your site may put a negative impact. To understand this, just try to recall the sites that you have previously visited and think about the things that you liked and disliked about those sites. You might have liked the things that show a clearer view of the respective business without explaining too much about the unnecessary aspects of it. So just keep those things in mind while upgrading or designing your business website.

3. Low Quality Is Nothing But A Myth

When you check the real scenario about free themes, you will get to know that they are very useful and not as bad as they are projected. These themes are being used by most of the sites and are more stable as many site owners use them. The truth is that even some of the best free WordPress themes are underrated and this is all because of the myth that free themes have low quality. But this is falsified by the fact that thousands of websites are using free themes.

4. Save Money

Most of the websites use the most popular free WordPress themes. This serves as an advantage as they can minimize the expenses to be spent on getting costly paid themes or getting your websites designed by professionals. If you want to make a profit in your business, then you must see the areas where you can minimize the investment to be made for attaining your goal. There are so many free themes available that are from reliable resources and are trusted hugely in the online market. You can get reliable free themes from such resources and use them to fulfilling your business goals.


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Increasing Creativity of Premium WordPress Themes a Necessity

For different types of designers inspiration as well as creativity are important to success. If you go through many blogs related to the web design community, you will be familiar with posts related to inspirational designs. Go through premium WordPress templates to gain further knowledge in this area. While it’s productive as well as helpful to see nice examples of work from various other web designers, basing excess of your inspiration on various other sites can lead you to a dearth of variety as well as innovation in design. Fortunately, there are many other ways to improve the creativity of designs. Let’s have a look at many of them. If you are looking for many ways to increase creativity, this will ultimately make your premium WordPress themes excellent.

Premium WordPress Themes
Premium WordPress Themes

1. Getting Inspiration Offline

Many of us spend hours online everyday, that’s the nature of doing the profession of a web designer. However, there’s a complete world of boost around us that we forget about. Other designs, like printed publications or interior design, are very nice sources that can be translated to creativity online. Nature as well as the outdoors itself provide design inspiration. Photography and clothing, the list may go on and on.Premium WordPress templates talk about precision for long term goals in business.

2. Try with Color

Colour scheme makes a vast difference on the end result of design. Personally, you feel experimentation to be a beneficial thing you can do when you try to develop certain things creatively. Often something looks good in the mind’s eye, but when it’s on screen there is a different story.If you’ve a design that doesn’t seem complete, try experimentation and play around with different color combinations. You find that things you try give the design a new look that stands out. Buy the premium wp theme after undergoing some search as it is a one time investment.

3. Experimenting with Backgrounds

Over the few years huge background images are more and more common. Obviously, big images don’t have the certain negative effect that they have for many visitors. If you look to make a site with a difference, a creative background image is just the right thing. Keep this in mind.

4. Experimenting with Fonts

Like color schemes, changing the fonts or the typography of design makes a world of difference. In case of typography, it’s a bit of a subtle change rather than if you are changing color schemes. Sites with fine typography have a professional, total look where it’s tough to identify what looks so good.It’s not tough to find oneself spending hours playing with different fonts, font sizes as well as colors. For such a reason it is helpful to visit sites having a number of fonts for display so that you can fast narrow down your selection. You can have a study of premium WordPress themes to go deeper.

5. Boost Your Photoshop Skills

Creativity as well as Photoshop go together. Those designers who are skilled in Photoshop create just anything, and they’re able to come up with something distinct or creative. If you are struggling to get designs to come out the way you want to, try brushing up your Photoshop skills. Check some helpful tricks as well as tutorials. Meet experts of premium WordPress templates for help.

6. Commence on Paper

You think many tend to open up Photoshop or commence coding right away. While the design process whatever works fine for you, give the pencil or paper a fair chance. Some people are more creative by working in various ways, and paper works fine for some designers. Personally, you can start designs on paper in order to run fast through some different layout possibilities. Others make use of paper to develop intricate mockups.

It is advised to go through the premium WordPress Themes that are creative to the core and you will find many of these in the market. Know that you will not find any price limit when it comes to recognition and especially when it is the creative world, recognition is an invaluable commodity. The recognised name seems to put a challenge in the area of WordPress premium templates because in the market, the competition is too high. The creativity needs to be high especially if you are making the professional portfolio themes for the portfolio websites of high quality. If the fanbase is high, your work is recognised as far as the success is concerned. Thousands of WP themes on the internet that focus on the creative work for higher business success. This is in fact a network with which you can commute with the third parties.

Creative WordPress Theme And Its Help

If you go for the premium WordPress themes that are creative, these will provide you the focussed and refined areas so that you can demonstrate your talent in a complete manner. You can also demonstrate your skills and work apart from the talent. This is a right place where you can submit the original content for the audience that is in a state of growth. You can also sell the commissions or services and it becomes a forum not only for you but also for others and all this depends on the created media. By the end of the day, the premium wp theme that focuses on creativity is actually an avenue for channelling the content with the flair of professionalism.

Branding Is An Important Factor

You can select from hundreds of premium WordPress themes as of today as far as the creativity factor is concerned but there is still a competition. When you do the comparison, you will find that each theme has a focus apart from features, ratings, pricing and much more. Many of these WordPress premium templates are polished ones and by the end of the day, these are legitimate WordPress themes used by the professionals related to content creativity. You can make an analysis by studying some of the top in the market.

Some premium WordPress themes of creative categories offer the design that is highly rich apart from displaying a high level of flexibility. As far as the elements are concerned, both the newcomers as well as the experts can access. Such creative WP themes have the simplified design interface and you have many ways as far as the theme customization is concerned. With hundreds of basic templates as well as shortcodes, the process of website building becomes comfortable. Such premium WordPress themes have the potential to present all types of content and you can make use of the responsive design as well as top rated performance of the page.


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Multiple Reasons Why You Need To Select Premium WordPress Themes

You must have spent much time when it comes to browsing the directory of the free WordPress themes and you can find innumerable of these in the online market. You will find thousands of these available free WordPress themes in the online market and there is a major increase in the directory on the monthly basis. Many of the free WordPress themes are elegant as well as stylish like the premium ones. Keeping all this in mind, you may probably enquire as to why you need to spend the hard earned money for the purchase of the premium ones when I am getting the WordPress themes for free but then you can go through some reasons and finally you will come to the conclusion that the top WordPress themes are the best choice for you.

Premium WordPress Themes
Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Theme-What Is It?

One of the best things about the top WordPress themes which are in general of the premium category is that these are professionally designed so that these can meet the specifications to the core. These will also meet the specific requirements of the users and the users will not be decisionless when it comes to the purchase of such WordPress themes of premium order. AS per the language of the WordPress, if the WP theme is not of free category, it comes in the premium category. Another important thing is that such premium WordPress website themes are constructed by the web designers who are professional because these professionals make the themes of better functionality and after this, they are on sale with the premium tagline. If you are serious about both the appearance as well as the performance of the website too with long term goals, then you need to be serious with the premium WordPress themes. Premium professional WordPress themes have multiple aspects and because of these, they gain an upper edge.


As the owner of the website, you need the wordpress theme that is unique to the core and this is a good one for the WordPress website by the end of the day. On the contrary, if you are using a free WordPress theme, there are high chances that various other websites are also using the same free WordPress theme. It is therefore advised for you to buy the paid theme and you can buy this from the reputed WordPress theme developer who is reliable as well. If you buy the premium themes for WordPress from the reliable developer, you will get both the excellent quality as well as the performance that is immensely elegant.


The truth is that you cannot actually compare the free and the premium one when it comes to the performance and the truth that cannot be denied is that the premium ones offer the comparatively better functionality as well as the customization options and all this is to suit the business online needs. There are premium WordPress themes in the online market that come with the intuitive interfaces that are attractive as well. The users have the option to readily modify these WP themes and they can do this with just a few clicks. Some of the WordPress themes of premium level are designed for the business companies and such themes offer the customizable theme options and these also have the mega menu support and this is for controlling the look and feel of the website.

Features And Characteristics

Top WordPress themes are known for their fascinating characteristics that are business oriented and some of these are the cross browser compatibility apart from responsiveness. The latter makes the website get adjusted on the screens of different dimensions. Such website themes also have multiple language support apart from various other features that are not accompanied with the free WordPress themes. In case, you are interested in addressing the needs of the business that is flourishing, then the top WordPress themes are a very good choice for you. The reason is that the free WordPress theme will fall short of all or some of such requirements. The premium themes meet the challenge of the multiple requirements and these can be done with easy modification as well as customization.

Safety And Security

WordPress website themes become a soft target for the hackers and it is important to look at the safety aspect. The cybercriminals are after these in case these are free and for the free WordPress themes, there is no high level security compared to the premium counterparts and the reliability is on the customer care department or the forums. On the contrary, the premium ones have the security features that are quite updated and with these you get the complete technical assistance round the clock within seven days. By this, you can tackle cyber attacks.


For the top website themes for WordPress, easy customization is one of the finest advantages and you have the choice to customize the WP theme as per the business model and by this, you are making the WordPress theme suitable for the operations on the daily basis. Such premium WP themes also offer the unlimited sidebars and this is for creating the custom sidebars that too quite easily.

Updates On The Regular Basis

Developers of the professional WordPress themes manage the premium WordPress themes and these professionals are very much aware of the newer WordPress versions. The developers update the themes on the regular basis in order to make them relevant with the updates of the WordPress. With the free WordPress themes, you cannot get the updates on a daily basis and you may also face issues related to compatibility but such a problem does not exist with the premium themes for WordPress. The reason is you are paying for the theme and obviously the rest of all the issues are being taken care of by the seller.

Technical Help And Assistance

In case of the free WordPress themes, you rely on the unit related to customer care of the free theme developer or you rely on the forums. But when it comes to the premium WordPress website themes, you will get the real time assistance from the theme developers or from the experts. It will save precious time and secondly it will also help you to solve your issues in a fast manner.

Do not have the concept that purchase of top WordPress website themes is a costly affair but the fact is your affordable spending today will save you from the extra spending later for the free themes that you think are free in all parameters. You are lucky to have these premium ones at affordable rates because of the technological advancement.


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Why WordPress Themes Had Gained Popularity Over Time

WordPress is the most preferred and incredibly powerful CMS. Its incredible ability to allow users to create functional websites that too with ease; makes it the top choice. So as WordPress, WordPress themes have also gained so much popularity since their inception. From blogging websites to multifunctional and complex business websites; WordPress themes have evolved a lot and provided an easy and effortless way for web designing. There are so many factors that have contributed to the popularity of these themes.

WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes Are Very Easy And Simple To Use

Nowadays, people are more interested in getting easy-to-use themes. They are also willing to pay for getting such themes but don’t want to compromise with the intuitiveness. Luckily, some of the best website themes for WordPress have a user-friendly interface that doesn’t demand users to belong to a category of people that have tech-savvy genes. In other words, people with zero coding skills can also use these themes for designing a website. Theme documentation adds more to the user-friendly nature of these themes.

Easy Adaptation On Any Device

For allowing you to maintain a comprehensive and competitive presence on the online platform and considering the fact that the majority of the visitors are relying heavily on mobile phones, professional WordPress themes are developed to offer a great mobile experience. That means, the website will adapt to the screen of your device irrespective of its size. This is also applicable to the admin panel of the theme, making it work with perfection on any device.

Updated On Regular Intervals

As WordPress is being continuously evolved and improved, it ensures more reliability from the security point of view. Also, every time a new version is released, it means that all the previous bugs have been fixed. Likewise, WordPress themes are also updated by the developer as soon as a new WP version is released. These updates are immensely important for keeping the websites secure. In addition to this, Themes and plugins receive regular updates if a developer adds any new functionality to it.

Enough Flexibility For The Users

WP themes provide the flexibility and scalability to users. You will get themes that are useful for simple blogging websites to complex eCommerce business websites as well. Users can add any of the required functionality to them depending upon their requirements. WordPress themes allow adding these functionalities using plugins and other add-ons. Though the core is there, you can still transform it in any way you desire using the different customization options offered by the theme.

Deploy A Website In Quick Time

No one can deny the fact that WordPress being easy to use-platform, allow you to launch your website in a short time. But with WordPress themes, you can achieve it even faster. Within minutes, you can get a full-fledged website running. Themes allow you to customize and add the desired features to your website in just a few clicks thus saving you a lot of time. They reduce the cumbersome process that involves dealing with the coding part for adding any desired feature or functionality. On the contrary, if you follow conventional web designing, you will have to spend weeks designing a basic website.

Both Free As Well As Premium Themes Available

There are many themes available in the market. Some of them are free while for some, you need to pay. One can pick any of these themes depending on the utility and budget. However, not everyone wants to invest a lot on a website merely at the initial stage of a business. For such people, Free WordPress themes are a great option. Though premium themes offer more functionality and better support over their free counterparts, they can be a fair choice if you don’t have a budget for your website. You can anytime switch to the premium one once you get a start.


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WordPress and Free WordPress Themes and Issues

If you are in the world of content marketing, there is a fair chance that you have worked with WordPress especially the free WordPress themes and this you must have done at any point of time in your career. WordPress is no doubt among the most popular CMS but there can be issues when it comes to word ‘Free’ and the same can be the case with most popular free WordPress themes as well. WordPress is indeed a fine publishing platform for the content marketers but it will be unwise to say that everything is genuine. WP is good for independent bloggers or for the individuals who want to make or redesign a particular website for business purposes. But it is better if you resolve issues related to the free WP themes.

Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is an incredibly useful tool and helps you even with the minimal knowledge and you can make and maintain the basic website through the leadership qualities of this CMS. But with the remarkable qualities, there are notable downfalls as well especially if you are dealing with free WordPress themes.

You may encounter problems in free WP themes or even with the best free responsive WordPress themes especially if you are interested in making the website with the help of these WordPress products. You may encounter certain issues that can be frustrating if not resolved but the question is for resolution, there needs to be an investment.

You have many customization options available with WordPress and this makes the backend of the individual WordPress site difficult to a greater degree. For the individuals or the agencies who are managing various websites for their respective clients, it could be complex to know about the setting up of the individual account for even making the simple changes on the website. The beginners who are even having the most popular free WordPress themes may also face the issues related to the troubleshooting. As a result, since the theme is free, it is not that easy to find a genuine customer or technical support especially when you need it the most. The question is all this is not good for your business because you are missing something at a particular time.

WordPress permits customization in a big manner. The reason is core product is minimal. A basic WordPress site can have premium or free WordPress templates and themes with which you can make web pages. If you take the backend, these themes have a similarity with the standard word document. You can set the Meta description, page title as well as URL that appears on the search engine. You customize these themes because you do not want the resemblance of your site with others.

With the free themes, you may have certain desired features absent like social media, SEO, in-depth analytics and people have to download many plugins to make the site operational the way they want. As a result, this increases the timeline for both set up as well as launch. With WordPress, there are multiple options available for the site improvement and you can start something distinct right from scratch but things can prove to be like double-edged sword especially if you have chosen free WP themes without any kind of prior analysis or consultancy.

WordPress makes use of an open-source structure for different aspects of the site. This means that the programmers can have access to the source code of the page as far as its working is concerned. It can adapt it based on the requirement. It can share the code online with others. If it is, on the one hand, it is viewed as a positive aspect because it saves the time of the developer. They can put the written code on the website. With this, you have more freedom to customize the themes based on individual requirements. If you take it, on the contrary, your website can be vulnerable because the system code is available online, it can become easy for the hackers to trace the security holes in the code. If you are using the free WP themes, you do not have the surety of things in your favour when it comes to security concerns. There are cases when the malicious code is placed in the publishing code and you are permitting hackers unknowingly for access to the preserved information. This problem is not concerning WP alone as it occurs on various PHP sites but has been improved over the years because people are aware to a greater extent now when it comes to the risk factors.

Even with most popular free WordPress themes, do not expect regular updates. Updates can be helpful and important for keeping the information safe. With the free ones, you have the slow page time resulting in the slow speed. It can happen because of the excess plugins and the generic code that does not contribute to the overall functionality of the website. Slow load time can be a cause of frustration for developers and marketers and if worst happens, it can turn off the visitors and they will finally leave your site. It is going to cost the potential leads. Note that Google makes use of the page load time in ranking algorithms. It further punishes websites that move slow.

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5 Important Things Everyone Must Know About Free WordPress Themes

Before we begin with free WordPress Themes, let us get a brief idea about WordPress. WordPress is a popular CMS that is available for free. Yes, it is free in terms of cost as well as modification. It doesn’t lock you into a confined space where you don’t have the liberty to dig in and do just about anything you want. Also, it is extremely easy to use. All these things add to the popularity of WordPress.

Free WordPress Themes

A WordPress theme is an assemblage of stylesheets and template pages that will define the overall look of your WordPress powered website. When you change your theme, the overall appearance of your website changes. In the following post, we will discuss the free themes, their advantages, and disadvantages.

What are free WordPress Themes?

The answer is pretty simple. Those WordPress themes for which you do not need to pay even a single penny for using them are called free. There are many good quality free themes available in the market. You need to look for the best suitable one. Free themes are always the first choice for those who are very new to WordPress. Even if someone starts a blog, he or she will first look for a free theme to get started. So, it is important to understand the benefits and stuff that a free theme brings for you.

Benefits Of Using Free WordPress Themes

  1. Available For Free

The best thing about free WP themes is that they do not dig a hole in your pocket. That simply means you don’t pay for them. Just download them and start using without much ado. On the contrary, when you go for the premium themes, the whole thing becomes very expensive. At times, it may be the case that you purchased a particular theme but later you realize that the features aren’t exactly the same that you were looking for. There is a possibility that you may not get your money back. All such things can be avoided when you choose a free theme.

  1. Easy To Download And Use

Best free WordPress themes are packed with some of the most useful features and functionalities that are essential for framing the desired website. They are devoid of unnecessary things that bring complexity. This makes them clean, simple and easy to work with. Anyone can easily download and use it without the need for any technical assistance. The theme documentation is also there to help you to understand its features, installation and setup procedure in detail.

  1. Plugin Compatibility

Free WordPress themes are made compatible with plugins. Just as there are many free themes available, there are free plugins and configuration settings that they support. Let’s suppose, if a free theme that you have chosen doesn’t work satisfactorily with some plugin, then you have the benefit of choosing the other theme. See, you can do this as you are using a free theme. Had it been the case with premium themes, you needed to be stuck with the same theme irrespective of its performance with plugins.

  1. You Are Free To Experiment

You can download as many free WordPress themes as you want. If you don’t like the one that you have downloaded, get the other one. Still, if you don’t like it, go for some other free theme. Likewise, you can keep on switching themes if you are not satisfied with the look or got bored with the previous one. You cannot do the same if you are using a premium theme.

  1. Undergo Strict Review Process

You may not know this, but the fact is all these free themes are held to a high-quality standard and need to go through a strict review process. These themes also support standard WordPress features.

These were the positives regarding free themes. But every coin has two sides. So far we have seen the better side. Now let us look into the negatives of free themes.

Why You Should Avoid Using Free WordPress Themes?

  • No Support And No Updates

It is, unfortunately, true that you will not get any sort of technical support from the developer for most of the free themes. If you are using a free theme and facing any issues, then you are on your own. You can only depend on the issues discussed on WordPress forums or ask someone and wait for that person to tell you the correct solution (that too if he or she is kind enough to answer your query).

Apart from this, most popular free WordPress themes are not regularly updated (in most cases). This puts your site’s security at stake. If the developer updates it regularly, you don’t have to worry about the security of your website. However, there are exceptions. Some developers do release the updated version of their free theme but you need to wait for a longer period of time to get those updates.

  • Include Encrypted Links

Free WordPress themes often have encrypted links in the footer. This puts a really bad impact on the SEO and your rankings in the search engine results fall, thus resulting in a lesser number of people visiting your site. This ultimately leads to the loss of clients and loss in business as well.

  • Lesser Features

Free WordPress themes offer fewer features compared to the premium ones. Premium themes generally include slider settings, contact forms, multiple shortcodes, and demo data integrated into the theme. This helps to make your website look trendy and full of features that will attract potential customers. But, in case of free themes you need to add these features externally by using plugins or add-ons.

  • Absence of Theme Options Panel

The absence of theme options panel in free themes makes it difficult for novices to change the elements of the theme and make it suitable for their requirements.   While in the case of premium themes, a theme options panel is there so that the user doesn’t need to play with the code to get the desired look. As a user of the theme, you can change everything in a few clicks.


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Making of WP Website and Free WordPress Themes

You can make the WP website and things are not tough in this area. It is better of you to go for the step by step website set up guide as provided by the web developers. These are the guys who have made hundreds of websites and have helped thousands to make their own. Premium and free WordPress themes play a good role. A good WP theme sites, they spend a good time for the review of the products be it the premium or free WP themes and for the readership, these companies provide good reading content. Many of these companies are familiar with the working of a website that operates on WordPress. If you are interested in creating the first website, you follow the guide and it is also a fine platform for recommending the use of the website as well.

Free WordPress Themes

For the free WordPress templates, you have started with the exact content management system. You can choose the exact domain name and after that the right web hosting service. You can add the right themes, plugins and also customize the appearance of the site. With the most popular free WordPress themes, you can make the WordPress website for beginners and in a short period, you have the full-fledged website ready to operate and go live.

CMS It Has the Role to Play

CMS is a platform of sorts or a simple mechanism permitting you to create the content and publish the website. In other words, you can call it a coat hanger stand and the coat is your content. WP is a fine CMS and the best free responsive WordPress themes have a significant role to play as far as the making of a significant website is concerned. You find CMS as a software installed on the server of the host. Your host provider may have a single click installation process helping you with the installation of the CMS. After the installation, you can log in to the website as the admin and can add photos, text as well as the content. You can make use of the content you added for creating the blog posts as well as various content forms like the product page or display of work portfolio on the website.

Do not consider the CMS just a means. It is more than that. You have the choice to install a theme that is a modified template and ultimately, it needs to suit the specific niche as well as the purpose of your site. With the help of the added template, you can customize the site appearance. You also can add plugins for adding the function of the site. You can add the social sharing plugin and spread the word of the site through social networks. Much more can be accomplished through CMS. Many websites make use of WordPress and there are others behind like Joomla and Drupal.


WordPress is an excellent option to create the first website and it is also accompanied with considerable scalability. It works well with the low as well as medium traffic websites. It serves some of the biggest websites in the world. One of the best things is that it is easy to install and you can also make use of the quality free WP themes to create a website and the point is that you do not have to do any kind of monetary investment.

• Many hosting services provide the single click installation options for WP depending on the number of people who are using it.
• WordPress is free and many people use it. You have the most popular free WordPress themes here and the plugins that you can make use of for the site. Apart from free, you also have the premium themes and plugins and these are cheap as per the price range and also are accompanied with excellent support services. In case of any doubt, you can do the simple Google search. You will find the answer to your doubts. You have the choice to drop the comments and you will be given a perfect solution as an answer.
• WordPress is a fine platform for non-tech savvy entrepreneurs. Many of the products related to WordPress like free WordPress templates and themes as well as plugins are intuitive as well as straightforward to use. WP is the first step and after this, there are many more things like website creation. WP is easy to install as well as configure.

There are certain drawbacks as well and it is not easy to ignore. If the site grows too far, it will receive a lot of traffic daily. Well, there can be other issues as well and this is regarding the quality of the free plugins as well as themes. WordPress is considered a secured platform but you make the addition of the third-party software and at the same time add the third-party software is not a good notion. But you can fix the security issues as soon as these are detected. By far, WP is the most popular content management system and there is no doubt about the fact. Although you have the best free responsive WordPress themes for your help, you have to choose the right name of the website and also the hosting. You can register for the business website, personal website, and hobby website.

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What is Free WordPress Themes and How Does it Work

Before we go to Free WordPress Themes, let’s get an idea about WordPress. WordPress is a well-liked and popular as well as open source Content Management System (CMS) which is licensed under GPLv2. This means that it can be used and modified by anyone and all this can be done free of cost. If you talk about the content management system, it is basically a tool for managing important aspects of your site.

Free WordPress Themes

These aspects can be content or design; without the need of possessing any coding skills. All you need to pay is for hosting only. For using the WordPress software, you don’t need to pay a single buck. This is not the case with others. WordPress is extensible. This means that you can effortlessly modify the website and add several functionalities to your site thanks to the themes and plugins. A theme deals with the look of your website. While a plugin deals with functions.

What are Free WP Themes?

You must be curious to know about Free WordPress Themes, right? For knowing about free themes, you might have looked for terms such as best free WordPress themes or something similar to this on Google. And when you do this, you might have realized that there are a lot of free themes available in the market. Free WordPress themes are embellished with a kit of designing tools that you get free of cost. They have several designing elements that work amazingly for websites.

Even their functionality is extendable. Mostly, all the best free responsive WordPress themes extend their support to third party plugins. These plugins play a key role in enhancing the functions and provide a dynamic nature to your web page. Free themes are available for every kind of business and profession. There are not only niche-specific free themes, but you can get a multipurpose one also so that you may use it for multiple business types.

The Utility of Free WordPress Themes in Website Designing

Sometimes you might have a question that whether to go for free themes or not. And that is quite obvious also. We do hear people saying that free stuff cannot be trusted and so the free themes also. Free stuff offers low quality and it is useless, and what not. Though this might be true in some cases, we cannot entirely apply this thing to all the free themes. We cannot deny the fact that many of the online sites are powered by Free WordPress Themes. The best thing about free themes is that they are often made simple and are easy to use.

Free WordPress themes provide a perfect platform by proving the ease of use that is important especially in the case of non-coding users and novices. Also, there are free WordPress templates that offer simplicity and incredible user-experience. On the contrary, premium WordPress themes can be way too complicated for those who are very new to WordPress. In some cases, premium themes are unnecessarily stuffed with so many features that are often left unused when you want to design a simple website having just the basic functionality.

Why Say ‘Yes’ to free WordPress Themes?

Free Themes Dig No Hole in your Pocket

The first and foremost thing about free WP themes is that you get everything for free. You can have a website even if you run low on budget or have no budget at all for going online. This is really good for you.

Low Quality is Just a Misconception

There is a strong misconception that free themes are of low quality. In reality, many websites are designed using free themes. So what I say is you can trust them in terms of performance as they are already used by many website owners for various purposes.

You Can Trust Free Themes from Reliable Sources

Instead of choosing a free theme from any random provider or company, you can put your trust in themes from a well-established and renowned theme developing company. The top theme developing companies’ focus on the quality of theme code and other parameters related to performance.

Versatile in Nature

It is already known that some of the most popular free WordPress themes are versatile. But nowadays, almost every free theme is versatile in nature. This makes switching from one theme to another an easy thing. Switching allows you to get a new design and layout. You can continue using your plugins. You don’t need to go for content rebuilding except to assign menus and widgets.

Don’t be in a Dilemma

In this WordPress theme World, you will often hear comments that free themes are risky as they are not well supported or they are at times designed by developers who don’t have enough experience in theme designing. Though this is true to some extent, you cannot put every free theme in the same category.

There is Nothing Wrong in Embracing Free Themes

There are some free WordPress themes that are simply exceptional and are just too sweet to pass up. They not only provide useful functions but also have an awesome look. Their functionality is way better than some of the premium themes that you need to pay for. They will sometimes leave you awestruck. Free themes are an ideal choice for non-experts, bloggers, hobbyists, freelancers, and people who want a fine space for promoting the business online and save money for other important business endeavours. So without much ado, embrace free themes from trusted and established theme developers and get started with your online venture.

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