WordPress Themes: Is Easy As You Think

Don’t feel lonely when wondering “What is a WordPress theme?” in simple words WordPress theme changes the design of your WordPress -powered website.

The average WordPress user installs a theme to reduce customization and coding efforts. WordPress Themes also bring you closer to a specific desired design.

Recently, there are thousands of responsive WordPress themes available in the market. Thus, another point is problem of plenty in selection from such themes.

WordPress Themes

What Is A WordPress Theme?

A complete content management system for adding pages, menus, media items, blog posts, and more is offered by WordPress . Here technical coding knowledge is not required for creation and maintenance of wonderful and functioning website.

A WordPress theme adds beauty and style to your website that is not there on WordPress platform like allowing niche designs such as membership website themes or online stores.

Do I Need A Theme For WordPress ?

No if taken in technical terms as yet for many users, there’s not much rationale behind building a WordPress website without a theme.

WordPress themes are in demand some way overall, most business owners, developers, agencies, and bloggers.
Make a respectable product with a theme irrespective of design experience.

What Is The Best Theme For WordPress ?

We will take the help of below points:
Elements that make a Good WordPress Theme are multipurpose design, speedy page load times, responsive layout, popular plugins; WordPress block editor, typography and colours.
Types of Themes to Consider like Ecommerce, Corporate, and Medical etc.
Installation procedure, figure out if you’d like to install a free or premium/paid WordPress theme, edit my theme settings are the points to consider.

What Are The Difference Between A Parent And A Child WordPress Theme?
Most of the website’s functionality and core settings provide a parent theme. While a child theme adds a level to be extendable and security to a website WordPress theme.
When working in tandem such themes creates unique design. The parent theme is installed first when working with a parent/child theme combo.

What Are Themes In WordPress Made Of?
A collection of WordPress website templates files such as PHP, CSS, GIF, PNG, or JPG , each with their own purposes, that come together and function to provide a graphical and functional interface on the internet.

Header, footer, sidebar, page, single, index, tag, category, archive are .php files including the Loop are specific WordPress theme files you’ll see in just about every theme folder.

Additional WordPress Theme Files like style.css, functions.php, comments.php are often considered background files.

What Can Themes Do With These Files?
Firstly WordPress themes, and their files, compile the files, content, and data stored on WordPress , and in the files on your server then displays it in the suggested format. Load images and media items in the right places and show them to the user. Show responsive content based on which device is being used or which page is clicked. Present layout options and decide whether or not to utilize one column or two.

What Is The Difference Between A Theme And A Plugin?
When a theme/s in WordPress transform the visual design and some functions on your website then plugins are usually created to add a new feature to your WordPress site, extending upon the core WordPress functionality.
Plugins and Themes Are Separate but They Work Together. When decision comes to choose between theme and plugin then to add one or two features to your WordPress site plugin is suitable otherwise for overhauling the entire design theme is appropriate.

Dos And Don’ts To Select The WordPress Theme
On the World Wide Web, where 25 billion website pages are viewed every month WordPress powers approximately 32.9% of total websites. It not only depends on the content or work for which you are creating a blog but also it must be responsive across all kinds of digital devices. Other areas are as follows:-

List out The Features That You Want: The characteristics or attributes which will help you achieve the goal of your website is really important. Rather than just getting attracted with features available give priority to pre-planned theme design.
Do Keep Colour Impact In Mind: In colour selection light-coloured websites is preferred since apart from majority of user’s preference it increases visibility, readability and makes your website theme designs more conventional.
Simplicity Is The Key: The formula for a happy life as told by gurus and in books applies here too. Keep it simple to get focussed visitors means future clients as complex website will distract them from data you want to share.
Theme Must Support Various Plugins: It is essential for you to select among WordPress themes a theme that would be compatible with nearly all WordPress plugins.
Choose An SEO Optimized Theme: The reason behind this is you can boost SEO functionalities as well as make your website more reachable to the Search Engine Results Page.
The Theme Should Provide Support: If any query arises then an expert is required after theme is purchased. Thus wp premium themes will be a perfect option.
Do Test The Theme Thoroughly: A professional way to start with a theme is testing its efficiency, reread all of your Website content and check out from responsive WordPress Themes point of view with proper image loading.

Don’t To Select The WordPress Theme
Don’t Select A Bloated WordPress Theme: Means a theme having more than required attributes is to be avoided as it reduces the speed of the WordPress Website.
Don’t Fail To Update Your Website Features: This point is of utmost significance and cannot be ignored in any case. Since you are online now every now and then new things will be needed apart from competition to be faced globally keep adding something.
Don’t Use Too Many Google Fonts: It will be great to keep one of the WordPress themes that provide various customization options.
Don’t Use Too Many Of Widgets: To Avoid basic functions such as texts, videos, images and things become cluttered get away with unneeded widgets.
Don’t Ignore Website Security: Last but not the least don’t compromise with the security of the website as it is really essential for all companies and organizations. Don’t fear as the themes at WordPress are secure and guaranteed to keep passwords encrypted.


Favourite Resources For WordPress Themes 2021

In this digital era, if anyone wants to buy or sell anything they use laptops, smartphones or computers thus these themes are of utmost significance.

WordPress themes have also gained popularity over the years with the evolution of the WordPress platform.

WordPress Themes

Now, there are thousands of responsive WordPress Themes available online. It sometimes becomes very annoying and time-consuming to look for the best Themes for WordPress for your specific area. You cannot put faith on any random theme and put your website’s security at stake. Here, VWThemes does top quality work in producing WP themes that meet the latest WordPress standards and reveal the quality and standard of our work. We bring constantly updated and upgraded themes with the changing market trends.

WordPress Theme Features
Both, the free and premium themes that we provide are made user as well as end-user friendly and packed with many exclusive features and functionalities. As told by life gurus here too Simplicity is the essence of our themes to make them preferable over many other themes.

Let us look some of the favourite WordPress themes for 2021.

WordPress Theme Bundle: When you can get an affordable WP Theme bundle, why search for different themes in WordPress on different sites? Yes, you can get an awesomely collected WordPress theme bundle with best WP themes here for each profession besides being multipurpose. The layout of the themes are designed with colours, fonts and background images selected very carefully as per your expectations.

All Themes: Here in our all themes package, we offer you all of our WordPress website themes in an affordable bundle. Each theme here is SEO optimized is other specialties about this WP all theme bundle. Device friendly attribute makes it countable among responsive WordPress themes.

VW Pharmacy Theme: Pharmacy is a very noble business as it provides health in those little medicines. But, you need to have an access to better medium to serve as many people as can. A website can help you serve such purpose in connecting with more people and increase your business too. We with our one of the best available WordPress theme can get you in establishing a robust yet flexible website.

VW Minimalist Theme: Every idea is good when it comes to making money out of business. You can practically jump into ecommerce by starting up with any product. The code for success is conventional online too visitors will buy what they see. By concluding, that you need a good website for marketing. Our one of the finest pro is Minimalist WordPress theme is just what you are looking for. Plus this best WP theme is WooCommerce compatible which opens the door of online stores for you.

VW Coaching Theme: Institutes, educational courses, universities and tuition services are the basis of our education system. But you have to have an attractive website to reach such needy students. With the support of our coaching WordPress theme you can build a strong website. This theme has best WP templates too for the viewers to access it on any devices.

Software Company Theme: Software or IT sector has spread far into the world. Each country has their own IT companies. So you need a website which can fit for every trend. Here we come up for you with our one of the best product, Software WordPress theme! Our designers have made it according to your expectations. This best WP theme has required space for content and images..

VW Affiliate Marketing Theme: The new market is Online platform. You can get anything online and door to door delivery is available. But it’s a great threat to run an affiliate marketing website as it involves money transfer facility. But you can trust wholeheartedly our Affiliate Marketing WordPress theme for this since our coders have built the theme with strong coding and programming. In addition, WP Affiliate Marketing theme has different sections and sliders to add product image and description.

Multipurpose Themes:
Apart from All themes and some of the above, other multipurpose WordPress Themes are Coupon Pro, Knowledge Base Pro, Theatre Pro, Repair Pro, Café Pro, Real Estate Pro, Coming Soon Pro, Laboratory Pro, Ayurveda Pro, Political Pro, Pro, Automotive Pro, Sirat Pro ,Personal Trainer Pro, Medical Care Pro, Parallax Pro, IT Company Pro, One Page Pro, Magazine Pro, Construction Pro, Blog Pro, Fitness Pro, Industrial Pro, Travel Pro, Ecommerce Store Pro, Landing Page Pro, Gardening Landscaping Pro, Health Coach Pro, Bakery Pro Lawyer Pro.

Building A WordPress Website With A Multipurpose Theme

We will see some technical point’s here-

That you are using the right blogging platform is the first you need to make sure.

A self-hosted WordPress.org website gives you the flexibility to use all of WordPress strong features and functionality.
You’ll need a domain name and web hosting to build a self-hosted WordPress.org website. For all your website files is the web hosting storage. Using Bluehost is advised as they are one of the largest hosting companies in the world and an officially recommended WordPress hosting provider. WPBeginner’s readers a great deal Bluehost is offering. They’ll give you a large discount on hosting including a free domain name and SSL certificate.

We will conclude with some common characteristics and functionalities of the above themes for WordPress to make your choice easier.

The Most Common Traits Of All Popular And Best WordPress Themes

WordPress website themes are either niche-based or multipurpose in terms of features and options. You can use a niche-based theme that’s designed especially for your area to earn money, such as a restaurant theme.

Other option, you can choose a multipurpose theme that’s highly flexible and can work for any kind of website.
Regardless of the type, all the best WordPress themes have the following attributes and traits:

Mobile-Responsive Design: See your WordPress website has the theme designs that are responsive and retina-ready.

SEO Optimization: For high search ranks look the theme follows the best SEO (search engine optimization) practices.

Page Builder Support: Whether the theme is compatible with popular WordPress drag and drop page builders.

Speed And Performance: Your theme plays a role that cannot be ignored in the speed and performance of your website. So, look for well-designed one.

Cracking The Code Of Professional WordPress Themes

Complement the content of your website is the key role of Professional WordPress themes available in free and paid options. Since each WordPress theme looks better than the other it becomes difficult to choose just by looking. Proper study or tips are required to select a proper WordPress theme. This was all about having a niche and accordingly selecting a theme for your website in WordPress. When you don’t want to deal with websites there are other ways to deal professionally or in simple words make money with WordPress. We will discuss with those having a particular field or occupation and others dealing with WordPress for their livelihood.

Professional WordPress Themes

Things To Consider While Choosing A WordPress Theme

See For Simplicity: The design layout of your theme should be such that it supports your goal without compromising on usability and simplicity.

Responsive Is Not An Option: Responsive feature in a WordPress theme allows the layout to adjust across different screen sizes and devices. Since 50% of web traffic is attracted from mobile and other handheld devices the responsiveness is a required mandatory feature to be among professional WordPress themes.

Browser Compatibility: As users generally use different browsers and a given theme may be perfect on your browser but not on others. Thus it is suitable to test the selected theme on different browsers on desktop, laptop and mobile as well.

Translation And Multilingual Ready: Many WordPress sites are not in the English language therefore a translation ready and multilingual plugin supportive WordPress theme is a best choice.

Page Builders: Page builders are plugins in WordPress are better if used ones are shipped in your WordPress theme or purchased separately to use with other themes as well.

Support Options: A WordPress theme with full documentation and support option is a professional choice. For your knowledge maximum premium themes have above attributes.

Ways To Deal Professionally With WordPress

Create And Monetize A Blog: To start a website for your business is recommended in online world. Start making money by Launching your own WordPress blog. The ways of earning from here are affiliate marketing, sell ads, sponsored views etc.

Freelance Writing: Millions of websites require fresh content and it want a device to type and internet connection. Content creation can be based on almost every niche. An online portfolio setup to show your work experience is always a good choice before applying for WordPress content writing jobs.

E-Commerce And Dropshipping: WordPress themes provide the great platform to create an e-commerce website.. Dropshipping allows you to sell goods directly to customers with shipping part given to third party like in Amazon. Woocommerce with use of plugins and settings is helpful for both in e-commerce and Dropshipping.

Blog Setup Service: Blog setup service is for those who want to use WordPress in their blogs and don’t have technical knowledge to get started. Thus this service is helpful for beginners or a part time blogger.

Theme Customization: This is a way to earn side income for advanced developers by offering website, theme or plugin customization services on WordPress job sites. People who can install a theme but cannot make changes because they don’t have technical ability for it can be offered above services for set price per task or variable per hour rate.

WordPress Design Services: Comprehensive WordPress design services is the last in our ways to deal professionally with WordPress. Creating custom design for WordPress themes to make it count among Professional WordPress themes for clients and designing a full website from the scratch are the major services offered here.