10 Reasons For Choosing Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress is an ocean full of opportunities. It is a perfectly set platform where you have to create your own different world of website. But while doing this you have to choose wisely for Premium WordPress Themes. At VWThemes you will get a lot of good options. Why Premium WordPress Theme when you can get it for free? Let’s take a good look at top 10 reasons why you should.

Premium WordPress Themes

1.Features- This is a very good reason why you should consider premium WordPress Theme than free ones. Having a Premium WP Theme means having a load of premium features. In these premium WP themes you will have SEO optimization which will take care of the search engine ranks of your website. It will have multipurpose, responsive and attractive design which will be totally customizable. By buying one premium theme you can create a website for entirely different profession. It will be multilingual with RTL and WPML support. This will make it globally acceptable. These premium WordPress themes will be user, device, viewer and browser friendly too. It will have several sections and best premium WordPress templates to sort the information out.

2.Plugins- In the free WordPress themes by other companies you won’t get in build plugins for your websites. Here in premium WordPress Themes you will get Woocommerce and contact form7 plugins with the theme. These themes are also compatible with the third party plugins if you want to add any. You can add as many plugins as you want to make your website work fluently. But we should warn you that in any website, whether its made with free WordPress theme or the premium one, adding number of plugins which you don’t use can slow the performance of your website. So add the ones you will really use.

3.Foundation- All the premium WordPress Themes are made with utter perfection and security. You don’t need to know anything about coding or programming to set a website by using these premium WP themes. You just have to install them and add content for your business or any other purpose. All of these themes are made with bootstrap framework which gives the themes robust functioning. With such strong coding you don’t have to worry about hacking or nerve racking issues. For making changes in layout also you don’t have to change the codes. You can do it in few simple clicks just as changing profile pictures.

4.Professional design- There are a lot of companies who promise professional design in a free WordPress theme, but it is all for marketing. Don’t fall for the pictures, check the customer reviews about it in market and then decide. These premium WordPress themes have got the best reviews from customers all over the world. They deliver what they promise and professional design is one of them.

5.Wordpress Version- A lot of free WordPress themes in the market can trick you with the presentation, but they won’t be made according to the latest WordPress version. Why is that important? It will help your website to perform faster and fluently. If your website isn’t working with expected speed, it might not appear into the top suggestions. Along with this, premium WordPress Themes are compatible with upcoming updates. It will notify you about the latest update and you will get it for free. Most importantly having an updated version helps keeping hackers away from website.

6.Customer Support- Customer support is the most important thing that all of us need. Even if you know about coding and programming, you will need help when it all goes crazy. And if you are not a coding wizard, you will definitely going to need this help. With the premium WordPress Themes you will get free Customer service for over a year. Along with it you will get expert advice for all your problems.

7.Better performance- With the premium WordPress Theme you can have a better performing website than with the free one. The reason behind it are all the points mentioned above. You will have a satisfactory experience with it. You won’t encounter any issue which will break your system and even if you do, there will be whole team helping you with it.

8.Affordable price- All these premium WordPress themes come in an affordable price. You can buy them separately in 40$ or in Premium WordPress Theme bundle for 99$. In the bundle you will get 110 premium WordPress themes made for different professions.

9.Low maintenance- All these Premium WordPress Theme are very low at maintenance. You don’t have to do anything for it other than updating them time to time.

10. Market reputation- The companies who sell free WordPress themes often lack the needed reputation in market. But these premium WordPress themes contain highest reputation earned with great customer reviews over the years.

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Best Premium WordPress Themes For Your Professional Website

Choice is the only thing that’s in our control. Anything else that happens might not be as we plan, but your choice can change the whole scenario. In business, choices decide one’s greatness and power. A single wrong choice can lead a prosperous business to hell. That’s why always try and make the right choice. But it can be a bit tricky. While making website for your business or for yourself, choosing right premium WordPress themes is important. This WordPress theme will be the face of your work on the internet.

Premium WordPress Themes

But why WordPress? Because wordpress is the only place where you will get quality and quantity too. Everyone knows that WordPress is the best platform to make websites. There are two hosts in WordPress. Choosing the right one is necessary. If you don’t know anything about coding and programming then you have to study well before making the choice. WordPress.com and WordPress.org these are the two hosts to create a website. The difference between these two is that, WordPress.com has ready-made set up but you will loose your authority over your own website.

At WordPress.org you have to set everything from coding to layout, but you will also have the liberty to make changes in it. The recommended host is WordPress.org.
WordPress has its own themes if you want to choose. But there are several other companies that provide great premium WordPress themes. What does these themes do? These themes make it easy for you to set your website without worrying about coding and programming while having the complete authority over it. But because there are several companies around the world, your choice plays an important role in making of a great website. For this you have to look for certain things into a premium WordPress themes. Let’s take a look at them-


Appearance creates your best impression. That’s why layout of the website matters equally as its foundation. Many WordPress themes making companies will offer you attractive and sparkling layout, but you have to choose wisely without focusing just on the glitter. The premium WordPress themes has to have a responsive layout. It should be fast loading and buffer free. The content on the front page of the website should look attractive and sorted. The font size, style and colors used in the website can tell a lot about your business.

At companies like VWThemes, you will get exactly what you were looking for. The layout of the premium WordPress themes by VWThemes have elegant yet attractive settings and cool features. The themes are responsive and have fast loading speed. Each theme has CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast responses. The different sections, sliders and premium WordPress templates help you in sorting out the information. The best part about this is that it has customization feature. With this feature you can make any changes into the layout without changing any codes. It is as simple as changing a profile picture on social media.

2.Device & Browser Friendliness:-

To create a well functioning website, you have to make sure that it runs on through browser and on any device. This will increase the reach of your website to the wide range of people using different device and browsers. Many WordPress theme making companies promise this feature but it doesn’t really works. So you have double check it before buying. You can be sure by using sophisticated browser compatibility test.


Plugins are the most important part of a websites. They may not seem but they are integral part of a website. Before making purchase you have to be sure that the premium WordPress themes is compatible with the plugins you might add. Some WordPress themes come with in-built plugins and in some you have to add. But adding several plugins can be the reason for slow speed of your website. If you have added various plugins that you don’t regularly use, then it can be a problem. So buy them only if you will be using it.

At VWThemes, the premium WordPress themes come with Woocommerce plugin. This plugin helps you in opening the online store and making the transactions secure. Many companies don’t allow the WordPress themes to be compatible with third party plugins. But at VWThemes, you can add any third party plugin to make the website run smoothly.

4.SEO Optimization:-

This is a must have for a premium WordPress themes. SEO optimization will make your website rank high on search engine. Having the best rank on search engine will increase the viewership of your website. If someone searches a relatable word of what your business is about, your website will appear first. You have to check the SEO optimization of the theme before buying it.


Language is very important while conveying a message. Not everyone can read or speak the language you are using to communicate. That’s why having a multilingual website is very important. This feature will increase your reach globally.

At VWThemes, each premium WordPress Themes is RTL and WPML supportive. This feature makes your website translation ready and multilingual. By having this your website will be accessible to the people in deserted countries and the last corner of the world.


This is one of the best features that VWThemes have. Each theme is multipurpose and can be used for any business you want. These are the things that you should look for in a premium WordPress themes before buying.


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Why WordPress Themes Are So Popular

WordPress is the best platform for establishing websites. It’s a universal truth that websites made on WordPress perform better than other domains. If we are going to discuss why WordPress Themes are so popular or why is it important to have them, then we have to start from the very beginning.

While creating your own image in the society or let people know about your business, you have to have a website. A website will create a professional aura about your business and you. It will make people to take you seriously. Websites are important for making impressions on people. And to create such professional websites you need to choose right platform to make them. WordPress is perfect platform for this is because it gives you the liberty to build and makes it strong to the foundation. It has a lot of plugins to add in your website.

WordPress Themes
Why WordPress Themes Are So Popular

To make a perfect professional website, you need to code and program it strong enough to make it unhackable. You need to decide the whole look of it, make it attractive, responsive and add good features in it without making any blunders while coding. It’s a lot of work. And it takes a lot of time too. That’s why WordPress themes are important. There are thousands of WordPress theme making companies the market. All of them promise a great working WordPress theme. Some sell premium themes and some for free. But you have to choose wisely to avoid further complications. It’s a tricky choice to make. You have to look for some specific points to choose the right one.

But first let’s see why WordPress themes are so important to have while building a website.

1.They Give Attractive Look:-

Most of the WordPress themes provided by companies are designed as per the requirement of customers. They are WordPress themes designed for different professions specifically. The layout of the theme its color, font style, background image, sections, templates, logo, title, header, footer and slider are arranged by the designers of the company. So you don’t have to worry about the attractiveness of your website.

Some companies like VWThemes have the customization feature that gives you complete liberty to make changes in the layout as you want. For making these changes you don’t have to know about coding or programming. You can do it in few clicks just like changing a profile picture on social media. They have color palates and Google font family options to choose from.

2.Strong Coding:-

Most of the WordPress themes made by designated companies are made with strong coding and programming so that you don’t have to worry about it. The strong coding takes away half of the tension away from your head. Their team of coders make your profession WordPress theme unhackable and solid to work with upcoming changes and upgrades.

At VWThemes, every theme is made with bootstrap framework which makes the theme rigid with the functioning. This strong coding make the core robust which can’t be changed or affected by the changes you make outside. This feature is very important for website to have. There are a lot of people who work on dark internet looking for bugs in the system. With such fragile coding hackers can take down your website and you can loose all what you have created.

3.Updated System:-

To buy WordPress theme you really don’t need to have a lot of reasons. One reason can be enough that you can have strong attractive and upgraded website without taking much stress about it. The WordPress theme making companies make these themes according to the latest versions of WordPress. Some of them make it able to have automatic upgrade. They notify you about the latest upgrades in the system so you can download and make your website relatable.

At VWThemes, they provide you latest upgraded WordPress theme to make it run smoothly on internet. As stated above, they notify you when the next upgrade appears. So you can easily download the latest version. Having a relatable and upgraded website can be very profitable for your business. Without upgrades you website won’t be able to work fast and be left behind in the race of professionalism.

4.For Fast And Responsive Functioning:-

A good WordPress theme can make your website strong and fast at functioning. To increase the number of viewers at your website, you have to give fast responses to what they ask for. For this the website has to be responsive and fast loading speed. This will sure increase your profit in business. You website should be accessible to anyone through any browser. WordPress themes give you these properties with them.

At VWThemes, you will get fast and responsive WordPress themes with CTA i.e Call To Action button on every page. All the themes here are cross browser compatible and device friendly too. They have fast loading speed which make them perfect for your website.

5.SEO Optimization And Much More:-

To increase views on your website you have to try and appear more on the search engine. You have to be in range of customer’s eyes to catch their attention. Being SEO optimized helps a lot with this. Also having different plugins like Woocommerce can make the website more professional. The WordPress theme that you are buying should be multipurpose and multilingual too. This will increase your reach.

At VWThemes, you get all of these features in free and premium WordPress themes too. They are SEO optimized, RTL & WPML supportive and third party plugin compatible. You get all you want here with an affordable price.

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Some Of The Easiest Ways To Buy WordPress Themes For You

Where can I get the best WP themes? It is a common question that comes to the mind of those who are willing to buy WordPress themes for them. Actually, there is n-number of theme providers that provide you good themes. However, the choice to be made not only depends on the quality of themes that they are providing but also on the requirements that you have for your websites. Here you will get to know about a few market places where you can find the top-class themes. But before making a choice, you need to analyze the needs of your website by asking a few questions to yourself. For example, what is your site about? What would be your business goal? And some more questions like these. Let us now see about the market places where you can get top-quality themes.

Buy WordPress Themes

1. VWThemes

VWThemes is clearly one of the leading theme providers. Their themes provide the best value for your money. All the themes are super streamlined and are built for users with varying skill levels including a newbie. If you want to buy WordPress theme bundle, you are certainly making a great choice as you will get 100+ premium level themes that belong to different niches in a single package. These themes have good ratings and are backed by 24/7 support. The best part is, you get the theme bundle at just $99. That means you will pay less than a dollar for a single theme in a bundle.

2. Themeforest

Themeforest offers a beautiful collection of creatively designed themes belonging to various categories. Each of their themes comes along with detailed documentation. Users have given good ratings to these themes and their satisfaction is clearly visible in the reviews. You can go through the developer’s portfolio and the reviews before you buy WordPress themes. Themeforest offers themes that implement best web designing practices and they offer full technical support and theme updates for 6 months.

3. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one of the well-known and trusted theme shops where you can buy WordPress bundle themes, individual themes, and plugins. They have been in the market for quite a long time and know your requirements well. All the themes they sell ensure that users always get the best. To achieve this, they use modern and cutting-edge technologies and quality codes in developing their themes. High priority is given to the theme performance and that is the reason why they thoroughly test all their themes. All the themes are plugin compatible. At just $89, you will be able to get all their themes at once with access to support and updates for one year.

4. StudioPress

StudioPress is known for the simplicity of their themes and offers their own themes as well as themes created by third-party developers. These themes can be used effortlessly by novices and people that are not at all familiar with the coding stuff. Another thing to mention about StudioPress themes is that they are way easier to set up as compared to many other themes available in the market. With the purchase of any single theme or a theme bundle, you get technical assistance for sure.

5. TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes has always prioritized clean and elegant designs with enough space for content. The themes are so well designed that the websites designed using these themes look highly professional and stands apart in this competitive world. All their beginner-friendly themes can be installed and easily configured within minutes. Plenty of advanced functionalities and modern features are included that increases the overall utility of these themes. These themes are packed with demo content and offer customization options to the users for getting things done in a few clicks of the mouse. Purchasing a single license can cost you around 48 dollars.

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5 Reasons Why WordPress Theme Bundle Is Loved By Developers

Sometimes, looking for the best product when you need one can be frustrating and exhausting. Each time you need to go through multiple products, sort them, and then finalize the one that fulfills your requirements. Similar is the case with WordPress themes. You can say that it is even more challenging than buying any other product. This is so because WordPress themes, being a digital product, cannot be replaced after buying if you figure out later that it is not suiting the branding of your website. In such a case, a WordPress theme bundle can be the best choice.


Theme package or theme bundle is a bouquet of different themes for developers and is available at highly discounted rates. Here are a few reasons that explain why the WP theme bundle is a great option to go with.

1. Collection Of Distinct Themes

You must be delighted by the fact that the premium WordPress themes bundle offers you a bunch of well-designed themes that are suitable for websites belonging to different niches of business. The utility of these website themes is not limited to businesses but they are very effective to be used for creating personal websites for professionals depicting their portfolios, individual skills, and much more. You will get themes for marketing, eCommerce, agencies, sports, fitness, accommodation and hospitality, food, health care, travel, personal blogs, etc. Do you know what the best part is? You get all themes under one roof and you don’t need to bother for getting a new theme every time for different sites.

2. Lessens Burden On Your Pocket

If you keep on buying themes separately for every new web project, it will prove to be a costly affair as you will end up paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for merely getting a few themes. Plus, every time there will be a risk of the theme performing opposite to your expectations for a particular business site. Then you won’t have a choice except for buying a new theme that will again cost you a handsome amount of money. In case you have a WP theme bundle, you can have the liberty of using other themes if you don’t find the current theme up to the mark. And the thing that is worth noticing is you get this bundle at a hugely discounted price. In simple words, you just need to pay an amount that is equal to the collective cost of 2 to 3 premium quality themes.

3. Lifetime Accessibility To Themes

With the purchase of a developer pack or theme bundle, developers will get multiple themes that are licensed for their unlimited use and you need to pay only once for these themes. They can install the theme on multiple client websites with the help of this license. With unlimited use, developers are free to utilize those themes for designing multiple sites that otherwise would not have been possible in case of individual themes as they can be used only for a single website.

4. Top-Level Support

WordPress theme bundle not only provides top-quality themes but also offers high-quality support for its users. Theme pack providers offer support to their clients in the form of quick technical assistance by their dedicated team of skilled developers. All you need to do is reach out to the support forum, send your query and they will get it fixed as soon as possible.

5. Theme Updates

It is awesome to know that themes in the WordPress theme bundle constantly undergo improvements as the developers always try to provide clients with themes that use cutting-edge technology and features. Once an update is released for any of the themes, you will be automatically updated by the developer and the same will be updated in the bundle as well. Most of the theme bundles offer support and updates for one year.

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Increasing Creativity of Premium WordPress Themes a Necessity

For different types of designers inspiration as well as creativity are important to success. If you go through many blogs related to the web design community, you will be familiar with posts related to inspirational designs. Go through premium WordPress templates to gain further knowledge in this area. While it’s productive as well as helpful to see nice examples of work from various other web designers, basing excess of your inspiration on various other sites can lead you to a dearth of variety as well as innovation in design. Fortunately, there are many other ways to improve the creativity of designs. Let’s have a look at many of them. If you are looking for many ways to increase creativity, this will ultimately make your premium WordPress themes excellent.

Premium WordPress Themes
Premium WordPress Themes

1. Getting Inspiration Offline

Many of us spend hours online everyday, that’s the nature of doing the profession of a web designer. However, there’s a complete world of boost around us that we forget about. Other designs, like printed publications or interior design, are very nice sources that can be translated to creativity online. Nature as well as the outdoors itself provide design inspiration. Photography and clothing, the list may go on and on.Premium WordPress templates talk about precision for long term goals in business.

2. Try with Color

Colour scheme makes a vast difference on the end result of design. Personally, you feel experimentation to be a beneficial thing you can do when you try to develop certain things creatively. Often something looks good in the mind’s eye, but when it’s on screen there is a different story.If you’ve a design that doesn’t seem complete, try experimentation and play around with different color combinations. You find that things you try give the design a new look that stands out. Buy the premium wp theme after undergoing some search as it is a one time investment.

3. Experimenting with Backgrounds

Over the few years huge background images are more and more common. Obviously, big images don’t have the certain negative effect that they have for many visitors. If you look to make a site with a difference, a creative background image is just the right thing. Keep this in mind.

4. Experimenting with Fonts

Like color schemes, changing the fonts or the typography of design makes a world of difference. In case of typography, it’s a bit of a subtle change rather than if you are changing color schemes. Sites with fine typography have a professional, total look where it’s tough to identify what looks so good.It’s not tough to find oneself spending hours playing with different fonts, font sizes as well as colors. For such a reason it is helpful to visit sites having a number of fonts for display so that you can fast narrow down your selection. You can have a study of premium WordPress themes to go deeper.

5. Boost Your Photoshop Skills

Creativity as well as Photoshop go together. Those designers who are skilled in Photoshop create just anything, and they’re able to come up with something distinct or creative. If you are struggling to get designs to come out the way you want to, try brushing up your Photoshop skills. Check some helpful tricks as well as tutorials. Meet experts of premium WordPress templates for help.

6. Commence on Paper

You think many tend to open up Photoshop or commence coding right away. While the design process whatever works fine for you, give the pencil or paper a fair chance. Some people are more creative by working in various ways, and paper works fine for some designers. Personally, you can start designs on paper in order to run fast through some different layout possibilities. Others make use of paper to develop intricate mockups.

It is advised to go through the premium WordPress Themes that are creative to the core and you will find many of these in the market. Know that you will not find any price limit when it comes to recognition and especially when it is the creative world, recognition is an invaluable commodity. The recognised name seems to put a challenge in the area of WordPress premium templates because in the market, the competition is too high. The creativity needs to be high especially if you are making the professional portfolio themes for the portfolio websites of high quality. If the fanbase is high, your work is recognised as far as the success is concerned. Thousands of WP themes on the internet that focus on the creative work for higher business success. This is in fact a network with which you can commute with the third parties.

Creative WordPress Theme And Its Help

If you go for the premium WordPress themes that are creative, these will provide you the focussed and refined areas so that you can demonstrate your talent in a complete manner. You can also demonstrate your skills and work apart from the talent. This is a right place where you can submit the original content for the audience that is in a state of growth. You can also sell the commissions or services and it becomes a forum not only for you but also for others and all this depends on the created media. By the end of the day, the premium wp theme that focuses on creativity is actually an avenue for channelling the content with the flair of professionalism.

Branding Is An Important Factor

You can select from hundreds of premium WordPress themes as of today as far as the creativity factor is concerned but there is still a competition. When you do the comparison, you will find that each theme has a focus apart from features, ratings, pricing and much more. Many of these WordPress premium templates are polished ones and by the end of the day, these are legitimate WordPress themes used by the professionals related to content creativity. You can make an analysis by studying some of the top in the market.

Some premium WordPress themes of creative categories offer the design that is highly rich apart from displaying a high level of flexibility. As far as the elements are concerned, both the newcomers as well as the experts can access. Such creative WP themes have the simplified design interface and you have many ways as far as the theme customization is concerned. With hundreds of basic templates as well as shortcodes, the process of website building becomes comfortable. Such premium WordPress themes have the potential to present all types of content and you can make use of the responsive design as well as top rated performance of the page.


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Multiple Reasons Why You Need To Select Premium WordPress Themes

You must have spent much time when it comes to browsing the directory of the free WordPress themes and you can find innumerable of these in the online market. You will find thousands of these available free WordPress themes in the online market and there is a major increase in the directory on the monthly basis. Many of the free WordPress themes are elegant as well as stylish like the premium ones. Keeping all this in mind, you may probably enquire as to why you need to spend the hard earned money for the purchase of the premium ones when I am getting the WordPress themes for free but then you can go through some reasons and finally you will come to the conclusion that the top WordPress themes are the best choice for you.

Premium WordPress Themes
Premium WordPress Themes

Premium WordPress Theme-What Is It?

One of the best things about the top WordPress themes which are in general of the premium category is that these are professionally designed so that these can meet the specifications to the core. These will also meet the specific requirements of the users and the users will not be decisionless when it comes to the purchase of such WordPress themes of premium order. AS per the language of the WordPress, if the WP theme is not of free category, it comes in the premium category. Another important thing is that such premium WordPress website themes are constructed by the web designers who are professional because these professionals make the themes of better functionality and after this, they are on sale with the premium tagline. If you are serious about both the appearance as well as the performance of the website too with long term goals, then you need to be serious with the premium WordPress themes. Premium professional WordPress themes have multiple aspects and because of these, they gain an upper edge.


As the owner of the website, you need the wordpress theme that is unique to the core and this is a good one for the WordPress website by the end of the day. On the contrary, if you are using a free WordPress theme, there are high chances that various other websites are also using the same free WordPress theme. It is therefore advised for you to buy the paid theme and you can buy this from the reputed WordPress theme developer who is reliable as well. If you buy the premium themes for WordPress from the reliable developer, you will get both the excellent quality as well as the performance that is immensely elegant.


The truth is that you cannot actually compare the free and the premium one when it comes to the performance and the truth that cannot be denied is that the premium ones offer the comparatively better functionality as well as the customization options and all this is to suit the business online needs. There are premium WordPress themes in the online market that come with the intuitive interfaces that are attractive as well. The users have the option to readily modify these WP themes and they can do this with just a few clicks. Some of the WordPress themes of premium level are designed for the business companies and such themes offer the customizable theme options and these also have the mega menu support and this is for controlling the look and feel of the website.

Features And Characteristics

Top WordPress themes are known for their fascinating characteristics that are business oriented and some of these are the cross browser compatibility apart from responsiveness. The latter makes the website get adjusted on the screens of different dimensions. Such website themes also have multiple language support apart from various other features that are not accompanied with the free WordPress themes. In case, you are interested in addressing the needs of the business that is flourishing, then the top WordPress themes are a very good choice for you. The reason is that the free WordPress theme will fall short of all or some of such requirements. The premium themes meet the challenge of the multiple requirements and these can be done with easy modification as well as customization.

Safety And Security

WordPress website themes become a soft target for the hackers and it is important to look at the safety aspect. The cybercriminals are after these in case these are free and for the free WordPress themes, there is no high level security compared to the premium counterparts and the reliability is on the customer care department or the forums. On the contrary, the premium ones have the security features that are quite updated and with these you get the complete technical assistance round the clock within seven days. By this, you can tackle cyber attacks.


For the top website themes for WordPress, easy customization is one of the finest advantages and you have the choice to customize the WP theme as per the business model and by this, you are making the WordPress theme suitable for the operations on the daily basis. Such premium WP themes also offer the unlimited sidebars and this is for creating the custom sidebars that too quite easily.

Updates On The Regular Basis

Developers of the professional WordPress themes manage the premium WordPress themes and these professionals are very much aware of the newer WordPress versions. The developers update the themes on the regular basis in order to make them relevant with the updates of the WordPress. With the free WordPress themes, you cannot get the updates on a daily basis and you may also face issues related to compatibility but such a problem does not exist with the premium themes for WordPress. The reason is you are paying for the theme and obviously the rest of all the issues are being taken care of by the seller.

Technical Help And Assistance

In case of the free WordPress themes, you rely on the unit related to customer care of the free theme developer or you rely on the forums. But when it comes to the premium WordPress website themes, you will get the real time assistance from the theme developers or from the experts. It will save precious time and secondly it will also help you to solve your issues in a fast manner.

Do not have the concept that purchase of top WordPress website themes is a costly affair but the fact is your affordable spending today will save you from the extra spending later for the free themes that you think are free in all parameters. You are lucky to have these premium ones at affordable rates because of the technological advancement.


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Why Premium WordPress Themes Are Much Needed

Premium WordPress themes have been professionally developed and are packed with so many useful elements that one could hardly find in free themes. They have so many advanced features that make a significant difference to your website and make it more interactive and user-friendly. Here are a few reasons that explain why you need premium WordPress themes.


Unique Designs That Stand Out

Free themes are easily available for download and that is why they are used in designing hundreds of websites. This is not the case with premium themes. They have a more professional look and are preferred by a few people as you need to pay a few bucks to get them. But it is worth to invest in premium themes as they offer unique designs that would surely make the websites look distinct and out of the box.

Don’t Compromise With Quality

Quality is the most sought after thing and a major reason for many people to go for premium WordPress themes. These being developed by professional developers have a fairly secure code and delivers good performance. They have optimized codes that improve the overall performance of your site and focus on delivering fast loading speed. Premium quality themes are thoroughly tested by developers to ensure that they deliver a quality product to the users.

So Many Useful Features And Functionality

It is obvious that if you are paying for something, you are going to get more benefits, isn’t it? With WordPress premium theme, you get a far greater array of features and functionality that will greatly help in minimizing your web designing efforts and making your website intuitive. You will get the benefits of customization options available with these themes. Likewise, many other features that are beneficial for business websites are also included.

Give SEO Benefits

The modern practice is to provide premium WordPress themes that have been already optimized for SEO. Developers are following such coding practices where the code itself takes care of the SEO part. SEO optimized themes take care that you get the maximum amount of traffic on your website.


If want to have a website then hiring a professional web designer could be a costly affair. On the contrary, you have the option of investing in premium WordPress themes that are much affordable. A designer may cost you thousands of dollars but you can easily get top-quality themes within 50$ to 100$.

Offer Selectivity

Premium WP themes offer selectivity in the form of premium WordPress templates, different layout designs, and pre-designed pages of different styles. Also, some themes are designed to cater to the needs of different businesses and professions. For example, there are themes for blogs, portfolios, news sites, lawyers, marketing, etc.

Timely Updates

Paid themes are constantly improved by fixing bugs and adding additional features as the developers take the feedbacks of their clients seriously and try to work on those feedbacks for ensuring better and improved themes. You don’t get this in free themes as the developers never bother to provide an update for something free. On the contrary, developers of premium themes also ensure that their themes work properly with the new and updated WordPress version.

All-Time Available Support

A big reason to opt for the best premium WordPress themes. Developers that offer premium themes usually offer technical support in the form of the support forum. By reaching out to the forum, you can get help from the skilled team of developers that will help to solve your problems regarding the themes or may even help you out with the modification part.

Give You Peace Of Mind

Using free themes can put a negative impact on the efficiency of your website and its rankings as they may have malicious codes and spam links. On the other hand, with premium themes, your mind is at ease as they have clean, secure, and optimized codes that will make your website deliver the finest performance.

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Most Misunderstood Facts About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is multitasking versatile site where you can blog and build a strong website for your business. WordPress is a place where you can create your mark on World Wide Web. And WordPress Theme Bundles are there to help you make it more approachable. WordPress Theme Bundle contain ready-made website theme for each profession. There are several companies in the world who create such themes and theme bundles for WordPress. You have a lot to choose from. But when it gets to making professional choices, you have to know difference between what you hear and what actually is!

WordPress Theme Bundle

That’s right! Like every other product in the market WordPress theme bundle also has its own share of rumors and facts. First of all, you have to know why to choose WordPress over other website developing platforms. As almost 30% of the websites on the internet right now are created on WordPress, there is a legit reason which makes it reliable. It takes complete responsibility of the quality of your website and its performance. Well you have to know about coding and programming if you are not using any drag and drop theme. But the WP Theme making companies take that load off of you.

Talking about WP themes, the WordPress Theme bundle is a must have product. Different companies offer different deals on it, like from 40$ to 147$. The themes in this bundle has everything ready for you. You just need to add content and layout as you like, without worrying about coding or programming. But to do it right, you have to know some facts. So here are 10 most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle:

WordPress is Free and Single Most Popular CMS

As we saw earlier, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. The fact which helps this count be consistent, is that it’s Free! WordPress being free can be used for multiple professions. From construction to fashion to personal blogging, you can use it for anything. These features make it the most popular CMS.

Though WordPress is a free platform, some of the essential parts have to be bought. Parts like hosting, plugins, domain name and theme, you have to pay for them. Companies like VWThemes make exactly WordPress theme you want. They add all the essential features in the theme so that you don’t have to pay for it separately.

WordPress isn’t Just a Blogging Tool

Well this is the most misunderstood fact about WordPress. Many of the customers still consider WordPress as merely a blogging tool. But it’s not. It’s way more than that. As we have discussed above, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. It’s the most trusted website building platform in the world.

WordPress has been used for different professions including personal blog. One of its features, Woocommerce plugin is a must have in any professional Ecommerce website.

Most Secure Platform

Most of the people think that because its free, WordPress can’t be secure. It’s totally a myth. WordPress is the most secure website developing platform among all of them. Not just us, every single user and tech critic says exactly the same thing. WordPress is an open source platform. It’s secure code is available on the internet and anyone can access and study it.

Although its very flexible to changes, but when it comes to functioning, it’s pretty rigid. By choosing right steps, the security measures on WordPress can be extended. There are some services like Sucuri provide monitoring service and a website firewall to protect from common threats. WordPress theme bundle help in reducing your worries. The WordPress themes in this bundle have in build system to protect website from threats.

Supportive to Ecommerce

There’s a myth out there that WordPress isn’t supportive to Ecommerce plugin. WordPress doesn’t have an in build feature of Ecommerce. You have to add it later as per your convenience. Although it provides bunch of Ecommerce plugin options to buy. Woocommerce is the most popular plugin for this purpose by WordPress. It is used by 42% of the Ecommerce websites on the internet.Except this, some WordPress theme making companies provide their own ecommerce plugins which are totally supported by WordPress.

Certainty of Future

As WordPress is a free platform, some people think it doesn’t have a certain future. It’s not true. WordPress is made and maintained by a bunch of professionals. The trademark for this awesome platform is owned by a non-profit organization named WordPress Foundation. The people working for the foundation take care of the open source thing.

Companies like WordPress Theme makers sell their products like plugins or WordPress theme bundles or single WP theme based on this particular platform. If it was that uncertain, number of companies across the globe wouldn’t be doing business out of it.

Unlimited Support From WordPress

WordPress doesn’t abandon you just after you establish your newly set website. It stays with you throughout the highs and lows. It gives you free support from several sites whenever you need. WordPress.org is a place where you can get active support forum to help you find a way out of your troubles. WPBeginner is also one of the place where you can find answers for your questions. And the service is totally free.If you are buying WordPress Theme Bundle from company like VWThemes, you can get free customer support for over a year.

WordPress Compromises with Quality

It’s a common customer mentality that if its cheap or free, the quality must be compromised. But this isn’t the case with WordPress. Yes the service is free, but the quality is way more than you can expect. As we stated earlier, WordPress is run by highly professional team. Due to its open source anyone can access it. The coding of the WordPress Themes is strong and it gives complete liberty to the user to add codes to make it even stronger. Because it doesn’t compromise with the quality, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the industry.

Premium Themes are Better than Free Themes

WordPress themes come in two categories. For premium themes you have to pay for the services and for free ones you don’t. WordPress Theme bundles are mostly paid. It is said that the premium WordPress themes have more features than free ones. But with the companies like VWThemes, you can get same features and quality performance in both premium WP themes and Free WP themes.

WordPress isn’t Limited for Beginners

That’s right! There’s a misconception out there that WordPress is just for the beginners. It’s way more professional and has wide range of opportunities that an expert or a pro can look for. WordPress is easier for beginners and equally challenging for the experts. With the help of pre-made WordPress themes, beginners can start their site without knowing about coding or programming. But an expert can add up new codes and features to make his site more attractive and functioning.

WordPress is Not that Easy

It’s the biggest misconception about WordPress. Yes it is a site that helps beginners without knowledge of coding and programming to set a site. But if you want to run a professional and fully loaded website, just a help doesn’t count. To add functions and features or to make it more rigid and secure, the user has to know about coding and programming. If something goes wrong with the website, there’s chance that you can loose your whole business.

These are the most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle. Don’t fall for the rumors, check it out personally and make a decision!


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5 Misunderstandings About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress! A place where businesses or amazing personalities make their mark on World Wide Web. They create their own identities on the internet with WordPress Themes. WordPress that is WP has its own themes for customers. But without any knowledge about coding and programming you can’t practically handle it. That’s where theme making companies play a crucial role. They provide customer friendly website theme in which you don’t need to know much about coding.

WordPress theme bundle

Along with single, profession vise WP themes, these companies make WordPress Theme bundles too. In these WP theme bundles they collect all the essential WP themes for customers in a very affordable price. WordPress theme bundle is like a complete package for customers who are willing to pay for various website themes for their projects. It contains all the features that one would want in their website to perform good. There are thousands of companies around the world who create these bundles and sell it. It’s a big market if you really dig into.

As the market is so big, opportunities are flooding everyday, people often tend to take some things wrong or misunderstand them. So here are 5 misunderstandings that customers have about WordPress Theme Bundle.

Unnecessary Custom Theme Options and Extra Features

WordPress Theme Bundle making companies add attractive features to their products. These features make the WordPress Themes more user friendly. Features like custom theme options, layout options, extra sliders, sections, short codes etc. Top WordPress Theme bundle making companies like Avada, Hestia, Divi and VWThemes also add all these features to their WordPress Themes products. It helps the user in operating themes and making their mark on the internet. And because of this the companies make it a selling point in the market.

Some accuse that these extra features make it hard for themes to perform. They also accuse that these features are unnecessary and companies cost a lot for them. Well, they say that its an ‘unnecessary’ to cost that much for features that customers don’t use much. It’s a false accusation when it comes to leading WordPress Theme Making companies.

Companies with high ratings in the market cost a bit much, but they work efficiently. All the features they provide are usable and they cost right for them. Features like different options for sliders, theme layout and short codes only help in making themes more user friendly and look attractive. If you go on with cheaper companies, they have such policies of costing more than offering. Its suggested to buy themes from reliable companies only. In VWThemes, you get what you pay for and its never too much.

Bundle Theme Plugins

WordPress Theme Bundle is a best-selling product for many WP Theme making companies. Its because it provides variety of themes and different features that give you ready-to-use website where you just have to add content. The drag and drop themes makes it easy for users to establish their website. But to make it more functional, theme makers add plugins.

Plugins like Woocommerce help the users create online selling store to increase sells. Instead of adding single plugin or making single plugins available for users, they prefer to make a bundle of it. These bundled plugins makes it easy to pay for them at once. Due to this you don’t need to buy each plugin differently. You can buy them in bunch and save more time and money too.

Many say that these bundled plugins are useless as they don’t come with themes. Because you have to buy them differently, doesn’t mean they are not much useful or unnecessarily pricy. The bundled plugins provided by WP Theme making companies are much useful if used rightly. It’s a pretty big misunderstanding about the uselessness of bundled plugins.

Again it all depends on which WordPress theme making company you trust. Choose wisely because you are not only investing your money in it, but the future of your project too.

WordPress Theme Bundles are the best choice that you can make for your company.

No Customer Support

Now, this point entirely depends on which WordPress Theme making company you are putting your trust on. Not every company is trustworthy when it comes to buying themes. Some WP Theme making companies don’t offer customer support. But the leading companies in the market do offer it and be available for customers every time they need.

WordPress is a right platform to establish website for your project or company. But it is very complex to use and much irritating if you are not familiar with coding or programming. That’s where these user friendly WP theme making companies help you. They create a bundle of well coded and attractively designed ready-to-use WordPress themes for your website. You just have to install and add content in it as you want. Companies like VWThemes provide easy customization options to let you make changes in the layout. But what makes these leading WP theme making companies rank high in market is their customer support.

Customers who buy these themes often don’t have much knowledge about managing WordPress, so they rely on website developers to set them an efficient website. WordPress Theme Bundles give customers numerous options to choose from. But they can face difficulties in order to run it. So most of the leading WP theme making companies provide customer support for 6 to 12 months. It’s a matter of your choice if you choose right company to buy themes or not.

Compatibility of Woocommerce Plugin

When it comes to establishing Ecommerce website, you have to make sure its compatible with online store plugin and has the option for easy payment getaway. Many WordPress Theme making companies provide this feature in their WP theme. The WordPress Theme Bundle that they provide has a Woocommerce plugin in each one of them.

For example, in VWThemes the Woocommerce plugin in compulsory for every WP theme. This plugin helps in establishing online store for you to sell your products. Some of them argue that this Woocommerce plugin in not compatible for users. They accuse that the gravity form product add-one extension Woocommerce is only compatible with the version of gravity forms which is bundled in particular theme.

Its not the case with each company. Here also it depends on which theme WP theme making company you choose for. Some WP theme making companies work on each theme and make it individually perfect with Woocommerce compatibility. Companies like VWThemes provide WordPress Theme Bundle with Woocommerce plugins in each themes. When you go to the cheaper companies, you have to face problems with factors like plugin compatibility.

No Upgrades

Many of WordPress Theme users complain about functioning when the updates come. WordPress keeps updating its version according to latest internet trends. When WordPress updates itself, the websites running on it has to update themselves in order to avoid glitch and slow speed. If the user is aware of the coding to update its website then it can happen manually. But when user is unaware of what coding the website needs for upgrades, they rely on WP Theme making companies to help them with it.

It again depends on which company you are putting your trust on when it comes to such difficulties. WP theme making companies like VWThemes make sure to have an answer for your every question. They make sure to have solution for your every problem. Companies like VWThemes give free upgrades for over a year on each theme from their WP Theme Bundle. They give customer support as well as upgrades for each theme. Whenever WordPress has an update, the user gets notification about the need for an upgrade for website.

In all these misunderstandings, there’s always a matter of choice. So if you are investing your money, time and effort on something more important like Websites, choose wisely.

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