Premium WordPress Themes in Demand in 2020

You can go for the premium WordPress themes in 2020 that are well within the limit of your affordability. You can buy these WP themes with money but many of these are affordable and it will not put a heavy impact on your pocket. It is better if you go with the popular ones and you can get the one as per the desire of your heart. 2020 has brought you some good products that you will love to buy and many of these premium WordPress templates and themes have the demos suitable for almost every type of project. Many of these WP themes have the third party page builder tools and because of these, the custom designs for your WP website become incredibly simple.

Premium WordPress Themes
Premium WordPress Themes

With the premium WP theme, you have a wide collection of features that have the potential to upgrade the WP website from the standard blog to a strong publishing platform. If you want to create a completely operational online shop or want to list only some items for sale on your website, you can find that many of the WordPress premium themes in such a collection have fine eCommerce capabilities. If you consider the fine collection of WP themes for the year 2020, you will find that many that featured into it have the design of high quality and apart from that, these have the impressive demo selection as well as the pre-built layouts plus templates. There are many customization settings as well as options and many useful features that are genuine to the core. By these, your website is going to serve the purpose in a truly effective manner. You can choose the popular WordPress premium templates and themes in 2020 and get the best out of these for business or any other area.

You can go for the flagship premium WordPress themes that will help you to make any type of website. Some come with the extra theme and the useful plugin is a great value option. When you talk about the premium WP themes, you come across one best feature called the integrated builder. With this drag and drop tool, you can easily create as well as design custom layouts for the pages related to the WordPress website that includes the homepage as well. Through the Builder user interface, you can make the custom page layouts comprising of various columns and rows. You can populate the layouts with a range of modules.

In many of the WordPress premium templates, the builder modules put into the custom layouts have the basic options like the text range as well as the image layouts, galleries, buttons as well as block quotes. The builder modules of many of the premium WordPress themes add extra web features to the website. Or else, you will have to install the additional plugins to gain access. This will include pricing tables, testimonials, slideshows, animated counters, email option forms and much more.

The builder tool associated with some premium WordPress themes can help create the custom designs right from the scratch and you can select the pre-built page templates for the fine foundation of your layouts. These templates cover scenarios that also include multiple homepage layouts. This also includes the important pages a good website requires. Premium WordPress themes have complete e-commerce support making it among the finest choices for the online shops.

Some of the premium WP themes have a split tool that is added to the theme. Leads associated with such WP themes permit you to do the split testing for the optimization of various elements of the website. This makes sure the site delivers the finest results possible. Many such premium WP themes become increasingly portable making them a perfect choice for the web designers who want to export as well as import the settings fast into a new or different project. Such WP themes have newly added features also as well as endless possibilities and these have been successfully operational for years. These WP themes have been updated on a time to time basis and many improvements have been made since the inception of such premium WordPress templates and themes. With the addition of improvements and features, such WP themes become better day by day.

Many WordPress premium templates and WordPress premium themes have excelled because of their incredible website making capability especially in the area of print and electronic media. You have the choice of selection from multiple demos. Your website will have the look and feel that very well suits the content. Once you select the demo from the options available, you can make use of the detailed customization setting to tweak the design to ensure that it matches your expectations and vision. Many media premium WP themes have composers with more than 100 elements to ensure that content has the right look. The best-selling WP themes are accompanied by pre-built template designs for the pages and posts. You have custom widgets like currency exchange, weather, social media, you give information to the visitors and at the same time making it quite easy for them to trace more of your content.

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Why It Is Necessary To Have Premium WordPress Themes

With the availability of so many free themes, you might be wondering why you need to spend your money on Premium WordPress themes. Well, this question is absolutely valid. When you go for free themes, it may save you a lot of bucks initially. However, there are enough reasons for choosing a premium theme for your website. But before we start to have a deep discussion over it, let us first understand what Premium WordPress themes exactly are.

Premium WordPress Themes

To simply tell you, a premium WordPress theme is one for which you have to pay. If it is not available for free, that means it is a premium one. Any person can design a WordPress theme and sell it as a premium theme as there are hardly any certifications or pre-defined standards for designating a theme as a premium one. But in general, a premium theme is built by professional web designers by studying the needs of different business types and the latest market trends. They develop these themes with an aim to cater to a market that is willing to pay a handsome amount for a quality product.

With all these things in mind, let’s go ahead and discuss the reasons for premium themes being immensely important for creating attractive websites.

-Brings Quality Stuff

Whenever you get free stuff, its quality cannot be blindly trusted. On the contrary, when you buy premium WordPress themes from a reliable and reputable developer or theme shop, you are guaranteed (most of the time) a superior quality product. With paid stuff, you can always expect things that are unique and out of the box. For making your blog or web page distinguished and unequalled, a free theme will not work for you. Now you might question why is this so? The reason is free themes being available for free of cost are used by many other websites as well as blogs. It is possible that the free theme that you choose for your blog might have been used by hundreds of other websites. That means there are hundreds of similar-looking websites like yours.

Though free themes are also responsive and show compatibility to various devices, what about the uniqueness of your page? Surely, you don’t get it with free themes. For carving a niche in this supremely competitive business world, you need to look different so that people could notice you even among the crowd. This is possible only with the premium WordPress themes. Along with compliance, they have responsive design. Nowadays, as websites are being accessed through mobile devices; it is important for you to ensure that your website should remain functional on multiple platforms. Also, they are designed keeping in mind the latest web standards. So, for making a purchase for premium themes, always keep in mind that themes from reliable sources only are worth to invest in. Well established theme developing companies guarantee a product of top quality. This cannot be said with confidence in the case of free themes.

-Packed With Exclusive Features

The best thing about premium WordPress themes is that they provide easy customization options and well as many premium quality features. For those who are not tech-savvy and have zero coding skills, trying to make even minor changes in free themes can land you in trouble. With premium themes, this is not an issue. They have a user-friendly interface and designed with functionality in mind. These themes have a very intuitive user-interface that allows formatting your web page in just a few clicks without touching the coding part. Features such as shortcodes, pre-built demos, and WordPress premium templates are also included in these themes.

-More Secure

Coding standards are extremely high in the case of premium themes. By high coding standards, I mean the quality of code. Developers take complete care to pack the theme with a clean, bug-free and secure code. Also, the codes included in these themes are written as per the current guidelines issued by WordPress. There is no malicious code present unlike the case of many free themes that are available online. Hence, websites designed with premium WordPress themes are more secure and are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


With WordPress premium themes, most of the theme developing companies backs their clients and users with a support system. And presently, almost all the premium theme designers offer you support through various support forums for any technical issues regarding the theme. They are obliged to provide solutions for all your technical grievances within a very short time. Let it be a customization issue, problem while installation or improper functioning; you can reach out to the developer any time and ask for help. Surely, your problem will be resolved within no time. You don’t need to keep posting your queries and asking for help on various forums and wait for someone who is kind enough to help you. On the contrary, free themes do not promise any such help.


With constantly changing trends, you also need to update yourself. The same is the case with WordPress themes also. As WordPress is constantly updated, it is essential that the WordPress themes that you use are also updated. When you switch to Premium WordPress themes, it is the developer’s responsibility to provide you with all the recent updates regarding the theme. The designers are obliged to do this because the client has already paid a handsome amount of money. Plus, not providing the updated themes would do great damage to the developer’s reputation. Hence, premium themes are always updated.
Considering all the discussed positives of premium WordPress Themes, you might consider the need for grabbing premium themes to have an upper hand over your competitors.

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Need of the Free or Premium WordPress Themes-Do You Need Them

If you ask a beginner to select between free and premium theme, he will tell free because of cost otherwise his inclination will obviously go to premium. When you talk about free themes, it is free of cost or you can call them free WP themes listed in the directory of WordPress. It is not advised to download and install the free WP theme through the resources that are not reliable. One of the benefits of free over premium WordPress themes is the cost freeness. The barrier of entry to start the blog is gone with free WP theme. But there are people with different concepts about free theme. Many do not rely these. Many think that the free themes have the low quality but that is not always the case. A free theme can provide benefit like the premium one.

Premium WordPress Themes

Tough Review Process

Free WordPress themes have a strict review process. These are the themes in the theme WordPress directory. The examination is done by the theme review team. After that, these are included in the directory.

Availability for Free—Buy Why?

When you give and share, you have the benefit. With this, the developers will sharpen the skills. At the time of the team review, team audits code and provides suggestion for improvement. The theme is available to big user base. People can make use of it, provide feedback and give suggestion regarding improvement. You can build reputation as a skilled developer and get paid jobs for customization of the free themes. They can develop custom themes for clients. Though free themes are good but there are certain disadvantages when you compare it with the premium WP theme and WordPress premium templates. When it comes to the disadvantage of the free or premium WordPress theme, it is subjective. You may call it a disadvantage but it may not be the concern for other person. So in this matter, the viewpoints vary.

Disadvantages of making use of free WP themes

Support options are limited

Free WordPress theme developers provide the support through the WordPress forums but they are not actually obliged to the support queries.

Restricted features/ functionality

With the free themes support, you have the standard features but many of such themes do not provide you the extra features and these include shortcodes, creating buttons or creating the landing pages.

Uniqueness is missing

Free WP themes like WP premium WordPress themes are used by the blogs and websites in large numbers. As a result, your website is not distinct. You also have the limited options as far as customization of the visual appearance is concerned.

Obligation is missing

Free themes do not have the warranty unlike the best premium WordPress themes and therefore, nothing is guaranteed as such.

Premium Themes

You can get the premium WP themes for purchase from the third party theme shops as well as marketplaces. One of the biggest advantages of the WP premium theme is that it has more features and customization options. These themes have regular updates as well as support. Not all WP premium themes are perfect. There may arise issues of poor coding, extra features cross over to plugin domain.

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How To Start a Business With Only Premium WordPress Themes

In this digital era, you are lacking if you don’t take your business on the online platform. The benefits of getting online are tremendous. WordPress Themes can make your presence more effective by giving you beautifully carved websites. Especially, the premium WordPress themes will get you into the limelight. Earlier, website designing used to be a difficult task. But with the evolution of WordPress themes, it is no more a headache. Now you don’t need to learn how to code. Or don’t need to look for professional web developers to get a website designed for you. Once you learn how to use these themes to make a website with a professional look and feel, you will save a lot of money.

With Premium WordPress Themes, you are in the driver’s seat:

premium wordpress themes

• Once you come to know how to design a website using the themes, you will save a lot of effort, time as well as money.
• You can put new and latest things on the website on your own without need the help of a designer or programmer.
• You will have an upper hand over your competitors as you are not dependent on any developer to make the changes in order to make your website up to date. On the contrary, your competitors are dependent on others for the same.

Different ways to get a website ready

One of the ways to craft out a website for you is by using the templates. HTML templates can serve as a great choice for making simple websites that don’t require frequent updating in terms of content.
Another way is to use WordPress themes. Now you might be thinking what is WordPress? Well, WordPress is a content management system that (CMS) allowing you to adjust the visual style and content without changing the code. WordPress theme provides a skin for your website.

Why Premium Themes a Better Choice

There are both free and paid themes available in the market. Free themes are a better option for those who just want to go online but don’t have the budget for the same. It is often said that you cannot rely on free things. The same is true in the case of free WordPress themes. Free themes don’t guarantee support. Also, you cannot trust them as far as the security of your website is concerned.

When it comes to premium quality themes, you need to pay for the quality they offer. Premium WordPress themes provide you support from the makers of the themes and you also get a secure code that ensures the security of your website. This makes sense as your website is less likely to be hacked. Plus, the developers also keep on updating them from time to time.

Domain name

Once you are done with the selection of CMS, you need to select the domain name. Now, what a domain name exactly is? It is nothing but the URL that one types in the address bar of a web browser. It is important to get the right domain name. However, you should keep a few things in mind while choosing the domain name. It must be short and brandable. It needs to be catchy and easy to type. Last but not least, it has to be memorable. These are some of the most required things you should keep in mind. There are also other aspects that you may consider but those are optional.


You need to choose a hosting company to host the website files so that anyone must be able to access your website. You have a range of hosting plans right from affordable shared hosting plans, expensive managed WP hosting to premium dedicated servers. For beginners, a shared hosting plan is a good choice. Some hosts will limit the number of resources and the number of websites you can host. Though, in some cases, you can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and space. If you have a little higher budget margin, you should opt for managed WordPress hosting. It is beneficial especially when you hardly have the time for maintaining and updating the website.
Select a Good Premium WP Theme for Your Website
To get the best premium WordPress theme, consider the type of website that you need to create. There is a wide range of themes for various niches. So you just need to enter the type of business in the search bar. In case if you don’t find anything, you can also go for multipurpose themes. You must make sure that the theme has all the features that you will need for getting a top-quality and fully functional website designed.


  1. WordPress Installation

    The installation of WordPress is extremely easy. Most of the hosting companies offer a one-click demo install through the dashboard. Start by logging in to the host’s dashboard and look for the section that says WordPress Install, One-click installers, or Softaculous Software. After locating that section, find the WordPress icon and select it. Then, you need to enter the username and password that you will use for logging into your site along with some other additional information. Afterward, click on the install or finish the installation button and wait for the installation of WordPress to be finished. After the installation is done, you can visit the WordPress dashboard and enter the name and password that you have set up for your WordPress website.

  2. WordPress Theme Installation

    The very next step is to install the WordPress theme that you have selected. On the dashboard, navigate to the Appearance > Themes > Add new. Click on the Upload Theme button and follow the instructions that appear on the screen for uploading your theme. After the theme is installed, click on the Activate button.

  3. Get the Required Plugins Installed

Though most of the premium responsive WordPress themes already have all the required elements that one needs for a respective website, sometimes, much additional functionality is needed to enhance the features of your website. Well, in such a case, you will see the notification in the WordPress dashboard. Just go on to click the link that says Install Required Plugins. Now select the plugins that you want and choose Install from the drop-down menu followed by clicking on the Apply option. You then need to activate the plugins by going to Plugins > All plugins > Inactive. Select all the inactive plugins and select the Activate option in the drop-down menu and then finally click on Apply.

  1. Importing the Demo Content

The next task that follows on the list is importing the demo content and replacing it to meet the demands of your website. For a quick and easier web designing experience, the demo content is always there. It will get you the structure of your website ready within minutes. You can add your own content to this structure. This will save you a lot of efforts as you don’t have to create them from scratch.

You need to click the One-Click Demo Import button then select the demo that you need to import in the theme. Click the checkboxes next to the attachments, customizer settings and sliders. After that, click on the Import Demo Data button. Later, replace it with your own content. And for the same, you need to go to Pages > All Pages. Then you will need to click on the Edit link.

  1. Adding your Touch to the Overall Appearance

You can change the visual appearance of your site. And for that, you need to navigate to Appearance > Customize. Make use of the Live Customizer to the fullest to add your own customized logo. You can adjust the color, change the font styles, and much more. Not only this, you can change the images, background, and content also.

Up till now, you might have got a fair idea about creating websites using premium responsive WordPress themes.

Things to Keep in Mind for Having Fabulous Business Websites

In order to get functional and professional websites, here are a few suggestions that will be helpful to you.

Go for the latest Premium WordPress Themes

From the number of themes available, you must always go for the latest and updated version of the theme. Choosing the latest one will bring some of the more advanced and latest functionality that will add new dimensions to your website. It is quite possible at times that you select the old version of the same theme that is deprived of the additional features that are included in the updated version. Hence, it is important that you always go for the new and updated version.

Always look for premium themes giving fast performance

Speed is the most important criteria when it comes to websites. If you have a fast loading website, more visitors will draw towards it as fast loading websites make the visitors more interested and have the capability to keep them engaged for a longer time. So, just make sure that the theme that you have opted for must have been tested for speed.

Get popular premium WordPress themes that are responsive

Before buying any theme, you need to be sure of its responsive. As per the latest market trends, responsive premium WordPress themes are in huge demand. With the increase of mobile devices, their demand is soaring high. To sustain in this highly competitive world, you also need to opt for responsive themes. Such themes provide visitors with better user experience. It also leads to an improvement in the conversion rate. Plus, you have more chances to get searched in the web searches.

Some Additional Tips For Increasing Your Visitors

Include social sharing options

For this, you can make use of the social media plugin. It will make it easy for the visitors to share your website that will ultimately result in fetching more traffic and more visitors to your website. You will be able to reach the maximum number of people using social sharing options.

Start a Blog for a better connection with users
When you start a blog, it will not only aid you in improving the search engine rank but also in establishing better connectivity with the visitors, readers and potential clients. Through your blog, you can easily share the knowledge that you possess in your respective domain and make people understand the benefits they will be getting when they work with you. The blog has the potential to attract the clients as it gives a fair idea about your work or business and the knowledge and expertise you have. Once they get to know you, they will be more interested to get your services.

Use of newsletter
You can make use of the newsletter so that you can ask the visitors to sign up the same for staying connected with you and getting all the updates via Emails. You can include the newsletter in the form popups or in the sidebar. Also, it can be included below the blog posts.

Considering all the above-discussed things, popular premium WordPress themes have many quality features and advantages that make them the best option for starting an online business and promoting it.

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