Facts that Matter About Best WordPress Themes 2021

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes online within the reach. This is good news for few but not for the beginners as it is difficult for them to select the right WordPress theme for their site. We will try to ease out the above choice by some facts available with us. In terms of features and options the WordPress themes are either niche-based or multipurpose ones. While if money is considered then as specified initially is whether you want a free or paid WordPress theme among the best WordPress themes 2021. On moving towards basics then WordPress.org or ‘self-hosted WordPress’ is better as compared to WordPress.com when level of control and overall cost is considered for themes.

Tips To Choose From The Best WordPress Themes

Theme Functionality: A site’s functionality is important to know for doing business online. In different words the features you want in a website needs to be known beforehand. On liking the theme the core needs fulfilment is to be researched before purchasing it.

Site Responsiveness: Since Google has made compulsory for sites to be mobile responsive most of the WordPress themes has included this as a standard. Still some of the WordPress themes including free themes don’t follow the above rule thus needs to be seen.

Page Builders: The Best WordPress themes 2021 are provided compatibility with popular WordPress drag and drop page builders. It helps in creating custom landing pages as and when need arises.

Browser Support: Loading smoothly and looking beautiful is good but the WordPress theme compatibility with customers browser is a key point to be tested. All in all this area is mostly unnoticed thus its prudent to get ahead of any potential issues.

Major Types Of WordPress Themes In 2021

Starter Themes: A skeleton of a theme is seen in starter WordPress theme. Only the vital infrastructure is offered in such themes.

Framework Themes: Combining a parent and child theme into a fully functional and customizable theme is the key work of Framework themes.

Tailored Themes: The themes designed by a professional team of developers to cater to your specific niche and needs are tailored themes.

Most Popular Best WordPress Themes For 2021

VWThemes: Innovative themes are on offer here. It is prepared by teams of WordPress experts including free themes. Website created using VWThemes will provide you with all the features required to be among Best WordPress themes.

Jayla: The Jayla theme allows you to create online store and sell products easily. The wide variety of shops from furniture to tech stores and everything in between can be built with this theme. The basic features are lifetime support, header and foot builder, compatible with Yoast SEO, WooCommerce product wishlist etc.

Astra: Astra theme is the best choice for WordPress beginners. The key attributes are efficient customization option, high functionality level, and considerable number of free extensions. Elementor and Beaver Builder usefulness with this theme makes it among the Best WordPress Themes 2021.

Tusant: Tusant is first-rate WordPress podcast theme beneficial for podcasters, musicians, voice-over actors and video streaming website. Three layer pricing is followed in tusant theme. Firstly Single podcast theme, then Podcast theme bundle followed by Lifetime access.

Sydney: Sydney is best multipurpose WordPress theme for freelance marketer, editor, or content writer to show off your achievements and essential details. Some noticeable features are page templates, header choices, customizer options apart from Elementor blocks, pricing tables and a timeline.

Travel Way: The Travel Way is among the Best WordPress themes for travel bloggers, photographers including travel agencies and portfolios. The free version is flexible, customizable, works well with major browsers, responsive and offers unlimited pages for each section of your site.

Breakthrough Pro: Breakthrough Pro is a minimalist WordPress theme ideal for any business website. The characteristics here are 9 custom widgets, 3 layout options, WordPress website templates and a custom header.

Foodie Pro: This WordPress theme is suitable for sharing new recipes and best cooking tips online. There are countless number of colour and typography options available in this theme. No free version is available and Genesis Pro option is for those interested in further investment than original one.

Alpha: Alpha is a magazine theme suitable for newspapers, online magazines, authors and blogging. This is a beginner-friendly similar as we saw in Astra theme. The features of this theme makes it among the Best WordPress Themes 2021.


The Best WordPress Themes In 2021 Are Here

The best WordPress themes in 2021 are here for you! We can short listed these premium WordPress themes from VWThemes. All of the themes have received good review from customers. You just need to install them and add content.

These best WordPress themes in 2021 are attractive and strong too. So let’s check them out!

Best WordPress Themes 2021

VW Painter Pro- This premium Painter WP theme has all the colors you need in your website. You paint people’s lives with several colors and brushes and we are here to create an appealing website for you. By using this premium theme, you can open new doors for profits into your account. This theme is designed with dark colors and attractive fonts. The templates are used to differentiate the information about service and placed it in an attractive manner. Several sections are there for contact details, social media icons and reviews from clients. You can make changes in the layout with our customization option. Also we have given the enable-disable option for the sections. The theme is SEO optimized and has Woocommerce plugin to increase sells rate. With WPML and RTL support the theme is multilingual.

VW One Page Pro- This premium One page WP theme is perfect if you want to promote your business globally. This theme is designed with elegant colors and fonts. You have an option to customize theme layout as you want. The theme has near 100 font family options to choose. It has several sections to specify the information about your business, its previous clients, staff members and product details. The sections are also designed in an attractive manner. There’s an option for enable-disable the sections if you want to. The USP of this theme is that its SEO optimized which makes it rank high on search engines. It is RTL and WPML supportive which makes is accessible globally. The reason for buying this theme would be its robust functionality and attractive presentation.

VW Mobile App Pro- Mobile or smartphone has become an integral part of human life. Its almost like an oxygen for many of us. There’s a huge industry behind this mobile craze and you can be a part of it by simply having a great looking website. Our Premium WP Mobile App theme has all the ingredient to make your website strong and appealing. The theme can be used by mobile companies, service centers or tech savvy blog site. This theme has enough space for content and images. Different templates used in this theme give it more professional look. There are sections for contact details, social media icons, customer review and information about staff members. Its dark colored theme attracts customers. You can make changes in the layout with the customization option.

VW Bakery Pro- Bakeries are the places where happiness gets wrapped in deserts. They are the reason for many innocent smiles. As a baker, when you intend to spread this happiness on a wide range, we are here to help you. By our Premium Bakery WP theme you can open doors for customers living far away from you. This WordPress themes can help you establish your business on global scale. Our designers have specially designed it with delicate colors and sweet looking fonts. You can make changes in the layout as you like with customization option. The templates also have light colors and enough space to add images and information. You can add unlimited images into gallery or sliders given in the theme. These images will help the customers in knowing different products that you offer.

VW Photography Pro- Photography is an art. Its like a digital painting of things we see around us but never actually feel. A single photograph can tell you whole story without uttering a single word. And that’s why this theme is special. As you capture beautiful moments of life, there should be a perfect platform for portraying them in front of the society. Our Premium WP Photography theme is specially made for this sole purpose. Our designers have given enough space for gallery, sliders, information sections and of course contact details. The delicate yet attractive colors of this theme make sure that customer stay glued on the website. It has approx. 100 font family options to choose from. Everything in this theme layout is customizable which makes you the boss of the layout.

VW Security Guard Pro- In today’s era, security has became a necessity and an issue. Everyone in this society needs to feel secure. In such times you need to build a strong trust among people. We are here to help you with this. A strong, secure and attractive website is all you need to reach maximum people and build trusted relationship with them. With the help of our Premium Security Guard WP theme you can easily establish a website. This theme is designed with attractive color, professional looking fonts, different sections and templates and clean coding. All of these features makes it a perfect choice for your agency. The sections in this theme have enough space for information and images. There’s a customization option available if you want to make any changes into layout.

VW Interior Design Pro- Everyone needs their personal box where they can work or live with a peaceful mind. You as an interior designer, turn that box into home. Whether it’s office or house, the setting in the inside makes us comfortable on our place. But to make more people aware of your service, you need to have a website as beautiful and effective as your job. By our Premium Interior Design WP theme, you can create your own set of viewers regardless of boundaries. This theme is designed with light, professional looking colors and has near 100 font family options to choose from. There’s a customization option available to let you make changes in the layout. This premium theme is made with bootstrap framework to make its functioning robust. Also, it has a Woocommerce plugin to help you establish an online store.

Interactive WordPress Themes For Dynamic Future Of Your Business

Business is all about interaction. You communicate to sell or buy something you want. That’s why everything in your business has to be ‘conversation ready’.

To expand your league of communication you have to get a website. WordPress is the best platform for it. Here you can get interactive WordPress Themes to help you. These WordPress themes can reduce your stress to zero.

WordPress Themes

VWThemes is one of the popular web developer companies. They provide best interactive WordPress themes. They have more than 110 WordPress themes for every profession for only 40$ each. Through these WordPress themes you can easily establish the interaction between you and your customers.

Here in this blog we are going to look at some interactive WordPress themes by VWThemes. All of these WordPress themes have received great customer reviews. So let’s dig in-

VW Computer Repair Pro- With VW Computer Repair WP theme, you can extend the reach of your business. This theme has several templates that differentiate services provided, previous successful projects, reviews from customers and details about staff. There are templates for contact details and social media icons too. This theme is SEO optimized that makes the website rank high in search engine. It is also mobile and browser friendly. The theme is Woocommerce supportive to increase the sell. All these features make this theme perfect for your business.

VW Jewelry Shop Pro- This Jewelry WP theme has everything you need. It has several templates to showcase different designs of your jewelry. It also has different sections for bestselling designs, social media icons, customer reviews and different categories for other accessories. The bootstrap framework of this theme makes it functioning smooth and user friendly. The theme is SEO optimized that makes it rank high in search engine. This WordPress theme is device and browser friendly. It has CTA that is Call To Action button for quick response. Along with all these features, its multipurpose design makes it more efficient and special.

VW Law Firm Pro- VW Law firm WP theme is specially made for your law firm. It has all the needed features that will increase your reach to troubled people. This theme is SEO optimized which makes your website rank high in search engine. For fast functioning, this theme is built with bootstrap framework. It also has some amazing templates for showcasing different successful cases, reviews from previous clients and each attorney with their contact details. It also has different section for social media icons. Our designers have used dark colors and fonts for the layout. But there’s a customization option and approx. 100 font family options if you want to make changes in layout.

VW Automotive Pro- Automotive WordPress theme has all the latest features. First of all, the theme has several templates to specify different automobile products, response from clients about previous products, team involved in creation and also information about upcoming projects. This WordPress theme is multilingual with RTL support. Its also SEO optimized and has CTA that is Call To Action button for faster response. We have used dark colors to give it a professional look. But if you want to change the layout, there’s a customization option available. This WordPress theme can also be used for other start ups like for helicopters or airlines etc. This theme is Woocommerce responsive, which gives it better performance in selling.

VW Multipurpose Pro- This WordPress theme can be used for personal blogs also. It is made by bootstrap framework with customization option. With this option you can be the boss of the layout of your website. This theme has several templates and sections that specify the services provided and slideshow of images related to the profession. The slider in this theme has an unlimited addition option. Along with this, it is RTL supportive which makes it multilingual and is translation ready. This multipurpose premium theme is Woocommerse supportive which increases the sell. Our designers have also added sections for social media icons and contact details for making communication easier. It is also SEO optimized to make it rank high in search engine.

VW Travel Pro- This WordPress Travel theme has everything that a webpage needs. This WordPress theme has several templates that specify the services provided. It also has sliders in which you can add unlimited images. This theme has sections with contact details and social media icons. The theme is SEO optimized which makes the site rank high in search engines. This theme is RTL supportive which makes it approachable in gulf countries too. Plus its translation ready which makes it globally accepted. You can get all these feature in cool price.

VW Ecommerce Pro- This WordPress Ecommerce theme is made with all the features that you need. It’s a multipurpose theme and can be used for any business or selling site. This WordPress theme is designed with delicate colors and 100 font family options. It has customization option that gives you the freedom of making changes in layout. It has Woocommerce and contact form 7 plugins to make its functioning easier. The templates and sliders in this theme allows you to showcase your products in an attractive manner. This theme also has sections contact details, social media icons and payment getaways.

VW Eco Nature Pro- This Eco nature WP theme has each feature designed carefully to make your website function effectively. The WordPress theme is made with bootstrap framework. It is translation ready, retina ready and device friendly. The WordPress theme is made browser friendly to perform effectively on each browser. The WordPress theme gives enough space for content and has near to 100 font family options to choose from. It has several templates that differentiate the information and place it in an attractive manner. The WordPress theme also has CTA which is Call To Action button for quick response. Apart from these, this theme has sections for contact details, social media icons, reviews from clients and sliders to showcase images of events.

A Professional Way To Do With WordPress Themes

The WordPress themes are opportunity that exists to reach your target audience. An instantaneous way to make your business come true is through having a website. Your sudden existence can let you start a conversation with others. The same above thing can be achieved by opening a Facebook page is a question. With social media page you don’t know the changing of rules time-being. Liberty to plan the conversation proposal for user is given by your own website. Task of making a website is not easy and so its existence will be concluded by discussion.

WordPress Themes

Know WordPress Themes

An Open source and Content Management System with creation and managing all kind of websites is what WordPress is called as. In facts, 29% of the web used by WordPress making it the largest self-hosted CMS in the world.

Ways To Build Professional Websites Using WordPress Themes

Coding Skills Requirement: In order to build a websites the coding knowledge is required only to develop complex sites but for creating a functional one no need is there.

Powerful and Easy to Use: Here easy doesn’t mean less powerful and professional thus in all WordPress website themes are useful for large sites and small personal blogs as well.

Free Of Cost: WordPress.org allows you to download website free of cost with no limitation in terms of doing anything with it.

Own Rules And On Own Terms Website: Full ownership is available by using WordPress themes for your website. You can add, delete and modify as per your business and brand needs at any time.

Build Website Of Any Kind: For Any field and with any layout you can create website using Themes for WordPress.

Profitable Site: Through WooCommerce platform, Affiliate marketing site, AdSense are the ways to earn money online with WordPress website themes. For long term e-mail list to be prepared to achieve goals business wise.

Search Engine Friendly: Though the high-quality content is significant for liking in Search engines still you can make it more SEO friendly by using Yoast SEO, one of the most popular and used SEO plugin.

Mobile-Friendly: Responsiveness of WordPress or WordPress themes decides it level of being mobile –friendly. WordPress backend to be responsive makes management of site easy but adapting to different devices and screen sizes require responsive WordPress themes.

Safe and Secure: Safety and Security comes primarily in all things and similar is followed by WordPress developers. Still Prevention is better than cure since it is online system anything can happen. For this strong password usage, periodic backups, security plugin install and trustful webhosting choice is recommended in WordPress website themes.

Flexible and Customizable: Huge amount of plugins and theme availability permits you to extend and convert WordPress into the site you need. Means you can adapt your site as per functions, visual and branding point of view.

Maintenance And Updation Of Site In Design Terms: When update of design or structure is considered then WordPress with themes both are best friends for you. Maintenance in itself requires updation but for dynamic site contents, products and comments management is there needing a more dedicated maintenance plan.

Professional WordPress Community Around: Since we are a social animal prosperity requires community and that is what provided by WordPress in the form of online groups, forums, blogs, magazines, products and integrations and tons of resources to learn WordPress.

Quality WordPress Products Markets: The market for quality WordPress products meaning themes and plugins is huge. Thousands of products are already in the form of themes for WordPress and Plugins for specific functionality. For instance a theme for magazine, online store, a corporate site and wedding website is there. Plugin to integrate social media icons, create online form is available.

Integration With Other Systems And Products: Integration system is ready in WordPress for integration with companies and services like Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Intercom, Paypal, Facebook, Instagram, Zapier, Zendesk, Amazon etc. Integration means Mailchimp subscribe form, taking Paypal payments, Intercom for online chat, new posts tweeting and others.

Growing Platform: More of WordPress will be seen in many years to come. The more the users get used to it the more the platform keeps growing and getting better as simple as that.

How To Develop A WordPress Themes In 5 Easy Steps

WordPress themes are the easiest way of establishing your website on WordPress. As you may know, WordPress holds 78% of total websites on the internet. You can easily get a ready-to-use WordPress theme from a web development company.

But if you want to create your own WordPress theme then it’s a whole different road to take. For creating WordPress themes you need to know about it all. Here we are offering you five easy steps towards it.

WordPress Themes

Let’s dig in!

Step 1:- Local Environment!
To create your own WordPress theme, first you need to create the environment for it. It means you need to install and prepare your device for WordPress theme creation. For this you need to install a server. Here we recommend you to use Desktop Server.
By using this local server you will be able to create your own WordPress theme without impacting your current website. The Desktop Server provides an easy way to install WordPress. It is compatible with Mac and Windows system as well.

First, you need to install a free version of Desktop Server and complete the registration process. Then download the installer. After that you will need to configure the local environment. You will get the basic WordPress site ready for you in a few minutes. After the installation your new website will look like your live one.

Step 2:-Get The Starter Theme!
The starter theme is exactly what it sounds! It’s a starter structure for you to mold your WordPress themes. At such platforms, you will get the tools to build a strong base for the WordPress theme. It will minus the efforts of coding from scratch. There are few companies to trust with it. They are Underscore, UnderStrap and Bones.

Here we are going to use Underscore. It is a great choice for beginners and provides basic tools for building WordPress theme. Underscore is developed by Automatic and it has received great reviews from customers.

To create WordPress theme on Underscore, you need to go to the website of it. Put the name of your WordPress theme on the bar as ‘Theme Name’. If you want to add some extra features to it, you can click on Advanced Options. There you will have to fill out the information like, author name, URL and description of it.

Below these options you will find a box name _sassify! It stands for Systematically Awesome StyleSheets i.e SASS! SASS is a proceeding language juts like CSS. With this you will be able to use variables, math operation and nesting as well.

After filling out everything, click on Generate. This will download and save the .zip file of your starter theme. Now install this starter theme on your local site. Take a preview to have a rough idea on how the actual WordPress theme would look like.

Step 3:- WordPress Works!
Before making the Cake we tend to taste one or know what goes inside it. Just like that, before making WordPress theme you need to know how it actually work. Underscore will ensure you to have these basics while creating WordPress theme.

Website or a WordPress themes is basically about using different templates the right way. The templates used in the theme decide its whole look. The templates like header.php or comments.php initiate the features they state.

WordPress already has the template hierarchy where you can get any template you need. This hierarchy is also the sequence how the WordPress will be loading your website. Every WordPress theme has to have inbox.php file. Underscore can provide you with it.

Loop is also one of the most important elements to have in WordPress themes. The Loop is a code WordPress uses for displaying the content. You can find this template in the post content. Underscore will help you with it, but we recommend you to study more about the loop.

Step 4:- Configuration-
In this step you will have to do some additions and deletions. You need to figure out how you want your WordPress themes to look like. For this, there are couple of things to look into.

First is Hooks! You can add some functionalities into your WordPress themes by adding Hooks. Hooks is the code snippet you will find in templates. These will help you run PHP functions.wp_head() is the Hook which you can add in for header.php. This will enable the style, script and other information that come up first after loading website. wp_footer() is the Hook for footer.php before tag. This hook is often used by Google analytics.

You can visit Hooks Database for more information about it. Underscore will be adding all the hooks in your WordPress theme.
The second most important configuration is adding styles with CSS. The Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is all about the display of content. You can add it by style.css.file but it will add only the basic ones. The CSS is very important factor in WordPress theme as it manages the content. Before going into editing the CSS you have to know it completely first. We recommend you to do some research on it.

Step 5:- Export and Upload-
This is the final step in creating your own WordPress theme. After making all the alterations you want to in your WordPress theme, its time to test it. You can take a preview of your WordPress theme if you want. For this you can use Theme Unit Test data. It is a dummy data to test your WordPress theme.

Now, to export your WordPress theme you need to find the folder where the .zip file of your website is saved. Find the files for WordPress theme. You can use the compression tool WinRAR to create a .zip file of it. For this right click on the file and find a tab for Compress and click on it. This will create a zip file of the folder. You can now easily upload and install it on any WordPress site.

Make Fast Impact In Your Business Using WordPress Themes

There are lot of WordPress themes available in the market. This gives birth to “problem of plenty”. Selecting a particular WordPress theme relevant as per requirement needs to be properly considered. For Maintenance and creation of website the need for coding skills is eliminated by WordPress.org platform here. The ambiguity generated in choosing a theme is also due to look of responsive WordPress Themes. Uniqueness can be seen in each WordPress theme. Some will require customization while other theme would be perfect. Thus in inference we can tell that to choose a given WordPress theme for your website can require a lot of time and also dependent on what blog is to be written like on travel, politics, food , education and others. We will try to make it easier through below discussion.

WordPress Themes

Things To Consider In Choosing WordPress Themes

Features You Need: Before going into a WordPress theme it is significant which features or attributes you want in that WordPress theme. The other aspect is the Goal of your website is achieved through the selected theme. The WordPress Feature Filter is there to solve such problems in search of free WordPress themes as per features required like translation ready or adaptable header permission.

Colour Impact: Visual appearance plays a key role in online marketing. As appearance is in discussion thus role of colours become crucial. Brand recognition is established in an excellent manner with WordPress website templates. Recommendation of either going through competitors colour selection or stick to light coloured website as users mostly prefer it as concluded in statistics.

Key is Simplicity: As per facts available 6000+ WordPress themes are available in the market nowadays. The golden rules for choosing Responsive WordPress themes are Visitors focus and Initial goal with purpose fulfilment of your website. For both of the above the solution is to remain simple to keep visitors focus on content or information to be given rather than flashy animations and complex layout leading distraction.

Responsive And Cross-Browser Compatible Theme: Responsive WordPress themes means functional on laptop, mobile and other digital devices of different screen sizes. As 50% of online traffic comes from mobile users thus a mobile-friendly website is must. Visitors can come from any browser thus theme needs to be accessible to all browsers.

Various Plugins Supportive:Plugins add features and functionality to your websites based on WordPress website templates. Among plenty the must have plugins are Gravity Forms, Yoast SEO, W3 Total Cache, etc. Ensure such plugins works properly on your WordPress theme.

SEO Friendly Theme:The basic motive of any website is to get maximum visitors on World Wide Web. To fulfil this WordPress provides Website beneficial SEO optimised themes.

Support Providing Theme: There are free and premium WordPress themes available on online market. While in free themes support is not guaranteed the opposite is in premium ones. Premium theme to be choose is our advice.

Thorough Testing Of WordPress Theme: Install the Theme Check plugin to have a great start in testing efficiency of WordPress website templates through current WordPress standards supportiveness of the selected theme. Testing needs to be done after all adjustments and content uploading completion of the given theme.

Things To Avoid In Choosing Responsive WordPress Themes:

Bloated WordPress Themes: The bloated themes may look attractive but at the cost of security and visitors attention thus not to be selected. Here too premium theme selection is suggested by increment in your budgets for regular fixes, better coding, security and updates.

Website Features Updates Ignorance: Old features are not always enough has to be considered in updating Website features. To keep visitors and audience interest intact study of new features to your WordPress website is the need of the hour.

Too Many Google Fonts: Anything in excess is not good and the same applies here. Too many Google fonts on single website not to be used.

Too Many Widgets: Default widgets in WordPress theme helps in performing basic functions like text, images, videos and others. Get away with unnecessary widgets to avoid things getting cluttered in your website/s based on WordPress themes.

Website Security Ignorance: Website security cannot be ignored in this technological world where hackers can break any type of website thus badly impacting your business as well. All the WordPress website templates are secured with password encryption thus no need to worry.

Always Choose Best WordPress Themes For Website

When it comes to business you don’t want to leave any way for the failure to lurk in. You make sure everything is perfect, then why not making a tiny little perfect choice for the website? Website is the face of your business for the entire world. Customers from all around the world will be judging your work based on your website. To create a perfect first impression you need to have a perfect website. With the help of WordPress and best WordPress themes you can get such a website in no time.

As you know WordPress is the best platform for website building. It has two hosts, WordPress.com and WordPress.org, on which you can create your websites. WordPress.com gives you a ready-made WordPress theme but you will lose the authority over your own website. At WordPress.org you will get tools to build a website and full authority over it. Here the best WordPress themes will help you in making the perfect website for your business. Its very important to make a wise choice here cause there are thousands of companies promising the best results. But only few will prove them right. We have a suggestion for you here. VWThemes will prove to be the best choice in this. They have 110 perfectly made best WordPress themes for each profession. In just 40$ you will get all you were looking for into the website. But why is it so important to have the best WordPress theme? Let’s see-

Most of the best WordPress themes provided by companies are designed as per the requirement of customers. The layout of the theme its color, font style, background image, sections, templates, logo, title, header, footer and slider are arranged by the designers of the company. So you don’t have to worry about the attractiveness of your website.

Some companies like VWThemes have the customization feature that gives you complete liberty to make changes in the layout as you want. For making these changes you don’t have to know about coding or programming. You can do it in few clicks just like changing a profile picture on social media. They have color palates and Google font family options to choose from.

2.Strong foundation:-
The best WordPress themes are made with strong coding and programming so that you don’t have to worry about it. The strong coding takes away half of the tension away from your head. The team of coders make your professional best WordPress theme unhackable and solid to work with upcoming changes and upgrades.

At VWThemes, every theme is made with bootstrap framework which makes the theme rigid with the functioning. This strong coding make the core robust which can’t be changed or affected by the changes you make outside. This feature is very important for website to have. There are a lot of people who work on dark internet looking for bugs in the system. With such fragile coding hackers can take down your website and you can lose all what you have created.

The best WordPress themes making companies make them according to the latest versions of WordPress. Some of them make it able to have automatic upgrade. They notify you about the latest upgrades in the system so you can download and make your website relatable.

At VWThemes, they provide you latest upgraded WordPress theme to make it run smoothly on internet. As stated above, they notify you when the next upgrade appears. So you can easily download the latest version. Having a relatable and upgraded website can be very profitable for your business. Without upgrades you website won’t be able to work fast and be left behind in the race of professionalism.

The best WordPress themes can make your website strong and fast at functioning. To increase the number of viewers at your website, you have to give fast responses to what they ask for. For this the website has to be responsive and fast loading speed. This will sure increase your profit in business. You website should be accessible to anyone through any browser. WordPress themes give you these properties with them.

At VWThemes, you will get fast and responsive WordPress themes with CTA i.e Call To Action button on every page. All the themes here are cross browser compatible and device friendly too. They have fast loading speed which make them perfect for your website.

5.SEO optimization:-

To increase views on your website you have to try and appear more on the search engine. You have to be in range of customer’s eyes to catch their attention. Being SEO optimized helps a lot with this. Also having different plugins like Woocommerce can make the website more professional. The WordPress theme that you are buying should be multipurpose and multilingual too. This will increase your reach.

At VWThemes, you get all of these features in free and premium WordPress themes too. They are SEO optimized, RTL & WPML supportive and third party plugin compatible. It means your website will be flexible with changes, effective with functioning and multilingual. Along with this VWThemes provide the best premium WordPress templates into the design to make it look more sorted and beautiful.

For more details:
Phone: +91 8459 551 371
Skype Id: Vw Theme
Email: support@vwthemes.com

Best WordPress Themes With Simplest Layout

If you want to showcase your work to people from across the world, then you have to have a website. Website is your digital footprint on the internet which will be your identity in the corporate world. That’s why its important to make it look good. The looks of a website is as important as its functioning. At WordPress you can build a strong website and decorate it as you like.

WordPress has its own way of defining beauty. To make the things easier for you WordPress has its themes which you can use to build a website. But there are plenty of options out in the market where you can buy marvelous looking best WordPress themes. The WordPress theme making companies will help you a lot in this chore. There are thousands of companies who offer you different themes designed by different ways. Some use bright colors and bigger fonts and some focus more of providing sections and templates. Many companies emphasize on making the theme look extravagant and glittery. This might look good in a showcase, but for a website we recommend you to go for simplicity.

Best WordPress Themes

There is an utter beauty in simplicity. It looks soothing, beautiful and sorted. You can create a whole website without worrying more about the looks. A simple best WordPress themes where colors compliment the font, sections don’t feel like a burden and each setting only makes it look more beautiful by being at its place. This simplicity looks more professional than anything.

Here we are going to take a look at various simple best WordPress themes offered by VWThemes. VWThemes is one of the best companies who provide best WordPress themes in a reasonable price. They have good customer review and made quite a name for themselves in a very short time. So let’s check it out-

1.VW Digital Marketing Pro:-
VWThemes always strive for perfection and simplicity. If take a look at their products, you will notice that all of them are build with a simple layout. But we are mentioning some of the best WordPress themes of them all.

This Digital WordPress theme has strong foundation and simple yet attractive design. In this theme the designers have used elegant colors like peach or lithe pink and attractive fonts in their appreciated size. The title and logo is also made with simple design that will give professional impression about your work. If you don’t like this setting there is a customization feature which lets you make the changes in the layout. You can get this theme for 40$ only.

2.VW Travel Pro:-

Travel theme by VWThemes is one of the best WordPress theme you will find on the internet. It is designed with delicate colors which indicate freedom and excitement of exploring new things. The fonts used in this theme compliment the concept of travelling. There are different sections for contact details, newsletter, social media icons and customers reviews. There are also best WordPress templates for sorting out the information about your work. This makes the theme look more sorted and simple. You can get this VW travel theme for 40$ only!

3.VW Ecommerce Pro:-

Ecommerce is a very important for your website. Whatever your business may be, but being Ecommerce ready is necessary. This VW Ecommerce Theme will give your business a new height. Despite being a more complex website theme, it has a simplest layout which makes it look sorted and attracted. Along with elegant colors and stylish font it has sections and best WordPress templates which help a lot in organizing the products by their descriptions and images. It has slider with a capacity of adding unlimited images and videos. The inner pages of this WordPress theme is made with same strong foundation and simple yet attractive design. What makes its simplicity even more attractive is that it has customization feature. With this feature you can add or delete any section or template you want.

4.VW Eco Nature Pro:-

This VW Eco Nature Theme is exactly what it sounds like. Fresh and tempting look with strength at its core just like nature. This WordPress theme has layout with elegant design decorated by shades of green and blue colors which depicts the natural essence. The background images are chosen with considering the content you might put into this theme. The font of this theme makes every word noticeable. But if you want to make changes into this, you can with the customization feature. You can make it look like you want with few clicks. There’s a color palate to choose colors from and over 100 font family options to choose fonts from. You can add any background image you want in it. The sections and best WordPress templates are also editable with its enable-disable feature.

5.VW WordPress Theme Bundle:-

If you want multipurpose WordPress themes with simple design then you have to buy this wonderful WordPress theme bundle by VWThemes. It has 110 premium WordPress themes that are designed with simple layout. All of them have elegant colors, stylish but attractive fonts, complimenting background image and sorted sections and best WordPress templates. These WordPress themes have customization feature and all are build with bootstrap framework. This WordPress theme bundle has all the WordPress themes mentioned above. Best thing is each WordPress theme is multipurpose. Though every theme is designed according to different professions, you can use any theme for any profession you want. So you can buy this amazing WordPress theme bundle of 110 awesome themes in 99$ only.

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10 Important Things That Are Worth Noticing In Top WordPress Themes

This won’t be an overstatement if I say that WordPress is the best CMS and a great platform for web designing. However, you need to spend a fair amount of time if you want to understand and use WordPress for website designing. A professional developer can easily get the things but novices find this a bit difficult. But they don’t need to worry, as there are WordPress website themes in the market. WordPress themes are even easier to use and need zero coding skills thus making them feasible to be used by people with different skill levels. Today, there are thousands of themes available in the online market. But there are only a few that have the best templates and functionalities in them. That is why they considered the top WordPress themes. Here are a few points that can be easily noticed in most of the top themes.

Top WordPress Themes

1. Attractive Design And Templates

Top themes provide super attractive designs for your websites. They also have website templates for WordPress that prove extremely beneficial while designing the pages for your website. You can simply Drag and Drop and simplify your task further. You will not need to put any extra effort into designing a website if you wish to have one.

2. Features That Make A Difference

These themes act as a treasure house of features that are truly beneficial for the website. They aim at helping the user in creating websites that look nothing less but professional. For covering the basic needs of your website, these themes have all features included. Plus, there are additional features to ease your task.

3. Support All Popular Web Browsers

It is a general saying that websites should be developed keeping the end-users and visitors in mind. A developer should always keep in mind that there is n-number of browsers used by the visitors to access the website. If the websites are not made friends with multiple browsers, you may risk your business by losing a large number of potential clients. Hence, top WordPress themes are always designed with cross-browser compatibility.

4. Backed By Support

The importance of good WordPress themes shines brightly at the time of need for technical assistance. There may come a time where you get stuck while designing. At such a point in time, you can expect technical help from the developer. Good support adds to the advantage of a good theme.

5. Ensure Superior Quality

Good website themes for WordPress are thoroughly tested on every aspect and this is the reason why you encounter very few or negligible errors while using them. They are well optimized for SEO that further enhances your visibility on search engines.

6. Usability For Multiple Websites

If you are willing to design multiple websites, then this is the point that is worth observing about top WordPress themes. These themes are competent enough to bring you the usability for designing multiple websites and even help you to save a considerable amount.

7. Deliver Quick Results

Other than the fact that top themes are comfortable to handle, there is another important fact to be noticed and that is their capability in helping you to build websites in a quick time. Theme demo content plays a significant role in doing so.

8. Keep The Websites Updated

Not only the theme’s features but also the developer plays an equally important role to make the theme a preferred one. Developers keep on updating and adding several features, keep fixing the bugs in the previous version of the theme that will eventually make the website remain updated.

9. Extensible Features

Plugin compatibility of top WordPress themes makes it possible to add any desired or additional features to the website. Thus, the choice of a good theme can let you use the plugin and regulate your website.

10. Provide More Security

Security of a website can never be compromised and to ensure that your website gets a secure environment, these themes are constantly checked and modified for fixing the security loopholes.

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Ways For Convincing Client For Best WordPress Themes As Perfect CMS

Things cannot work without the need of the client and there are times when the client does not care about the way you make the site as long as you are doing the fine work in making the website but the moment you lose the creativity, you will start getting the complaints or the wrong reviews from the clients. If you want the best WordPress themes, then it is quite important for you to know or think about the developer who is using WordPress. If you are a WordPress professional, know more about your favourite CMS especially why it is helpful for so many projects. The client may raise issues with time if he feels the creativity is decreasing at some stage or with the passage of time.

Best WordPress Themes
Ways For Convincing Client For Best WordPress Themes As Perfect CMS

Difference Between WordPress And WordPress.Com

If you simply talk about WordPress, it is an open source software package especially the open source software package that you find in WordPress.org. The WordPress is a full fledged software package while when you talk about WordPress.com, it is a service hosting the personal websites in the same manner like Blogger, Tumblr and various managed offerings and this includes SQS and PHP and you can accomplish it.

In the year 2001, WordPress began as the self publishing system and it evolved as a total content management system by the year 2008. You can install this on your own server or of the hosting service. Here, you possess everything that is created and you have the total freedom of creativity and this is in fact unlimited and you can test this of your own once you go into practicality. If you talk about the WordPress and the best WordPress themes associated with it, it is in fact a widely used content management system and the programming languages are completely tested and you can accomplish any type of task on the website. Another important thing is that it is totally extensible and there are innumerable plugins associated with it. You also have many free plugins and you will get the site you are interested in in a very fast manner and it will not take extra time. Have a look at the best website themes for WordPress in order to clear some doubts. Another good thing about this CMS is that you are not restricted to the preexisting themes or designs and the developers make use of these as the commencing points in order to make the unique designs and there is absolutely no need of reinvention.

WordPress, the important CMS, is used by some of the top brands prevalent out there and the best part of it is that it is robust for your requirements and as per the survey, WordPress is the choice for more than eighty percent on the web. WordPress website templates associated with WordPress and the WordPress itself is a powerhouse of SEO and this is also SEO friendly and supports multiple plugins helping the developers to fine tune different aspects of SEO. With the latest algorithm, you have the fresh and original content in focus at the top of search engine pages. With the WordPress, adding the content becomes quite easy not only for you but also for your staff if you are a businessman. WordPress helps all this by providing support to the best website themes for WordPress and these are responsive as well. The responsive site is very important for the growth of business and by the responsive site, it means that it is doing well across the web. You do not just need the site that looks fine only on the desktop computers. Many people have access to the web on the mobile phones and the best WordPress themes can do all this. When you talk about responsive sites, these are better for SEO. With the current ranking methodology of Google, the responsive themes do well and these score high on the Google searches and by the end of the day add credibility to the brand. In case the given WordPress theme is not mobile friendly, it helps the developers to change without the trash of the site.

Many top companies employ security teams that consist of experts and they want to make sure that the WordPress core is safe from the attacks like the viruses and the injections. WordPress is open source software and you are able to use it in the manner you like and it is not like sites that are hosted on WordPress.com but with this, you have complete creative as well as functional freedom. If it can be coded, things become easy for you. Best WordPress templates play a lead role as far as the long term functionality of the website is concerned.

You have a global team of developers who are there to improve and rigorously test WordPress. Some are the employees of top notch developing companies while there are others who do it simply to contribute to making the active and supportive WordPress community. You will get the updates for the best WordPress themes and on the regular basis. These updates are released without any kind of charge.

WordPress community comprises testers and coders as well as various other contributors. WordPress is not the software that is just marketed by a single company or developed plus maintained by just one team but with this, there are thousands of talented people involved. With the WordPress and the best website themes for WordPress, improvements, fixes and updates come at a steady pace. WordPress also abides by the guidelines related to the www consortium and this is the international community that focuses to develop web standards related to coding. Apart from that, WordPress also abides by the fine practices as put by Google, Bing and Yahoo. It operates in all the modern browsers and also on the internet explorer and the websites coded by hand need to abide by the individual quirks. More time and more money is needed for covering the reworking as well as testing for the proper display of the website irrespective of whatever browser you are using. In case the developer is making extensive changes and customizations, he needs to make sure that such type of alterations works on different browsers. WordPress provides developers with the best WordPress themes with all the required basics and you do not need to create new each and every time. You can customize it as per your liking. All developers irrespective of the approaches related to the designing and developing the site need to be proficient. They need to know intricacies related to PHP or some familiarity with SQL.


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