Consider Things while Selecting Free WordPress Themes

The WordPress offers the custom themes and the free WordPress themes and these templates for your site permit implementation of the functional and coherent design for the pages and posts. When you start the WordPress blog, you will have a good choice of themes and your selection option is fast. You also have multiple options at disposal. Know that if you are selecting poorly constructed free WordPress themes or intend for some other type of site, this is going to be a big flow for the business. It is important to consider certain things.

Free WordPress Themes

Responsive design is one of the most important features if you have decided to go for the free wp themes and it refers to the ability of the WordPress theme to alter the layout based on the device you are using for internet access. The ultimate point is that the website needs to look different and above all readability is one important factor that has to be kept in mind. It should look like this both on the desktop and also the mobile phone. With responsive nature, you can use the website even on the minutest gadgets. Over the recent years, Google has made it amply clear it prefers the mobile ready websites over the desktop ones. One good point about the responsive premium and free WordPress templates is that these are beneficial for SEO as well and as a result, the ranking on the search engine goes high to a greater extent. You need to ensure that your selected best free WordPress themes fit as per the desire of Google and you can also check the mobile friendly test tool of Google. This is a fine tool and will easily judge whether the site is meeting the standards or not.

If you have a look at the WordPress, it is improving to a greater extent since its inception and as the WordPress progresses, all other things associated with it need to progress and in case, there is a new upgrade related to the WordPress, there will in general be an upgrade related to the plugins as well. You need to update the most popular free WordPress themes on a constant basis and this will do greater good in the area of your business in the near future. Finally, one thing you hate the most is the glitches or the website errors and this happens when the WordPress themes become outdated. When you think of making a choice for the WordPress theme, it is better to look for the one that has received recent updates and these premium themes as well as best free WordPress themes need to have a solid update record in the past. Apart from that, know that you take the proper care in order to ensure the state of compatibility with the current version of the WordPress.

For web design, you are not interested in something that is cluttered or something that is complex beyond than normal. You do not have to do the things that are confusing. The free WordPress templates that you have selected need to look nice apart from being user friendly and with the clean layout. Do not go just for the looks because it is not only the looks that are everything. Before you take a decision, it is important for you to make sure that the theme is intuitive and the best thing is you know this before you finally decide for the purchase.

The methodology of how you make the free WP themes affects how fast you load the web pages for the users. The page loading time has an impact on the site because it is not the tangible element you see keeping the statistics into consideration. Many of the customers want to load the web page in less than 2 seconds and more than forty percent of the people will leave the website in case the loading time exceeds three seconds. If there is a delay of one second in the loading time, it will cost seven percent conversions. If the web pages load slowly, your site will cause the issue and for this, you will have to calm down. You can make use of the specific tools in order to check the speed of the website. This will provide you the fine indication regarding the operation of the website. Your free WP themes can slow your site potentially but apart from this, there are also other factors as well. When you browse through the potential free WordPress themes, it is better to go through the user reviews and if there are complaints related to the coding and website speed, then you need to hold on. You can also have a thorough check of other sites that make use of your free WordPress themes or theme. If you want to add an extra layer of preparation, you can make the speed comparison test for satisfaction.

For the free WP themes, you need to look at the cross browser compatibility and experiencing the site majorly depends on the interaction of the premium or free WordPress themes with the specific web browsers. Many creators of the premium or free WP themes check the compatibility of their own and note the results in their description. With the proper tools, you can do the same tests. You can also check as to whether the tests are done with browsers on the mobile devices.

In web development, SEO plays a very important role and it also plays an important role in blogging. The most popular free WordPress themes you choose impacts SEO and ultimately has an impact on your success in business or consultancy. If the WOP theme is poor despite looking class as far as the outward look is concerned, it is going to hurt the SEO.Your ranking is dependent on the multiple factors and lett not the design of the site go against you. When you search for the best free responsive WordPress themes, you need to have the guarantee that it is optimised for SEO.

With premium and some free WordPress themes, you have the ongoing support and this support you receive from the developer or the expert especially if you are having the doubts or questions or certain problems or obstacles arise in this area. When there is the ongoing support, you do not have to necessarily pay anywhere else for the resolution. The support is not mandatory just for the premium ones and if you are a free theme holder, even the free theme developers will offer a suitable assistance. When you choose the free WP theme, make sure you look for ongoing support features especially if you have negligible web design experience.


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