Most Misunderstood Facts About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is multitasking versatile site where you can blog and build a strong website for your business. WordPress is a place where you can create your mark on World Wide Web. And WordPress Theme Bundles are there to help you make it more approachable. WordPress Theme Bundle contain ready-made website theme for each profession. There are several companies in the world who create such themes and theme bundles for WordPress. You have a lot to choose from. But when it gets to making professional choices, you have to know difference between what you hear and what actually is!

WordPress Theme Bundle

That’s right! Like every other product in the market WordPress theme bundle also has its own share of rumors and facts. First of all, you have to know why to choose WordPress over other website developing platforms. As almost 30% of the websites on the internet right now are created on WordPress, there is a legit reason which makes it reliable. It takes complete responsibility of the quality of your website and its performance. Well you have to know about coding and programming if you are not using any drag and drop theme. But the WP Theme making companies take that load off of you.

Talking about WP themes, the WordPress Theme bundle is a must have product. Different companies offer different deals on it, like from 40$ to 147$. The themes in this bundle has everything ready for you. You just need to add content and layout as you like, without worrying about coding or programming. But to do it right, you have to know some facts. So here are 10 most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle:

WordPress is Free and Single Most Popular CMS

As we saw earlier, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. The fact which helps this count be consistent, is that it’s Free! WordPress being free can be used for multiple professions. From construction to fashion to personal blogging, you can use it for anything. These features make it the most popular CMS.

Though WordPress is a free platform, some of the essential parts have to be bought. Parts like hosting, plugins, domain name and theme, you have to pay for them. Companies like VWThemes make exactly WordPress theme you want. They add all the essential features in the theme so that you don’t have to pay for it separately.

WordPress isn’t Just a Blogging Tool

Well this is the most misunderstood fact about WordPress. Many of the customers still consider WordPress as merely a blogging tool. But it’s not. It’s way more than that. As we have discussed above, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. It’s the most trusted website building platform in the world.

WordPress has been used for different professions including personal blog. One of its features, Woocommerce plugin is a must have in any professional Ecommerce website.

Most Secure Platform

Most of the people think that because its free, WordPress can’t be secure. It’s totally a myth. WordPress is the most secure website developing platform among all of them. Not just us, every single user and tech critic says exactly the same thing. WordPress is an open source platform. It’s secure code is available on the internet and anyone can access and study it.

Although its very flexible to changes, but when it comes to functioning, it’s pretty rigid. By choosing right steps, the security measures on WordPress can be extended. There are some services like Sucuri provide monitoring service and a website firewall to protect from common threats. WordPress theme bundle help in reducing your worries. The WordPress themes in this bundle have in build system to protect website from threats.

Supportive to Ecommerce

There’s a myth out there that WordPress isn’t supportive to Ecommerce plugin. WordPress doesn’t have an in build feature of Ecommerce. You have to add it later as per your convenience. Although it provides bunch of Ecommerce plugin options to buy. Woocommerce is the most popular plugin for this purpose by WordPress. It is used by 42% of the Ecommerce websites on the internet.Except this, some WordPress theme making companies provide their own ecommerce plugins which are totally supported by WordPress.

Certainty of Future

As WordPress is a free platform, some people think it doesn’t have a certain future. It’s not true. WordPress is made and maintained by a bunch of professionals. The trademark for this awesome platform is owned by a non-profit organization named WordPress Foundation. The people working for the foundation take care of the open source thing.

Companies like WordPress Theme makers sell their products like plugins or WordPress theme bundles or single WP theme based on this particular platform. If it was that uncertain, number of companies across the globe wouldn’t be doing business out of it.

Unlimited Support From WordPress

WordPress doesn’t abandon you just after you establish your newly set website. It stays with you throughout the highs and lows. It gives you free support from several sites whenever you need. is a place where you can get active support forum to help you find a way out of your troubles. WPBeginner is also one of the place where you can find answers for your questions. And the service is totally free.If you are buying WordPress Theme Bundle from company like VWThemes, you can get free customer support for over a year.

WordPress Compromises with Quality

It’s a common customer mentality that if its cheap or free, the quality must be compromised. But this isn’t the case with WordPress. Yes the service is free, but the quality is way more than you can expect. As we stated earlier, WordPress is run by highly professional team. Due to its open source anyone can access it. The coding of the WordPress Themes is strong and it gives complete liberty to the user to add codes to make it even stronger. Because it doesn’t compromise with the quality, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the industry.

Premium Themes are Better than Free Themes

WordPress themes come in two categories. For premium themes you have to pay for the services and for free ones you don’t. WordPress Theme bundles are mostly paid. It is said that the premium WordPress themes have more features than free ones. But with the companies like VWThemes, you can get same features and quality performance in both premium WP themes and Free WP themes.

WordPress isn’t Limited for Beginners

That’s right! There’s a misconception out there that WordPress is just for the beginners. It’s way more professional and has wide range of opportunities that an expert or a pro can look for. WordPress is easier for beginners and equally challenging for the experts. With the help of pre-made WordPress themes, beginners can start their site without knowing about coding or programming. But an expert can add up new codes and features to make his site more attractive and functioning.

WordPress is Not that Easy

It’s the biggest misconception about WordPress. Yes it is a site that helps beginners without knowledge of coding and programming to set a site. But if you want to run a professional and fully loaded website, just a help doesn’t count. To add functions and features or to make it more rigid and secure, the user has to know about coding and programming. If something goes wrong with the website, there’s chance that you can loose your whole business.

These are the most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle. Don’t fall for the rumors, check it out personally and make a decision!


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