Most Misunderstood Facts About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is multitasking versatile site where you can blog and build a strong website for your business. WordPress is a place where you can create your mark on World Wide Web. And WordPress Theme Bundles are there to help you make it more approachable. WordPress Theme Bundle contain ready-made website theme for each profession. There are several companies in the world who create such themes and theme bundles for WordPress. You have a lot to choose from. But when it gets to making professional choices, you have to know difference between what you hear and what actually is!

WordPress Theme Bundle

That’s right! Like every other product in the market WordPress theme bundle also has its own share of rumors and facts. First of all, you have to know why to choose WordPress over other website developing platforms. As almost 30% of the websites on the internet right now are created on WordPress, there is a legit reason which makes it reliable. It takes complete responsibility of the quality of your website and its performance. Well you have to know about coding and programming if you are not using any drag and drop theme. But the WP Theme making companies take that load off of you.

Talking about WP themes, the WordPress Theme bundle is a must have product. Different companies offer different deals on it, like from 40$ to 147$. The themes in this bundle has everything ready for you. You just need to add content and layout as you like, without worrying about coding or programming. But to do it right, you have to know some facts. So here are 10 most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle:

WordPress is Free and Single Most Popular CMS

As we saw earlier, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. The fact which helps this count be consistent, is that it’s Free! WordPress being free can be used for multiple professions. From construction to fashion to personal blogging, you can use it for anything. These features make it the most popular CMS.

Though WordPress is a free platform, some of the essential parts have to be bought. Parts like hosting, plugins, domain name and theme, you have to pay for them. Companies like VWThemes make exactly WordPress theme you want. They add all the essential features in the theme so that you don’t have to pay for it separately.

WordPress isn’t Just a Blogging Tool

Well this is the most misunderstood fact about WordPress. Many of the customers still consider WordPress as merely a blogging tool. But it’s not. It’s way more than that. As we have discussed above, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. It’s the most trusted website building platform in the world.

WordPress has been used for different professions including personal blog. One of its features, Woocommerce plugin is a must have in any professional Ecommerce website.

Most Secure Platform

Most of the people think that because its free, WordPress can’t be secure. It’s totally a myth. WordPress is the most secure website developing platform among all of them. Not just us, every single user and tech critic says exactly the same thing. WordPress is an open source platform. It’s secure code is available on the internet and anyone can access and study it.

Although its very flexible to changes, but when it comes to functioning, it’s pretty rigid. By choosing right steps, the security measures on WordPress can be extended. There are some services like Sucuri provide monitoring service and a website firewall to protect from common threats. WordPress theme bundle help in reducing your worries. The WordPress themes in this bundle have in build system to protect website from threats.

Supportive to Ecommerce

There’s a myth out there that WordPress isn’t supportive to Ecommerce plugin. WordPress doesn’t have an in build feature of Ecommerce. You have to add it later as per your convenience. Although it provides bunch of Ecommerce plugin options to buy. Woocommerce is the most popular plugin for this purpose by WordPress. It is used by 42% of the Ecommerce websites on the internet.Except this, some WordPress theme making companies provide their own ecommerce plugins which are totally supported by WordPress.

Certainty of Future

As WordPress is a free platform, some people think it doesn’t have a certain future. It’s not true. WordPress is made and maintained by a bunch of professionals. The trademark for this awesome platform is owned by a non-profit organization named WordPress Foundation. The people working for the foundation take care of the open source thing.

Companies like WordPress Theme makers sell their products like plugins or WordPress theme bundles or single WP theme based on this particular platform. If it was that uncertain, number of companies across the globe wouldn’t be doing business out of it.

Unlimited Support From WordPress

WordPress doesn’t abandon you just after you establish your newly set website. It stays with you throughout the highs and lows. It gives you free support from several sites whenever you need. is a place where you can get active support forum to help you find a way out of your troubles. WPBeginner is also one of the place where you can find answers for your questions. And the service is totally free.If you are buying WordPress Theme Bundle from company like VWThemes, you can get free customer support for over a year.

WordPress Compromises with Quality

It’s a common customer mentality that if its cheap or free, the quality must be compromised. But this isn’t the case with WordPress. Yes the service is free, but the quality is way more than you can expect. As we stated earlier, WordPress is run by highly professional team. Due to its open source anyone can access it. The coding of the WordPress Themes is strong and it gives complete liberty to the user to add codes to make it even stronger. Because it doesn’t compromise with the quality, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the industry.

Premium Themes are Better than Free Themes

WordPress themes come in two categories. For premium themes you have to pay for the services and for free ones you don’t. WordPress Theme bundles are mostly paid. It is said that the premium WordPress themes have more features than free ones. But with the companies like VWThemes, you can get same features and quality performance in both premium WP themes and Free WP themes.

WordPress isn’t Limited for Beginners

That’s right! There’s a misconception out there that WordPress is just for the beginners. It’s way more professional and has wide range of opportunities that an expert or a pro can look for. WordPress is easier for beginners and equally challenging for the experts. With the help of pre-made WordPress themes, beginners can start their site without knowing about coding or programming. But an expert can add up new codes and features to make his site more attractive and functioning.

WordPress is Not that Easy

It’s the biggest misconception about WordPress. Yes it is a site that helps beginners without knowledge of coding and programming to set a site. But if you want to run a professional and fully loaded website, just a help doesn’t count. To add functions and features or to make it more rigid and secure, the user has to know about coding and programming. If something goes wrong with the website, there’s chance that you can loose your whole business.

These are the most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle. Don’t fall for the rumors, check it out personally and make a decision!


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5 Misunderstandings About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress! A place where businesses or amazing personalities make their mark on World Wide Web. They create their own identities on the internet with WordPress Themes. WordPress that is WP has its own themes for customers. But without any knowledge about coding and programming you can’t practically handle it. That’s where theme making companies play a crucial role. They provide customer friendly website theme in which you don’t need to know much about coding.

WordPress theme bundle

Along with single, profession vise WP themes, these companies make WordPress Theme bundles too. In these WP theme bundles they collect all the essential WP themes for customers in a very affordable price. WordPress theme bundle is like a complete package for customers who are willing to pay for various website themes for their projects. It contains all the features that one would want in their website to perform good. There are thousands of companies around the world who create these bundles and sell it. It’s a big market if you really dig into.

As the market is so big, opportunities are flooding everyday, people often tend to take some things wrong or misunderstand them. So here are 5 misunderstandings that customers have about WordPress Theme Bundle.

Unnecessary Custom Theme Options and Extra Features

WordPress Theme Bundle making companies add attractive features to their products. These features make the WordPress Themes more user friendly. Features like custom theme options, layout options, extra sliders, sections, short codes etc. Top WordPress Theme bundle making companies like Avada, Hestia, Divi and VWThemes also add all these features to their WordPress Themes products. It helps the user in operating themes and making their mark on the internet. And because of this the companies make it a selling point in the market.

Some accuse that these extra features make it hard for themes to perform. They also accuse that these features are unnecessary and companies cost a lot for them. Well, they say that its an ‘unnecessary’ to cost that much for features that customers don’t use much. It’s a false accusation when it comes to leading WordPress Theme Making companies.

Companies with high ratings in the market cost a bit much, but they work efficiently. All the features they provide are usable and they cost right for them. Features like different options for sliders, theme layout and short codes only help in making themes more user friendly and look attractive. If you go on with cheaper companies, they have such policies of costing more than offering. Its suggested to buy themes from reliable companies only. In VWThemes, you get what you pay for and its never too much.

Bundle Theme Plugins

WordPress Theme Bundle is a best-selling product for many WP Theme making companies. Its because it provides variety of themes and different features that give you ready-to-use website where you just have to add content. The drag and drop themes makes it easy for users to establish their website. But to make it more functional, theme makers add plugins.

Plugins like Woocommerce help the users create online selling store to increase sells. Instead of adding single plugin or making single plugins available for users, they prefer to make a bundle of it. These bundled plugins makes it easy to pay for them at once. Due to this you don’t need to buy each plugin differently. You can buy them in bunch and save more time and money too.

Many say that these bundled plugins are useless as they don’t come with themes. Because you have to buy them differently, doesn’t mean they are not much useful or unnecessarily pricy. The bundled plugins provided by WP Theme making companies are much useful if used rightly. It’s a pretty big misunderstanding about the uselessness of bundled plugins.

Again it all depends on which WordPress theme making company you trust. Choose wisely because you are not only investing your money in it, but the future of your project too.

WordPress Theme Bundles are the best choice that you can make for your company.

No Customer Support

Now, this point entirely depends on which WordPress Theme making company you are putting your trust on. Not every company is trustworthy when it comes to buying themes. Some WP Theme making companies don’t offer customer support. But the leading companies in the market do offer it and be available for customers every time they need.

WordPress is a right platform to establish website for your project or company. But it is very complex to use and much irritating if you are not familiar with coding or programming. That’s where these user friendly WP theme making companies help you. They create a bundle of well coded and attractively designed ready-to-use WordPress themes for your website. You just have to install and add content in it as you want. Companies like VWThemes provide easy customization options to let you make changes in the layout. But what makes these leading WP theme making companies rank high in market is their customer support.

Customers who buy these themes often don’t have much knowledge about managing WordPress, so they rely on website developers to set them an efficient website. WordPress Theme Bundles give customers numerous options to choose from. But they can face difficulties in order to run it. So most of the leading WP theme making companies provide customer support for 6 to 12 months. It’s a matter of your choice if you choose right company to buy themes or not.

Compatibility of Woocommerce Plugin

When it comes to establishing Ecommerce website, you have to make sure its compatible with online store plugin and has the option for easy payment getaway. Many WordPress Theme making companies provide this feature in their WP theme. The WordPress Theme Bundle that they provide has a Woocommerce plugin in each one of them.

For example, in VWThemes the Woocommerce plugin in compulsory for every WP theme. This plugin helps in establishing online store for you to sell your products. Some of them argue that this Woocommerce plugin in not compatible for users. They accuse that the gravity form product add-one extension Woocommerce is only compatible with the version of gravity forms which is bundled in particular theme.

Its not the case with each company. Here also it depends on which theme WP theme making company you choose for. Some WP theme making companies work on each theme and make it individually perfect with Woocommerce compatibility. Companies like VWThemes provide WordPress Theme Bundle with Woocommerce plugins in each themes. When you go to the cheaper companies, you have to face problems with factors like plugin compatibility.

No Upgrades

Many of WordPress Theme users complain about functioning when the updates come. WordPress keeps updating its version according to latest internet trends. When WordPress updates itself, the websites running on it has to update themselves in order to avoid glitch and slow speed. If the user is aware of the coding to update its website then it can happen manually. But when user is unaware of what coding the website needs for upgrades, they rely on WP Theme making companies to help them with it.

It again depends on which company you are putting your trust on when it comes to such difficulties. WP theme making companies like VWThemes make sure to have an answer for your every question. They make sure to have solution for your every problem. Companies like VWThemes give free upgrades for over a year on each theme from their WP Theme Bundle. They give customer support as well as upgrades for each theme. Whenever WordPress has an update, the user gets notification about the need for an upgrade for website.

In all these misunderstandings, there’s always a matter of choice. So if you are investing your money, time and effort on something more important like Websites, choose wisely.

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Most Common Mistakes While Managing WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is a dynamic website developing platform on the internet. And WordPress Theme Bundle is a best choice you can make for your business or personal website.A website is a crucial element in your expanding your business or reaching towards your goal.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress theme bundle contains multipurpose themes which you can use for any kind of business. Companies like Divi, Avada and VWThemes provide such incredible and multipurpose themes for each business and personal use. They are multilingual, SEO optimized and strongly coded which gives you excellent performance and improves your sells rate. To help you choose right, there’s a ranking facility where you can check out WordPress Theme bundles from different companies. Multiple articles can help you with it. But still most of the users commit same mistakes when it comes to buying WordPress Theme Bundles.

These aren’t the mistakes that you can’t avoid. If you focus on these little points carefully, it’s quite easy to handle WordPress Theme bundle. These are some of mistakes that most of us stumble on while managing their websites. So take a good look at them, understand them and go ahead with doing some new mistakes. Because you can’t possibly learn without making any. So let’s start this journey.


When you want to store your memories in the way of photographs or videos, you make sure to securely preserve it. You don’t just rely on the phone storage, you take a backup by uploading them online. If you can be so cautious about your memories, why can’t you be for your website?

Yes! You have to take a backup for your website. Its very, very, very important. Not taking a backup can cost you your entire business. Yeah you read it right! WordPress Theme Bundle make it all easy for you to setting up a website, but when it comes to make changes in it, it still can be a bit rigid. Any wrong action taken by you can change the website’s look and functioning too. It doesn’t have an undo option to make it alright again. So you need to have a backup of your site.

Let’s see what happens if you don’t- you can destroy your site’s look and its functioning. It can harbor security loopholes, your site will be an easy catch for hackers, the website’s damage can be unrecoverable. As WordPress doesn’t backup automatically, you have to find solutions for it.

And here we are with the solutions. As you found WordPress Theme Bundles and various plugins for your website, there are several free and premium backup plugins in the market. You just need to install them in your website and use them. Plugins like VaultPress, Backup Buddy from IThemes and BackWPup are suggested for better performance.

Backup Your Backup

Not being all Monica about it, but being double sure about everything is necessary. Take it like having a soft copy of any important document as hard copy. Backing up your backup is very important while doing business. And WordPress has an easiest way for it.

You just have to upload it on cloud. Yes! Just like the photographs you backup several days ago. You can choose your cloud from Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and many more. Uploading your backup on the cloud makes it immortal. You can access it when you want. If your backup fails, you will still be having another option to redeem your site.

As we have suggested earlier, Vaultpress and BackWPup plugins are best for backups. Vaultpress is a premium and BackWPup is a free plugin. They already have a cloud feature which uploads the backup on cloud automatically. So choose wise and always have a backup!

Testing Products on Live Site

Live WordPress site is like a ticking bomb. The stuff that you are putting in will directly affect your site and you won’t get enough time to solve the issue. If you cut the wrong wire, it will blast. Just like that, if you install a plugin or any product on live site, you won’t get a time to fix it. If you set your site offline for some time to solve the issue, you might face a lot of problems.

This can create organic traffic from search engine, you can loose direct referral traffic, affiliate income, advertisement clicks, conversions and sales, Email opt-in and most importantly your rank on search engine. As the WP Theme makers have made sure with SEO optimization to make your website rank high on search engine, you can ruin it by one silly mistake. Loosing your rank on search engine is not good. It can cost you big time.

So, what should we do? The suggestion is to create an experimental copy of your website. You can access to several platforms where you can create the replica of your site. For example, you can use Staging area in WPEngine. It creates the exact looking website as yours where you can install plugins and make changes without worrying about any consequence. Even if something goes wrong you can undo it by installing recent backup.

You can also set up your own staging area for this. But in order to do that, first thing’s first, you have to have a knowledge about coding and programming. There are numerous tutorials on how to create your own staging area for WordPress website. If the experiment gets successful, you can simply merge it to your live website and update the changes. It’s like creating your own lab for ‘suite’ experiment. So, be your own iron man and keep the mistakes under control.

Trusting Cheap Hosts

This is the most basic mistake that most of the users do. There are web hosts starting from 5$ to 60$. Its not like the priciest the better. But buying a cheap host can cost you a lot than what you saved.

The cheap hosting companies usually flood their server with too many client account. They create traffic and whole cluster gets down. They also have a very low tolerance for resource overuse. You can’t control this overuse as there is no limit on resource plugin usage. When you exceed the limit of resource usage, the server automatically logs a resource overuse or abuse against you. This can be the reason for the suspension of your website.

WordPress hosts like VWThemes create the perfect site for you. The premium WordPress themes and WP Theme Bundle from this company has all the necessary features to make your site function fast and look good. The single theme from VWThemes costs 40$ and you can get 98 such strongly build WP themes in just 99$. What else do we want?

So choose wise when it comes to investing time and money. If you go for cheaper ones, you will get expected results.

Installing Too Many Plugins

As the overuse of resource plugin can be the cause behind suspension of your website. Just like that, installing too many unnecessary plugins can be the reason to shut down your website.

Most of the times when you buy certain plugin you just install and forget it. To actually use the plugin, you have to activate it. When you install the plugin it remains deactivated until you activate it. When you install too many activated plugins they create conflict with each other in functioning. One plugin can take a hold of certain resource and won’t allow others to use it. This restricts the activated plugin to perform. One more thing is that if you download a plugin with low download count, it will create problem in functioning of the website.

What’s the solution on this one? First of all don’t buy too many plugins. Buy only those which you use and can use properly. Secondly, don’t buy cheap ones. Always trust the reputed and popular WP themes and plugins. Check each plugin on your experimental site. Deactivate unused plugins and don’t buy ones that aren’t available on WordPress repository.

All of them that I’ve mentioned above are common basic mistakes that most of the users do while operating WP Theme Bundle. Be smart and try to avoid them!



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Top WordPress Themes-VWThemes

Startups or any other businesses need to have a lasting effect on customers. It has a slow process if you want to do it physically. But internet makes it all easy for you. With a strong and attractive website you can connect with number of customers in no time. But how to choose a right top WorPress themes for your website?  We are here to help you with it.

Top WordPress Themes
What Does a Right Theme Should Have?
The ‘right’ theme should have features to make the website function smoothly and look attractive. There are several points that you should look for in a website:
• A website theme should be user and viewer friendly. The user should be able to make changes or add content in it and a viewer should be able to access it easily.
• SEO optimization makes the website rank high on Google searches. When a viewer will search for certain product, the browser search engine will suggest your website real quick.
• The theme should have several sections and gallery option for content and images.
• It should be globally acceptable with options to choose language.
• The theme should be compatible with plugins drag and drop builder.
• It should be responsive. Taking a brief look at child themes is helpful in judging the response of the theme.

The ‘right’ theme should have all these features to make your website look great and work greater. There are numerous companies who design WordPress theme for you. If you want to use default WordPress Themes, you will have to know about coding to merely install it and add content. For which either you have to study programming or hire someone who does. Now that could be an issue (you know, to find a coder and pay extra money just for establishment) I am sure you don’t want to do that. So, we have listed one of the best theme making companies where you can get a perfect fit for your website.


This is one of the most reviewed theme making company. It holds the top position in the industry.Avada gives you a clean and strongly coded theme with customization option. It has received tremendous response from customers. With its unique design and style it gives your website a professional and attractive look. This theme can be used for any profession. From education to entertainment, from builder to artist anyone can use this theme for their profession.

So what makes it so great?The USP of this theme company is that its custom drag-and-drop Fusion builder. Because of this you don’t need to know about coding or programming to install and establish this theme. It is a most important benefit for new WordPress users. Another plus point of this theme is that it gives the user multiple choices in theme selection. Numerous themes with creative styles, attractive layout and templates helps the users in making their website more approaching.

Apart from looks, it is fast loading with SEO optimization and gives the user all the control over column spacing, widgets, footer, background image, parallax effect, animation, header option etc. The themes from Avada are device friendly which means they can be accessed by mobile, Ipod and laptop too.  And last but not the least, its Woocommerce compatible which helps you run an online store easily.


This theme making company ranks second in WordPress themes. It is said to be the most strongly coded and most selling themes in the industry.

X theme has number of specialtiesthat will leave you stunned. The theme has analytic integration, revolution slider, comments, custom 404 page, visual composer, smooth scroll option, under construction templates and much more. The strong coding makes its functioning robust. You don’t have to worry about the site crashing. The theme layouts are clutter free, responsive and customizable with easy options. You can add, delete or move the sections as you like.

The theme comes with updates so you don’t have to worry about installing them differently. The customer reviews and comments are enough to tell you about the theme’s efficiency.


Divi is one of the most tough functioning theme made by Elegant themes company. What makes this theme special is its user friendliness. You don’t need to know about coding or hire a coder or programmer to install this theme. Its completely under your control and with the help of guidelines you can establish and run this website.

Divi has more than 87 child themes which you can choose from. With such different choices, it gives 18 pre-made layouts which are ready to go. You just need to install and add content in these pre-made layouts. It is a drag-and-drop theme maker with its powerful and well-functioning Divi Builder. This builder helps you in establishing an astonishing website for your business. The website made using this theme have better response than others.

This theme comes with personalization features you can make changes in the layout. You can change the color, font, section placement and template design with this feature. Plus its custom CSS and third party scripts supportive.

Zelle Pro

This theme is also known as Zertif Pro. It is one of the most efficiently working one page WordPress theme. It is a multipurpose theme which can be used for business, marketing or merely for blogging. This theme has SiteOrigin page builder which gives you freedom to customize the website.

This theme builder is Woocommerce plugin compatible which helps you in establishing your online store in no time. With its customization option you can make changes in background image, its color and fonts too. You can also make changes in template styles and section placement. It has MegaMenue plugin which helps in managing navigation and making it run faster. Another specialty of this theme builder is that its RTL supportive  which makes it reach new height in marketing. This Zelle pro theme has tutorial to make you understand the customization method.


VW Themes is one of the fastest growing and most reliable theme making company in the industry. It has gained the customer’s trust in short time. This theme builder company has several options to choose from. It has themes from business to carpentry and florist to education it has right theme for everything. Plus the company gives a free version and premium versions too. But honestly speaking, the premium versions have a lot benefits than the free ones.

In VW Themes, you don’t have to worry about coding and programming. You just need to install it and add content, make changes in the layout as you want. The prices of these theme are mere and quite affordable. Most important feature of this theme builder company is that its build with bootstrap framework and yet its flexible with changes you want to make in it.

Being SEO optimized, this theme is multipurpose and multilingual too. It is RTL and WPML supportive which makes it globally acceptable. This theme has all the functions that you need in your website. Its strongly coded, flexible with changes and attractive looking too. All you need to do is go on the website and buy the premium theme.

All of these themes are one of the top ones in the industry. Apart from this, there are number of WordPress theme builder companies for you to choose. Some of them are rigid and some are flexible and easy to use like the themes we saw in this blog. So choose wise and invest your money into ‘right’ WordPress theme!

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WordPress Themes – A Customer Review

A WordPress themes page can be a door for extra profits for your business and a medium for you to connect with your viewers. But establishing a well functioning and robust website is not a child’s play. Even on WordPress, creating a website isn’t easy. You need to have coding and programming knowledge to establish and manage a basic WordPress site.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is a leading website developer site on which consumers have a lot of trust. It took a lot to build this trust and maintain it till now. People trust WordPress because its perfectly functioning with customer support option. It has several choices when it comes to buying a theme for your website. In spite of being not so friendly with non-coder customers, WordPress still manages to be on top.

But Why are WordPress Themes Important? 

WordPress is like an ocean. If you know the tricks of swimming, you can pass through each current with ease. But if you are new, there’s a good chance that you will end up drowning. But with the help of ready-made themes, you have less to worry about. There are themes for newbies with zero coding experience and for the pros too. Designers set every detail for you from templates to plugins. Just like an app, you have to install it and go.

Perks of WordPress Themes!

There are several WordPress themes, some of them are free to use and for some you have to pay. The free themes have an issue with adjusting as per the version updates. Its not compatible with the third party plugins and you will need help from professional coder to resolve the issues. As for the paid themes, the designers make it compatible with upgrades and third party plugins. As you pay for it, it gives you extra features to add in your site. But the biggest perk with using either free or paid theme is that-

 ‘if you want to establish a professional and well-functioning website, you must know the coding’.
 What Customers Think?

WordPress isn’t the one click install or drag and drop set up website. Here you have to work your way out to make a robust, flexible and well-functioning website. WordPress gives a responsible platform for you to create your place on World Wide Web. It gives you a design but only you have to manage it’s functioning. That’s why only those who know these perks and are good at manage the codes, choose WordPress over other drag and drop websites.

WordPress has more professional users than casual ones. Which means more customers with the knowledge about coding.The paid themes in WordPress are SEO optimized that will make your site score good ranks in search engine. Along with this it gives excellent customer support. When you pay for things, you start expecting more from the product and WordPress doesn’t disappoint you with it.

As per several surveys on best website developers, customers preferred WrodPress over others.
Here’s Why:
  • It has thousands of plugins to choose from. There are proper guidelines for installation.
  • As I said earlier, it is SEO optimized which makes your website get high rank on search engine.
  • It has free and paid themes to choose from. And the themes have 6-12 months customer support.
  • The themes are build with strong coding to make its functioning smooth.
  • It is compatible with third party plugins too.
  • Although customer has to know about coding to manage a WordPress website, it makes the task easy with adapting to several updates in versions.
  • Customers prefer WordPress theme mostly because its compatible to changes and never compromises with performance.

As customers trust WordPress for establishing their website, there comes a point where they have to choose themes. If they are not satisfied with the default options given in WordPress, they look for it on other theme developing companies website. And here’s the real test. While choosing the right theme developers, you have to look for some important points that will clearly affect your website. As the theme will be responsible for your impression and you are paying for it, you have to choose the right one.

Why Trust VWthemes ?

VWthemes is a prominent example of being perfectionist and attractive. For building a good WordPress site, we already looked into points that customers need to focus on. Establishing and managing WordPress site isn’t as easy as it looks. But with the little help from VWthemes, you can not only build the site but also run it without knowing much about coding or programming.

Yes! You read it right. As in introduction I said its pretty for non-coder to manage a WordPress site, VWthemes makes it much easier. All you need to do, is choose a premium WordPress themes from the theme collection, and install it. There are numerous options available as per your professions.In VWthemes you can find theme for Carpentry to Digital marketing sites. They are all designed as per the profession’s requirement. So you don’t have to worry about the layout to be irrelevant.

What Makes VWthemes Better?
Let’s Take a Look One by One:
  • These themes are specially designed according to every profession. Its layout with colors to templates are made considering the exact need of customers.
  • Most importantly, you don’t need to know coding or programming to establish or manage the theme.  The developer have made its coding so strong and flexible that you won’t find any issues while using it.
  • Even if you find one, the VW team gives ultimate customer support for free over a year on its premium WP themes.
  • The themes are SEO optimized which makes your site rank high in search engines.
  • VWthemes are compatible with third party plugins, has fast loading inner pages and is flexible with changes if you want to make any.
  • All of the themes are RTL and WPML supportive that make your site multilingual and globally acceptable.
  • These themes allow customer to make changes into templates and sections provided.
  • The VWthemes are compatible with Woocommerce or Shopify plugins to let customers open online store to increase the sells rate.
  • These themes are made with bootstrap framework which makes its functioning robust.

What do you need in your website? Strong coding yet flexible with changes, stylish and robust or multilingual and best selling? The VWthemes have all these properties. The costing of VWthemes is much profitable than any other theme developers. They have an option for free themes too, but as we have already discussed, free themes have their own perks.

WordPress is a phenomenal way to make your or your companies debut in wide world of internet. But make I right and have a great impact on consumers, the website should look good and perform well. For any business to grow, perfection is necessary. And here at VWthemes you can get exactly that.

To summarize, WordPress isn’t as easy as it looks. But as compared to other website developer platforms, WordPress has a simple and understandable format. That’s why most of the professionals prefer it over other platforms. As we have looked upon, WordPress isn’t for non-coders as it needs constant maintenance for fast functioning. But with the help of theme developers like VWthemes, you can easily establish and run a website on WordPress without knowing anything about coding or programming. As a consumer you have a lot of options to choose from. But its our responsibility to help you in choosing right.

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Top WordPress Themes – You Have The Requirement

You can switch over to easy to use the theme and top WordPress themes come in your mind. You are not interested to make the website from scratch and you need to consider the tools you are using. You are making a house without power tools.

Top WordPress Themes

VW Themes

VW Themes come in the category of multipurpose WP themes having a set of power tools. It also has the design elements placed at your disposal. These themes are not only fast but flexible as well. The beginner can easily work with these themes. These themes have the potential to satisfy clients across the globe. You have the choice among innumerable responsive as well as pre-built websites and these cover many industrial sectors as well as various business niche. Features and functionalities save you a lot of design time. It also has a layout configurator and you do not have to make page right from the scratch. It has the shortcode generator and you can select the shortcodes and eliminate the requirement of coding. Because of the admin panel, you have unmatched flexibility.

Total Theme

This is in the list of stress-reducing themes and is not only flexible but easy to use. This is among the finest WordPress website themes and there is no need for coding skills to make any type of website that is in your mind. This is a developer-friendly WP theme and the credit goes to the hooks, filters as well as snippets. It has advanced customization options with page builder elements as well as design modules. It has the pre-built demos and the project will have a solid start. You will not come under the burden of third party plugins and this is a WooCommerce ready theme having compatibility will all the WordPress plugins. Some of the key features of this are:

• Friendly
• Simple
• Clean code and fine flexibility
• Cool elements
• Excellent custom panel
• Fine integration with WooCommerce


If you are selecting the right website templates for WordPress, you can select Avada. It has a dynamic content system that gives you unmatched flexibility and it also integrates completely with WooCommerce. It has design drag and drops capability. It has the innumerable pre-built websites and you can start fast.

The Gem

This WP theme is known for the most beautiful design and things become exciting because of the tools that come with the package. The gem is, in fact, one of the finest WordPress toolboxes. You have the pre-built single click installable websites, installable trendy design templates and fashion store that is ready to go.


This is good for bloggers, freelancers, and coders and profitable for small businesses as well as agencies. You can make a portfolio or magazine-style website or any page style. It has a strong front end editor. It has an adaptive image as well as advanced grid systems. It has WooCommerce compatibility as well as single product design plus display features. It has nice code, good support as well as design possibilities.


This is a multipurpose WordPress theme and it has special features. It is a good choice for the real estate sector and has advanced search options, flexible listing, flexible property listings formatting, and property management system. It is among the finest themes of WordPress in the reality sector.


It is a responsive multipurpose WooCommerce theme and you do not have to design the online store. It has a single product page builder.


This is among the WordPress website themes that meet the requirement of the blogger or publisher and with it, you can create a publishing WordPress site that can accommodate multiple users. With the help of Gutenberg optimization, you get support for publishing the blog posts and it also has the Elementor page builder for creating attractive landing pages with a professional look. There is no requirement of coding and this is optimized for speed. This provides you the unlimited header style as well as the unique page as well as post sections.


You can buy the website templates for WordPress that perfectly meets the requirement. This is not a perfect theme just for the established co but also for the beginners as well. It is known for the open-ended flexibility as well as customizability. It has the collection of design elements as well as design aids. It has the innumerable premade websites and is a best-selling creative WP theme.


Brook has impressive design tools and is the dream theme of the designer. This package has the premade templates and you can select the premium site-building plugins, shortcodes as well as design elements. It is SEO friendly and super-fast when it comes to loading. It is easy for use as well as easily customizable.


This is smart because the designers look into the smallest of the details and this is a multipurpose WP theme. It has a solid track record and hosts satisfied customers. It is a powerful WP theme with strong credibility. It is a multipurpose theme having a solid track record.


It is a perfect WP theme for making the WooCommerce store or you can make a company website. This offers what you need that too with precision. This WP theme has a refreshing look and it hosts demos, design elements as well as elements. It has the custom shortcodes as well as single click demo import.


Pofo is a fine choice for anyone who wants to make and launch an award-winning portfolio online. It is among the top WordPress website themes. If there is a good portfolio design, it is a strong factor for business success.

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Top WordPress Themes in Great Demand in the USA and Rest of World

The WordPress market is shooting ahead as far as the growth is concerned and there is absolutely no doubt about the fact. The number of top WordPress themes is increasing in the USA and around the globe and this is, in fact, good news. Know that when you are talking about the growth, there is a requirement of a better quality standard and secondly, you need to have unique ideas as far as the theme development is concerned. If you are talking about the best WordPress website themes, you will have the reasons concerning the popularity of such themes and templates. You cannot praise the quality and growth of something without giving a genuine reason. One of the important things to know is that the majority of the popular and quality WP themes are not restricted to just one particular niche. You have the pre-made demo themes that are genuine for diverse businesses and secondly, these are also a very suitable option for personal websites as well. Such themes are high in SEO [search engine optimization] and another important characteristic is their user-friendly nature making these fit for both the visitors as well as the website administrators.

Top WordPress Themes

Custom Features

Website templates for WordPress and top WordPress themes in the USA, UK and third world countries are accompanied by the custom features. One of the specialties with these WP themes is that they are packed with the premium plugins of standard quality and one of these is the visual composer drag and drop page builder. Special features like the drag and drop, visual building and the admin panels at hand are there to help and this they do through the editing process. Another thing to note is that such features are accompanied by creative concepts as well as the unique individuality in the area of layout designs and colors. If you talk about the principal demos, these are completely responsive and can make a fine adjustment on the gadget screens of different dimensions. Even if these are not responsive, you still have a look at the child themes and then focus your attention on these. Many of the themes for WordPress provide you the choice for adding modern parallax as well as animation effects and the good news is that you do not have to write a single code line. Do focus on the feedback of the customer because this is the best criterion. The point to rejoice is when you see positive feedback about many WP themes. Secondly, you need to be happy because of the leniency they provide. Because you decide to purchase, you are given the option of the free trial as well. You are not under any sort of compulsion to purchase without getting fully satisfied first.

Enormous Options in Online World

The online world provides you ample choice for the purchase of fresh and old WordPress website themes as well as website templates for WordPress. In the market, new WP themes are released in the USA, Europe, and third world nations and some of the new releases are overshadowing even the already established ones in the market. One good news about WordPress is that it has a big community of developers globally and these people are engaged actively as far as the development and production of new themes and plugins are concerned. In this way, the user is ultimately in a benefit because he gets unlimited options.

If you want to select the top WordPress themes or theme for your site, you have the choice to browse some of the highly popular as well as reliable WordPress themes that are available in the online market. You can access the world of WordPress securely and quickly and you can check the things it offers you. It is better to search the market in a relaxed manner and go for the top-rated WordPress website themes that are in circulation presently. First, you need to search as to which themes are being used often. You need to give a short description of the offer provided by a particular WordPress theme in the areas of design language and functionality.

Make Choice For the Elegant and Profitable WP Theme

You can go for the invincible WordPress themes created by some of the top companies in the WP theme market. You can also take help as well as the suggestion of a professional developer. Do make the choice of themes for WordPress where the sky is the limit. This means that the WP theme you purchase should have the potential to get transformed by you in any manner you desire and all this process should go in favour of your advantage. It is better for you if you select the WordPress themes with pre-made layouts so that you can commence making your site immediately just with the content uploads. You are in an added advantage if you are also getting innumerable child themes as well as focusses on various businesses as well as personal niches. Check whether the key selling point is very powerful or not and if it is accompanied by the functional builder, you can create any website in practicality by performing just drag and drop. By the end of the day, you get the website that is one hundred percent responsive that matches your intentions and requirements. Secondly, as already said, you do not need coding knowledge. With this, you can create any layout and by this, your website will get maximum personalization. You can make changes in any area as per your suitability and some of the areas are icons, colors, post formats and much more. You can select the WordPress themes with innumerable customization options for header/footer giving your website a unique and distinct look. You can also choose from top WordPress themes with parallax and video backgrounds. You also have the choice to upload custom CSS as well as third party scripts. You can select WP themes with RTL functionality and those supporting translation in multiple languages.

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Why is Professional WordPress Themes so Famous

Professional WordPress themes are becoming more popular as they have many exceptional features for giving a professional touch to your website. No matter which profession you belong to or what business you run. Your business website must look professional to convey your professional approach towards the services you provide. Though professionalism is not guaranteed by the amount of money you pay, it is often made a choice to go for a premium WP theme. Some free themes are there in the market that makes your website look professional. One of the limitations with such free themes is that they don’t allow you to modify the layout to meet your requirements. Free theme is useful only up to a certain extent. Like, if you are a blogger and interested in writing only blogs and not monetizing your website, then it may prove handy.

professional wordpress themes

Increase Your Brand Exposure with Premium WP themes

With the progress of online marketing, many professionals and businesses try to be on top of the list. And for this, you need to establish your brand well before you are left far behind your competitors. With premium WP themes that have some of the best WordPress templates, it is possible to build a professional website. For creative individuals that are looking to boost their brand awareness, these professional themes for WordPress are a boon. With more options for sharing and promoting such as social media, you can reach out to more people making them aware of your brand.

Choose Your Theme Wisely

Free themes may fascinate you but those who are looking for distinguished look must go for premium ones. There are thousands of themes available online but you need to make the right choice for your business. The most important thing is that you must look for functionality and features. Every individual business website has its own requirements. What you need to do is look for the premium WP theme that satisfies all your demands. For example, if you are a professional photographer, you need a theme that has a beautiful gallery to display the pictures of your splendid work. Plus, it needs to be retina ready so that all the details can be viewed with the utmost clarity. Likewise, there are different businesses with their respective requirements which your chosen theme needs to fulfill.

With Premium Themes, You are at a Benefit.

With premium themes, you can avail of the benefits of premium quality features. You hardly need to go through the tedious coding part. There is an abundance of top-quality features in these premium themes. The first and foremost thing is customization. These themes offer you unlimited customization options allowing you to transform the look and feel of your website. Responsive and retina ready are the features that are almost included in every premium theme you buy. Paid themes are made developer-friendly and are well documented to help out users in installation and setup. Also, they are optimized for speed and performance. SEO plays a vital role in getting good ranks in web searches. Understanding this fact, Premium WordPress themes are made SEO friendly so that you can implement several SEO techniques to make your business noticed.

Another important aspect is the security that comes along with such themes. Your websites are less vulnerable to online threats. You get good support from the developers in case you get stuck. Also, these themes are updated from time to time and many new features are included. You get guaranteed compatibility with various plugins. For saving you more time, they have the demo content that you can import in a single click. What you need to do is replenish the theme with your quality content and get the website ready to roll. Premium WP themes offer numerous tools that almost everyone can create a custom theme.

The exceptional features and the quality of support that premium professional WordPress themes provide make them more trustworthy and popular over the free themes.

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