Most Common Mistakes While Managing WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is a dynamic website developing platform on the internet. And WordPress Theme Bundle is a best choice you can make for your business or personal website.A website is a crucial element in your expanding your business or reaching towards your goal.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress theme bundle contains multipurpose themes which you can use for any kind of business. Companies like Divi, Avada and VWThemes provide such incredible and multipurpose themes for each business and personal use. They are multilingual, SEO optimized and strongly coded which gives you excellent performance and improves your sells rate. To help you choose right, there’s a ranking facility where you can check out WordPress Theme bundles from different companies. Multiple articles can help you with it. But still most of the users commit same mistakes when it comes to buying WordPress Theme Bundles.

These aren’t the mistakes that you can’t avoid. If you focus on these little points carefully, it’s quite easy to handle WordPress Theme bundle. These are some of mistakes that most of us stumble on while managing their websites. So take a good look at them, understand them and go ahead with doing some new mistakes. Because you can’t possibly learn without making any. So let’s start this journey.


When you want to store your memories in the way of photographs or videos, you make sure to securely preserve it. You don’t just rely on the phone storage, you take a backup by uploading them online. If you can be so cautious about your memories, why can’t you be for your website?

Yes! You have to take a backup for your website. Its very, very, very important. Not taking a backup can cost you your entire business. Yeah you read it right! WordPress Theme Bundle make it all easy for you to setting up a website, but when it comes to make changes in it, it still can be a bit rigid. Any wrong action taken by you can change the website’s look and functioning too. It doesn’t have an undo option to make it alright again. So you need to have a backup of your site.

Let’s see what happens if you don’t- you can destroy your site’s look and its functioning. It can harbor security loopholes, your site will be an easy catch for hackers, the website’s damage can be unrecoverable. As WordPress doesn’t backup automatically, you have to find solutions for it.

And here we are with the solutions. As you found WordPress Theme Bundles and various plugins for your website, there are several free and premium backup plugins in the market. You just need to install them in your website and use them. Plugins like VaultPress, Backup Buddy from IThemes and BackWPup are suggested for better performance.

Backup Your Backup

Not being all Monica about it, but being double sure about everything is necessary. Take it like having a soft copy of any important document as hard copy. Backing up your backup is very important while doing business. And WordPress has an easiest way for it.

You just have to upload it on cloud. Yes! Just like the photographs you backup several days ago. You can choose your cloud from Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and many more. Uploading your backup on the cloud makes it immortal. You can access it when you want. If your backup fails, you will still be having another option to redeem your site.

As we have suggested earlier, Vaultpress and BackWPup plugins are best for backups. Vaultpress is a premium and BackWPup is a free plugin. They already have a cloud feature which uploads the backup on cloud automatically. So choose wise and always have a backup!

Testing Products on Live Site

Live WordPress site is like a ticking bomb. The stuff that you are putting in will directly affect your site and you won’t get enough time to solve the issue. If you cut the wrong wire, it will blast. Just like that, if you install a plugin or any product on live site, you won’t get a time to fix it. If you set your site offline for some time to solve the issue, you might face a lot of problems.

This can create organic traffic from search engine, you can loose direct referral traffic, affiliate income, advertisement clicks, conversions and sales, Email opt-in and most importantly your rank on search engine. As the WP Theme makers have made sure with SEO optimization to make your website rank high on search engine, you can ruin it by one silly mistake. Loosing your rank on search engine is not good. It can cost you big time.

So, what should we do? The suggestion is to create an experimental copy of your website. You can access to several platforms where you can create the replica of your site. For example, you can use Staging area in WPEngine. It creates the exact looking website as yours where you can install plugins and make changes without worrying about any consequence. Even if something goes wrong you can undo it by installing recent backup.

You can also set up your own staging area for this. But in order to do that, first thing’s first, you have to have a knowledge about coding and programming. There are numerous tutorials on how to create your own staging area for WordPress website. If the experiment gets successful, you can simply merge it to your live website and update the changes. It’s like creating your own lab for ‘suite’ experiment. So, be your own iron man and keep the mistakes under control.

Trusting Cheap Hosts

This is the most basic mistake that most of the users do. There are web hosts starting from 5$ to 60$. Its not like the priciest the better. But buying a cheap host can cost you a lot than what you saved.

The cheap hosting companies usually flood their server with too many client account. They create traffic and whole cluster gets down. They also have a very low tolerance for resource overuse. You can’t control this overuse as there is no limit on resource plugin usage. When you exceed the limit of resource usage, the server automatically logs a resource overuse or abuse against you. This can be the reason for the suspension of your website.

WordPress hosts like VWThemes create the perfect site for you. The premium WordPress themes and WP Theme Bundle from this company has all the necessary features to make your site function fast and look good. The single theme from VWThemes costs 40$ and you can get 98 such strongly build WP themes in just 99$. What else do we want?

So choose wise when it comes to investing time and money. If you go for cheaper ones, you will get expected results.

Installing Too Many Plugins

As the overuse of resource plugin can be the cause behind suspension of your website. Just like that, installing too many unnecessary plugins can be the reason to shut down your website.

Most of the times when you buy certain plugin you just install and forget it. To actually use the plugin, you have to activate it. When you install the plugin it remains deactivated until you activate it. When you install too many activated plugins they create conflict with each other in functioning. One plugin can take a hold of certain resource and won’t allow others to use it. This restricts the activated plugin to perform. One more thing is that if you download a plugin with low download count, it will create problem in functioning of the website.

What’s the solution on this one? First of all don’t buy too many plugins. Buy only those which you use and can use properly. Secondly, don’t buy cheap ones. Always trust the reputed and popular WP themes and plugins. Check each plugin on your experimental site. Deactivate unused plugins and don’t buy ones that aren’t available on WordPress repository.

All of them that I’ve mentioned above are common basic mistakes that most of the users do while operating WP Theme Bundle. Be smart and try to avoid them!



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