Amazing WordPress Theme Bundle By Vwthemes

Websites are the way of reaching to people and spreading a word about your work. In this era of digitalization, website is important for every business. Whether its your personal portfolio or a professional company website, you have to make it look good and function fast. For building such remarkable websites WordPress is the most recommended platform. Here you can create your website with the assurance of strength and security. WordPress has two hosts for making a website and Here is recommended because it gives you complete freedom in setting your website.

WordPress looks easy but its very complex for the ones who don’t know about coding and programming. These people either have to hire someone to do it or go for cheap drag-and-drop WordPress themes. WordPress itself provides some themes but there are a lot of companies out there who can promise you premium WordPress themes in reliable price. But in spite of buying a single theme for one time use, we recommend you to buy a WordPress Theme bundle. Yes! There is a whole package of amazing WordPress Themes in a reliable price that you can use for different purposes.

WordPress Theme Bundle
WordPress Theme Bundle

But we are here to talk about the awesome WordPress theme bundle from VWThemes. VWThemes is a WP theme making company who has gained customer’s trust in a very short time. They provide premium WordPress theme for every profession. But you can get all those amazing WordPress themes in one package. They have almost 110 WP themes in a bundle in the price of 99$ only. It’s the best deal you can get in the market. Let’s take a look at some features of this best WP Theme bundle.

1.Themes For Every Profession:-

In this WordPress theme bundle you will get WordPress theme for every profession you name. It has theme for fashion designing to personal portfolio and from construction business to ayurvedic medicines. Each theme is designed considering the expectations of the customers. The layout of every theme is decorated with different sections and best WordPress templates set exactly how you might need them according to your profession. This premium WordPress theme bundle has 110 amazing themes.

2.Layout of Themes:-

Each theme in this amazing WP theme bundle has an attractive layout. They are designed as per your expectations of different professions. The team of designers used delicate colors and stylish fonts. It has several different sections and best WP templates to sort out the information. There are sections for contact details, newsletters, reviews and social media icons. They have header and footers too. You can add unlimited images and videos into the given slider to create a slideshow effect.

Apart from this most importantly each WP theme has customization feature by which you can make changes into the layout as you want. There is a color palate to choose colors from and over 100 of font family options. There’s an enable-disable function to add or delete any section or template you want.


This WordPress theme bundle has multiple professional WordPress themes which are multipurpose in design and multilingual too. Each theme from this WP theme bundle can be used for other professions by making some changes into the layout. As you know, by customization feature you can make these changes without disturbing the codes. Each theme is made with bootstrap framework which makes it robust at functioning. So you don’t need to worry about disturbing the codes. Along with this, each theme in this bundle has RTL & WPML support. With this support your website will become globally accessible. Each theme is translation ready and can be read in various languages. This way people from across the world can read about your work at anytime.

4.SEO Optimization:-

This is a must have in any WordPress theme or in any website. SEO optimization is very important in order to increase the viewership of your website. Each theme in this WordPress theme bundle is SEO optimized. Which means whenever someone across the world searches about something you work on, your website will appear in first suggestions list on browser. This increases the viewership of your website.


This WordPress theme bundle by VWThemes fulfills all the must haves for a website. All the themes in this amazing bundle are fast at loading and has responsive design. These themes have CTA i.e Call To Action button for fast response. The inner pages of the themes are also made with same formula so they take no time in loading.


In every WordPress theme or website plugins play an important role. They not only make the website run smoothly with added functions. Each theme from this theme bundle has Woocommerce plugin which helps in opening an online store and making the transactions safe and secure. All of the themes are compatible with third party plugins. You can add as many plugins as you want. But it is suggested that adding multiple plugins and not using them can make your website run slow. As browsers give places for fast loading websites only, your website will be lagging behind which will eventually turn into loss.


Each theme in this amazing WordPress theme bundle is browser friendly, device friendly and user friendly too. Your website will be accessible through any web browser on any device screen. Plus you will have complete control over it. Along with this you will get free customer service and expert advice for over a year.

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WordPress Theme Bundle and Its Immense Benefits

WordPress Theme Bundle is, in fact, one of the finest advantages for you in the theme making industry. When you go for this package, you are in a great benefit because you are getting something at a discount that is well beyond your imagination. Plus if you are into the multiple businesses at the same time, then the WP theme package is one of the smartest choices for you in life. You will never regret the purchase of the best WordPress theme bundle. You can utilize all the WP themes in the future and these have lifetime validity. You only have to do the onetime payment with the company.

WordPress Theme Bundle

With the premium WordPress theme bundle, you get different themes that point to the different areas and niches. When you purchase this package, you get the membership benefits and above that, you have immediate support [both technical and customer] for all the WP themes in the bundle right from the day of purchase. This support will last for one year from the date of purchase initially but can immediately be extended after the lapse of one year. WordPress theme bundle purchase will never disappoint you and it is a fact. You will have the benefit of your investment sooner or later.

With the WordPress theme bundle, you have the benefit of theme options framework permitting you to set up the website in just some clicks. When you purchase this package, you do not need any kind of skill or coding knowledge establishing a website of eminence. With the theme package, you can have easy access to all the themes quite fast. With the theme options, you can change the color, logo, background image and font. It also provides permission for the addition of social links, custom CSS and more. The theme package in the WP theme bundle has the demo content that is easily ready for use. It also has the images permitting setting up the website in a single click. Above all, all the WP themes in the WordPress theme bundle for sale are responsive to the core. You will get the WP themes in the theme package following the WP codex standard.

It depends on the theme making company to company when it comes to the number of themes in the WP theme bundle. Many of the companies also provide you the facility of the WP themes that are about to come depending on the company policy of each company. You need to ask the company whether there are restrictions related to the theme access after you purchase the bundle. Generally, you have access to all the themes except for the ones that are under construction and maintenance. New generated themes given to you after you purchase the bundle is an advantage to you.

With the best WordPress theme bundle, you have the complete documentation for all the WP themes. Documentation provides you the step by step guide for establishing the website. You need to take the instructions to make the installation procedure quite easy. After this, you will set up the WP theme. You have the option to customize the header, footer, home page section as well as various other features. You can consult the experts of the theme industry for all the issues concerning documentation.

Many companies offer you the provision of free installation of WP themes that are in the theme bundle. You can make use of the free installation services for the setup. Many companies provide both the installation as well as setup services. Such companies do the process by themselves and you get the instructions step by step from the experts associated with these companies. The benefit of the installation experts is that they make the process easy.

You get the premium support for all the themes with the WP theme bundle. Support is important as it is promised at the time of purchase but big things are promised in the name of support at the time of purchase but not all the companies full it. So all this has to be clarified at the time of purchase of the premium WordPress theme bundle. Go to the best companies in the online market for the WP theme bundle sale as to whether the support is free or pair or is it available 24/7 or for the specific timings. Do check the genuineness of the experts who provide the support both technical and customer.

One of the important features in the themes of the theme bundle is eCommerce compatibility. All the themes in the WP theme bundle are eCommerce compatible especially if you are purchasing the WP theme bundle from a reputable company. This is a very important feature of business expansion. You have the choice to open the online store and expand online business. ECommerce plugin with the WP theme in the WordPress theme bundle depends on the focus, goal, and area of operation of your website.

All the themes in the best WP theme bundle are retina-ready meaning the pixel density is high. These display sharp images as well as vivid and bright colors. The retina-ready images are the images of high resolution and with the help of CSS3, you create elements like speech bubbles, drop shadows, buttons as well as gradients. You can display the elements as crisp and sharp.

Buying the WP theme bundle is a good choice of your life and it will be a wise decision to go for it. Just do some research before going for this affordable dream bundle. It will take your business to endless heights.


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Purchase WordPress Theme Bundle by Following Required Tips

Your WordPress theme has the capability to make and break the business that is based on WordPress and it is mandatory for you to make a proper selection be it the individual WP theme or the WP theme bundle itself. Know that apart from the business acumen or the professional effort that you are putting into, your WordPress theme at times becomes the driving force subsequently making it the perfect face of the business that you are doing online. But the real question is that it can become tough at times to go for the selection of the perfect WordPress theme without the consultation of the expert or a guide with experience in this area. At times, even the beautiful demos do not make things easy. If you are buying the WordPress themes individually or as a premium WordPress theme bundle, it is advisable to take the tips and suggestions. After studying the tips, it is good for you in case you make the informed decision either by self or under the guidance of the expert.

WordPress Theme Bundle
WordPress Theme Bundle

Before you go for the individual WP theme or the premium WordPress theme bundle, you should have the defined purpose for your online business website. You need to know your accomplishment objective with the website. You need to know your requirements and what exactly you want to achieve with the website or websites as far as your business or consultancy objective is concerned. Your man purpose forms the ultimate choice for purchase of either the individual WP theme or the best WP theme bundle. You are at an advantage in fact because there was a time when WP was just a blogging system but as of today it is an organised CMS with a global reputation. It is not only the powerful but robust CMS in the world. It will be better for you in case you have decided to go for the best WordPress theme bundle because in this, you will find the WordPress themes with the specific requirements for the individual, the customer or the business person. In the WP theme bundle, you get the set of themes at affordable rates[ in fact at alarming discounts] and these WP themes fulfill the criteria for your business. Apart from that, if you add businesses in future or shift from your parent business to a new one, in this case, you will not have to purchase a new WordPress theme because you have already done a one time payment for the WordPress theme bundle sale. You have to make a selection based purely on aesthetics. Before you go for the selection of the bundle, it is good for you if you compare the features. The final selected WP themes for your business needs to have the looks and features that meet your requirements. With the help of the WordPress bundle, you can make a wonderful website related to ecommerce.

Before you go for the selection of the premium WordPress theme bundle from a reputed theme making company in the online market, do not be allured by the themes that you feel are great in terms of looks. They can really score poor when it comes to the department of features. You need to strike the perfect balance between the functionality and aesthetics. It is not necessary that all the themes in the WP theme bundle please visually. There is no need for you to mess up with the design or to rewrite lines. You need to select the WP themes of beautiful design that also have the customization power even though the features are quite limited. You don’t have to worry in fact after the purchase of the WP theme bundle because you can always extend WP theme by making use of the plugins. It is not easy to change the complete layout of the WP theme and with the selection of the WP theme bundle, you can meet the maximum of your visual layout as well as the content requirements. You can make use of the easy to use options panel permitting the branding of the WP theme without the loss of design or the value related to the aesthetics.

With the best WP theme bundle, you can spare a few bucks not just few but a discount that is way beyond imagination. Generally, you get a top notch WP theme bundle valuing $5000 for just $100 and see the amount of benefit you have and above that you have all the future benefits also associated with this purchase. It is better if you follow the general rule of thumb. You should never purchase a pricy WP theme even if it abides by the ultimate quality in all the areas. Before the purchase, do check the licensing and the pricing terms as to whether these favour the goals of your business. If you are a developer, you can make use of the theme on multiple websites and do check whether you are getting the free updates and support or you may have to pay for these features at the later stages. Also check the goodies that you are going to get now or at the later stages with the WordPress theme. Do check for the pricing as well as the licensing terms depending on your business model before you go for the WP bundle because the content in the WP theme bundles may vary depending on company to company. Many renowned bundles are popular with the WordPress developers.

You need to look at the feature of easy theme customization before going for the purchase of the best WP theme bundle. You can change the overall layout of the WP theme that is made around WooCommerce. You can make changes on the single page using CSS. You do not have to waste time in digging the code because many things come as a bounty with the WP theme bundle. You need to make sure that the WP theme accommodates the customization in an easy manner. First and foremost, you need to go to the theme options panel or you need the support for the WP themes customizer and this is invaluable especially if you are not finding a path around code. You can brand the premium WordPress themes in the bundle with the logos and colours.

Best WordPress theme bundle is a nice choice to buy for the bloggers because for them, advertisement is a great source when it comes to passive income. Many WordPress users make exclusive earnings through ads. Buying WP theme bundle is a fine choice if you are not stuck to simply one business.



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Top WordPress Theme Bundle in USA

WordPress is a wide and most effective website developing platform on internet.Not only in developed, but the developing countries also have made use of this marvelous platform to make their mark on World Wide Web.

But operating WordPress is not child’s play. If you don’t know much about coding and programming, WordPress will be a hardest exam that you didn’t applied for. It has a lot of good functions, but if you don’t know how to access it, it’ll just be a waste of time.

So there are two options left for you. Either you hire a coder or programmer to do the job, or you find a best WordPress Theme developing company to buy a ready-made theme for you.The themes come for individual profession or in bundle. Which is called ‘WordPress Theme Bundle’.You can install any theme you like on one click with one time payment option. Its most important advantage is that you don’t need to know about coding or programming for installing or managing the website. The theme developer companies also provide customer service so you can access them whenever you face any difficulty.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress themes or WordPress Theme bundles are the best option for any person or business to invest their money in. When it comes to building a well-functioning website, you can’t leave a chance for mistake.

What’s WordPress Theme Bundle?

In the universe of the internet, WordPress is just a galaxy with little solar systems of themes. Each theme has its own variety and each system has its own bunch of various WordPress themes. These bunches are called the ‘Wordpress Theme Bundle’. You just have to choose a high rated company and best WP Theme bundle for your website.

The companies who make the WP themes for you also create a bundle of themes so that you can get various themes in one bundle and in single price. These WP theme bundles contain multipurpose WordPress themes that can be used for any profession. For example, the companies have made such multipurpose themes, that you can use a construction based theme for interior design or bakery too. WordPress theme bundle is like buying a whole tool kit instead of each different tool Or having a beauty package with facial to full body massage. Now that’s an offer every keen customer is looking for.

WordPress Theme Bundle comes with an exciting price. All the companies provide special offer when it comes to WP theme bundle. These companies have a wide range of customers. From beginners to experts, they serve everyone who comes to them with money. As for WordPress, it’s a website developing platform and also a blogging stop too. So you can’t expect each customer to be well studied about this alternate universe. That’s why they pay these companies to get rid the technical stuff. But with these bundle of joy, they can explore more with their business and do a lot better. And that’s the sole purpose of this WordPress Theme Bundle!

WordPress Themes Market in USA

Before getting into the list of popular WordPress Theme bundle companies in USA, let’s take a brief look at the market of these themes. Why is it important? Because the rank of these companies depend upon the demand in US market. More demand=More business=High rank in the list.

WordPress obtains 35% of the space on the Internet. Which means a very big part of the world population trust WordPress for their websites and blogs.

According to recent data, it obtains 50-60% shares in CMS market. It’s the most popular CMS and has been for last 7 years. It made a great start with being a website developing platform from merely a blogging site and is growing fast each day. More than 500 new sites are build on this platform.

WordPress has a big hold on market. Almost 14.7% of top 100 websites in the world are powered by WordPress. To specify the point more precisely, the word WordPress is searched 37 million times per month on global search engines. That’s right! If you make a site on WordPress, it has a high chances of improved ranking on searches. To tell in numbers, over 19 million websites use WordPress. To talk about USA, New York Observer, New York Post, TED, Thought Catalog, CNN,,, USA Today, Spotify all the leading brands use WordPress for their site. According to data from year 2014, over 22% of the domains in US are run by WordPress. Almost half of the population in US prefer WordPress than other site making companies.

As for the WordPress themes, there are thousands of companies around the world that create themes for WordPress. In the Theme Forest, you can find 11 thousand WordPress themes for your website. The top theme developing companies hold 17% of the market share. WordPress Themes have a big business in the market. And its fastest growing business due to increasing demand.

Now, let’s take a look on some Top WordPress Theme Bundle companies in the market of USA:-

It’s a most popular WordPress theme builder company in the market. Along with the themes for different businesses, it has a marvelous collection of WP Theme Bundle. This company provides drag and drop builder for you to make it all easy. Due to this feature you don’t have to worry about coding or programming. You can make changes in the layout as you want. It has customizable child themes too. Its build with strong coding and user friendly too.

Avada is a number one WP Theme builder company in the industry. It has versatile multipurpose themes with more than 255 pre made webpage designs and 41 pre made fully featured websites. The demo installer of this company, makes it easy to install and run the website. It has all the plugins that you want in your site to make it more functional. The WP theme bundle from Avada contains all the multipurpose themes that you are looking for.

This WP theme making company has free and premium themes for you. All these themes are multipurpose and well-functioning. The WordPress Theme Bundle of this company provides you easy to use themes for various professions. They are SEO optimized and loaded with plugins like Woocommerce to increase your online business. WP theme bundle from this company can make your job easy and ready to go.

VWThemes is one of the fastest growing company in last 3-4 years. It has all the features that the companies above provide. Plus its multilingual with RTL and WPML support which increases its reach on global scale. The WP theme bundle from VWThemes can give you all the features in mere price.

The bundle comes with a price of 99$ in which you can get 98 professionally build themes. All of the themes in this WP Theme bundle are SEO optimized, which makes your website rank high on search engines. What makes VWThemes special than other companies is that it gives constant customer support for over a year and updates of themes for free. So you get an update according to latest WordPress version for free.While buying a single theme or a bundle of WP themes, you have to make sure that you are investing money on right place. The companies above are preferred by thousands of WordPress users in the United States of America. What you prefer is dependent on your choice!


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5 Reasons Why WordPress Theme Bundle Is Loved By Developers

Sometimes, looking for the best product when you need one can be frustrating and exhausting. Each time you need to go through multiple products, sort them, and then finalize the one that fulfills your requirements. Similar is the case with WordPress themes. You can say that it is even more challenging than buying any other product. This is so because WordPress themes, being a digital product, cannot be replaced after buying if you figure out later that it is not suiting the branding of your website. In such a case, a WordPress theme bundle can be the best choice.


Theme package or theme bundle is a bouquet of different themes for developers and is available at highly discounted rates. Here are a few reasons that explain why the WP theme bundle is a great option to go with.

1. Collection Of Distinct Themes

You must be delighted by the fact that the premium WordPress themes bundle offers you a bunch of well-designed themes that are suitable for websites belonging to different niches of business. The utility of these website themes is not limited to businesses but they are very effective to be used for creating personal websites for professionals depicting their portfolios, individual skills, and much more. You will get themes for marketing, eCommerce, agencies, sports, fitness, accommodation and hospitality, food, health care, travel, personal blogs, etc. Do you know what the best part is? You get all themes under one roof and you don’t need to bother for getting a new theme every time for different sites.

2. Lessens Burden On Your Pocket

If you keep on buying themes separately for every new web project, it will prove to be a costly affair as you will end up paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for merely getting a few themes. Plus, every time there will be a risk of the theme performing opposite to your expectations for a particular business site. Then you won’t have a choice except for buying a new theme that will again cost you a handsome amount of money. In case you have a WP theme bundle, you can have the liberty of using other themes if you don’t find the current theme up to the mark. And the thing that is worth noticing is you get this bundle at a hugely discounted price. In simple words, you just need to pay an amount that is equal to the collective cost of 2 to 3 premium quality themes.

3. Lifetime Accessibility To Themes

With the purchase of a developer pack or theme bundle, developers will get multiple themes that are licensed for their unlimited use and you need to pay only once for these themes. They can install the theme on multiple client websites with the help of this license. With unlimited use, developers are free to utilize those themes for designing multiple sites that otherwise would not have been possible in case of individual themes as they can be used only for a single website.

4. Top-Level Support

WordPress theme bundle not only provides top-quality themes but also offers high-quality support for its users. Theme pack providers offer support to their clients in the form of quick technical assistance by their dedicated team of skilled developers. All you need to do is reach out to the support forum, send your query and they will get it fixed as soon as possible.

5. Theme Updates

It is awesome to know that themes in the WordPress theme bundle constantly undergo improvements as the developers always try to provide clients with themes that use cutting-edge technology and features. Once an update is released for any of the themes, you will be automatically updated by the developer and the same will be updated in the bundle as well. Most of the theme bundles offer support and updates for one year.

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VWThemes A Right Choice for WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is an absolute platform for website development. It gives the user full freedom in making their own website. The Themes, plugins and features provided by WordPress, are not enough for many customers. To fulfill their expectations, there are several companies in the world who create such themes loaded with essential features. And VWThemes is one of them!

WordPress theme bundle

VWThemes have all the right WordPress themes for you. Their most selling product is WordPress Theme Bundle. They provide all the needed themes in this WordPress Theme bundle Each theme from this WP theme bundle has its own specialty. Themes are made for every profession from construction to fashion to media to freelance blogging. VWThemes has it all you need.

WordPress theme bundles from other companies also provide range of different themes. There are multinational companies in this field, who focus only on WordPress theme bundle. Companies like Avada and Divi make their business on WP theme bundles. If we go deep into this industry, we would find the wide spread range of the WordPress Business. In this wide world of internet 30% of the websites are owned by WordPress. Which means the websites are made and run on WordPress. Some people think of it only as a blogging site. Its way more than that.

VWThemes is like a tool which helps you in making professional and efficient website. It provides all the needed features to your website. Let’s take a look on why VWThemes is the right choice for buying WordPress Theme Bundle.

1.Great Deal:

VWThemes offers a great deal on WordPress Theme Bundle. Its good for your pocket and for your profession. VWThemes provide 68 professionally made attractive WordPress themes in just 99$. It’s a great deal you can find on WordPress Theme Bundle in whole market.

WordPress Theme Bundle is the most selling product for every WP Theme making company. Most of the companies focus more on WordPress Theme Bundle than selling single themes. They offer WP Theme Bundle pricing from 90$ to 147$. With price the quality of work is also gets compromised. Some provide WP Theme Bundles for free but they can’t be trusted as they don’t give guarantee of the functions.

So it doesn’t matter if its cheap or costly. As far as the functions are concerned, you can’t compromise with them. VWThemes gives high quality WP themes in an affordable price. It doesn’t compromises with the quality of the product. The WP Themes made by VWThemes perform well. Many customers and bloggers have given it a good review for its well-functioning themes.

2.Customer Support:

VWThemes don’t abandon their customers as soon as the deal is done. They assist and guide them to make their website run effectively. Managing WordPress website isn’t a child’s play. There are several departments that you have to take care of every time. Not knowing coding or programming can make it even more worse.

Some WordPress Theme making companies don’t provide a support for customers to find solutions for troubles. Sometimes troubles can make you loose your whole business setup. By customer support you can find help in resolving the problems before any casualty.

VWThemes provide free customer support for over a year. Yes! You can get help from VWThemes for your WordPress Theme Bundle anytime for free over a year. You will not be on your own completely, you will have a strong support from the capable team of VWThemes.

3. Theme for Everyone:

VWThemes provide a theme for every profession. Let it be a bakery or a construction business, you can have a ready-made website WP theme for each profession. Every WP them in this WordPress Theme Bundle is made according to the profession. The features and layout of the theme changes but the performance remains as solid as it should be.

The biggest plus point of this WP Theme bundle is that each theme is multipurpose. Which means with some changes you can use any theme for any professional purpose. You don’t need to know about coding or programming for making changes in the theme. The coders and designers of VWThemes have made it all easy for you. In few clicks you can give it a look that you want. VWThemes provide a multipurpose theme for each different profession.

4.SEO Optimization:

WordPress Theme Bundle provided by VWThemes have made each theme SEO optimized. This is a very important thing for a website to have. It is a must have for any professional website.

Being SEO optimized means you have assured your rank on search engines. When a person or a customer start looking for something you offer, the suggestion of your company appears on the search engine. It increases the customer visits on your websites which results in great business. VWThemes have made each and every theme in its WordPress Theme Bundle SEO optimized, so that you don’t have to worry about your Google rankings.

5.Multilingual Approach:

VWThemes have made each theme ready for international business. Each theme from its WordPress Theme Bundle is RTL and WPML supportive. You won’t find a single theme from this WP theme bundle which is not multilingual. They made sure that your website would be approachable for every customer around the world.

Being RTL supportive means it can be translated or read in any gulf language that is Urdu or Arabic. There are huge range of customers in gulf countries. Being RTL supportive will make your business reach new exciting height of success. Being WPML supportive means it can be translated into any language around the world. The content can be translated into Hindi, Spanish, Chinese or any other language. This feature increase the profit rate of your company. VWThemes takes good care of your international image through this feature.

6.Several Sections and Sliders:

In the WordPress Theme Bundle provided by VWThemes, you will get several number of sections and sliders to segregate the content attractively. You can add images related to your business into sliders. It will create a slideshow effect so that your viewers can have a visual idea about your business.

These sections and sliders are moveable. You can move them or enable-disable them as per your need. You can make changes in these sections and sliders without any coding or programming. You can do it on one click. VWThemes provide easy changing tools to make the website look more attractive.


VWThemes provide excellent customization support for you to make changes in the website layout as you like. You can change the theme color by using the color palate provided by the company. You can change the background image as you feel like. And also, besides adding content you can add or delete any extra section, slider or template as you want. You can make all of these changes without worrying about coding or programming. You can make these changes on one click and always can consult experts from the company if something goes wrong.

8.Attractive Design, Robust Functioning:

The themes from WordPress Theme Bundle provided by VWThemes are designed carefully. The designers and coders of VWThemes have worked hard on making the themes look attractive and function robust. They gave it an attractive look and great functioning personality to make your website score high viewing.
So now you know why VWThemes is a right choice when it comes to buying WordPress Theme Bundle.

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What’s New With WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is one of the best website building platform in whole wide world. It covers nearly 35% space on the internet. If you want endorse your brand or make yourself a brand, you will need an accurately functioning website. And WordPress is the best place for it.

WordPress Theme bundle

WordPress Themes have their own different market. There are numerous companies around the world that sell slick WordPress Themes for you. Not just single themes, but WordPress Theme Bundles have a strong hold on market. Most of the customers prefer WordPress Theme bundle than single theme. These WordPress Theme Bundles have differently designed, multipurpose website theme that you can use for adding content and making your mark on the WWW.

As WordPress Theme bundle has its own set of business, things get updated day by day. Everyday there’s a new trend in WordPress Themes or new addition in plugins. You have to be aware of each change as to make your website look more relevant. But also, not every trend is useful for your purpose, so choose wisely as to avoid blunders.

So, here we are going to take a look on top innovative sites where you can get best WordPress Theme Bundles.

Tesla Themes

It’s one of the best WordPress Theme developing company in the market. They create strong and attractive themes for website in reliable price. But Tesla is mostly known for its WordPress Theme Bundle which includes such strongly coded themes in mere price. The company keeps updating their work to give customer smooth experience. They have WordPress themes for blogs, Ecommerce site and for other profession too.
Tesla’s WordPress Theme bundle is also known for classy collection of themes. What makes these themes classy? Well the answer is its responsive functioning and elegant design. Each theme has its own class when it comes to design and layout. To manage the changes in the theme, is also a piece of cake for customer. The themes are user friendly and you can make changes in colors and content without worrying about coding and programing. And that’s the beauty of it.

Tesla’s WordPress Theme Bundle comes with a price of 99$. You get about 68 themes into this bundle, which means 1.46$ per theme. It gives you open license to use on your own website or on your client’s website. They also provide a strong support system and documentation if something goes wrong. Apart from all of this, Tesla gives updates of themes time to time, so your site will also be relevant for users and viewers too.

CSS Igniter

Just like Tesla, CSS Igniter is also one of the best WP theme making company in the market. It produces responsive, strongly coded and well-designed themes for customers. It keeps adding some innovative features to the themes to make user’s experience smoother. CSS igniter is one of those companies which focus more on user’s experience and new updates in the market.

Along with single themes for different professions, it provides classy collection in WordPress Theme Bundle. This bundle contains different WP themes, build according different professional needs and designed with classy layout. You can buy it in very reliable price. You can get 83 themes in this bundle for 69$ only. Which means 83 cents per theme. It’s the best deal you can find in the market.

CSS Igniter started its journey in the market quite early than most of the companies. It has maintained its reputation by upgrading system as new trends come into business. The company adds several features to its theme which gives users a glitch free experience. The design and functioning of the themes from this company often known for their bold and strong coding. Along with so many features, it works on multiple devices. It also gives open license to use on your websites and your client’s website too.

CSS Igniter is one of the best companies in the market and one of the cheapest too. It doesn’t compromise with quality in spite of being cheapest. So you can put your trust on its WordPress Theme Bundle.

INK Themes

This company not only provides strongly coded themes, but also in best deal. INK Themes is known for its mind blowing offer on WordPress Theme Bundle. It gives 2 thousand plus different theme in just 147$. Yes! You heard right. 2 thousand plus theme in merely $147 which means 7 cents per theme. Isn’t it cool!

INK Themes gives one of the best WordPress Theme Bundle. The themes are strongly coded, multipurpose and multilingual too. The themes can be used for personal blogs, Ecommerce website, for different professions from construction to fashion and for media professional too. With 2 thousand plus themes you have huge scope and variety to choose from.

In spite of such a huge variety, the company gives one of the best performing WP themes in the market. This is the USP of INK Themes. The WordPress Theme Bundle provided by this company is not only beneficial for your profession but also for your pocket.


One of the best WP Theme making companies with reliable price tags, Themify makes its mark on customer’s heart. The WordPress Theme Bundle from Themify gives you the exact deal you are looking for. With best performance it gives best deal for your pocket too. So if you are looking for convenient WP Theme Bundle, Themify has what you want.

Themify give 42 WP themes in 89$, which means 2.11$ per theme. It looks a bit expensive than the above theme bundles but its worth for well-functioning and strongly coded themes. The bundle is packed with disposable WP Themes. It also include powerful themeslike Ultra which is completely customizable with Themify Shoppe. What Themify Shoppe does is that it gives you a platform to open your own online store and build Ecommerce for your business. Plus each theme has eye catching, impactful and unique design.

Each WP theme from Themify has Themify builder to help you with the customization. Along with the pre-build, strong coded theme, you have the liberty to make changes in it as you want.


VWThemes is one of the fastest growing company in the market. It has grown not only its business, but people’s trust too. Along with single theme, it provides best collection in its WordPress Theme Bundle.

It provides 68 themes in 99$. It’s the best WP theme bundle deal you can find on the internet. Along with its super exciting deal, it provides well-functioning themes with customization option. The themes are SEO optimized, multipurpose and due to support of RTL and WPML its multilingual too. The WP themes in provided by VWThemes are easy to use.

The designers of VWThemes have made each theme according to its target customer’s expectation. The layout of this theme includes different sections, sliders and several templates to make it more customizable. You don’t need to know about coding or programming to make changes it the website. VWThemes provide WP themes for different professions from construction to media and fashion to Ecommerce. Each website theme has its own style.

The WordPress Theme Bundle from VWThemes give you multipurpose themes in a mere price only for you. So choose wise when it comes to website designs and be innovative in your business!



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Most Misunderstood Facts About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is multitasking versatile site where you can blog and build a strong website for your business. WordPress is a place where you can create your mark on World Wide Web. And WordPress Theme Bundles are there to help you make it more approachable. WordPress Theme Bundle contain ready-made website theme for each profession. There are several companies in the world who create such themes and theme bundles for WordPress. You have a lot to choose from. But when it gets to making professional choices, you have to know difference between what you hear and what actually is!

WordPress Theme Bundle

That’s right! Like every other product in the market WordPress theme bundle also has its own share of rumors and facts. First of all, you have to know why to choose WordPress over other website developing platforms. As almost 30% of the websites on the internet right now are created on WordPress, there is a legit reason which makes it reliable. It takes complete responsibility of the quality of your website and its performance. Well you have to know about coding and programming if you are not using any drag and drop theme. But the WP Theme making companies take that load off of you.

Talking about WP themes, the WordPress Theme bundle is a must have product. Different companies offer different deals on it, like from 40$ to 147$. The themes in this bundle has everything ready for you. You just need to add content and layout as you like, without worrying about coding or programming. But to do it right, you have to know some facts. So here are 10 most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle:

WordPress is Free and Single Most Popular CMS

As we saw earlier, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. The fact which helps this count be consistent, is that it’s Free! WordPress being free can be used for multiple professions. From construction to fashion to personal blogging, you can use it for anything. These features make it the most popular CMS.

Though WordPress is a free platform, some of the essential parts have to be bought. Parts like hosting, plugins, domain name and theme, you have to pay for them. Companies like VWThemes make exactly WordPress theme you want. They add all the essential features in the theme so that you don’t have to pay for it separately.

WordPress isn’t Just a Blogging Tool

Well this is the most misunderstood fact about WordPress. Many of the customers still consider WordPress as merely a blogging tool. But it’s not. It’s way more than that. As we have discussed above, WordPress owns 30% of the websites on the internet. It’s the most trusted website building platform in the world.

WordPress has been used for different professions including personal blog. One of its features, Woocommerce plugin is a must have in any professional Ecommerce website.

Most Secure Platform

Most of the people think that because its free, WordPress can’t be secure. It’s totally a myth. WordPress is the most secure website developing platform among all of them. Not just us, every single user and tech critic says exactly the same thing. WordPress is an open source platform. It’s secure code is available on the internet and anyone can access and study it.

Although its very flexible to changes, but when it comes to functioning, it’s pretty rigid. By choosing right steps, the security measures on WordPress can be extended. There are some services like Sucuri provide monitoring service and a website firewall to protect from common threats. WordPress theme bundle help in reducing your worries. The WordPress themes in this bundle have in build system to protect website from threats.

Supportive to Ecommerce

There’s a myth out there that WordPress isn’t supportive to Ecommerce plugin. WordPress doesn’t have an in build feature of Ecommerce. You have to add it later as per your convenience. Although it provides bunch of Ecommerce plugin options to buy. Woocommerce is the most popular plugin for this purpose by WordPress. It is used by 42% of the Ecommerce websites on the internet.Except this, some WordPress theme making companies provide their own ecommerce plugins which are totally supported by WordPress.

Certainty of Future

As WordPress is a free platform, some people think it doesn’t have a certain future. It’s not true. WordPress is made and maintained by a bunch of professionals. The trademark for this awesome platform is owned by a non-profit organization named WordPress Foundation. The people working for the foundation take care of the open source thing.

Companies like WordPress Theme makers sell their products like plugins or WordPress theme bundles or single WP theme based on this particular platform. If it was that uncertain, number of companies across the globe wouldn’t be doing business out of it.

Unlimited Support From WordPress

WordPress doesn’t abandon you just after you establish your newly set website. It stays with you throughout the highs and lows. It gives you free support from several sites whenever you need. is a place where you can get active support forum to help you find a way out of your troubles. WPBeginner is also one of the place where you can find answers for your questions. And the service is totally free.If you are buying WordPress Theme Bundle from company like VWThemes, you can get free customer support for over a year.

WordPress Compromises with Quality

It’s a common customer mentality that if its cheap or free, the quality must be compromised. But this isn’t the case with WordPress. Yes the service is free, but the quality is way more than you can expect. As we stated earlier, WordPress is run by highly professional team. Due to its open source anyone can access it. The coding of the WordPress Themes is strong and it gives complete liberty to the user to add codes to make it even stronger. Because it doesn’t compromise with the quality, WordPress is the most popular CMS in the industry.

Premium Themes are Better than Free Themes

WordPress themes come in two categories. For premium themes you have to pay for the services and for free ones you don’t. WordPress Theme bundles are mostly paid. It is said that the premium WordPress themes have more features than free ones. But with the companies like VWThemes, you can get same features and quality performance in both premium WP themes and Free WP themes.

WordPress isn’t Limited for Beginners

That’s right! There’s a misconception out there that WordPress is just for the beginners. It’s way more professional and has wide range of opportunities that an expert or a pro can look for. WordPress is easier for beginners and equally challenging for the experts. With the help of pre-made WordPress themes, beginners can start their site without knowing about coding or programming. But an expert can add up new codes and features to make his site more attractive and functioning.

WordPress is Not that Easy

It’s the biggest misconception about WordPress. Yes it is a site that helps beginners without knowledge of coding and programming to set a site. But if you want to run a professional and fully loaded website, just a help doesn’t count. To add functions and features or to make it more rigid and secure, the user has to know about coding and programming. If something goes wrong with the website, there’s chance that you can loose your whole business.

These are the most misunderstood facts about WordPress Theme Bundle. Don’t fall for the rumors, check it out personally and make a decision!


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5 Misunderstandings About WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress! A place where businesses or amazing personalities make their mark on World Wide Web. They create their own identities on the internet with WordPress Themes. WordPress that is WP has its own themes for customers. But without any knowledge about coding and programming you can’t practically handle it. That’s where theme making companies play a crucial role. They provide customer friendly website theme in which you don’t need to know much about coding.

WordPress theme bundle

Along with single, profession vise WP themes, these companies make WordPress Theme bundles too. In these WP theme bundles they collect all the essential WP themes for customers in a very affordable price. WordPress theme bundle is like a complete package for customers who are willing to pay for various website themes for their projects. It contains all the features that one would want in their website to perform good. There are thousands of companies around the world who create these bundles and sell it. It’s a big market if you really dig into.

As the market is so big, opportunities are flooding everyday, people often tend to take some things wrong or misunderstand them. So here are 5 misunderstandings that customers have about WordPress Theme Bundle.

Unnecessary Custom Theme Options and Extra Features

WordPress Theme Bundle making companies add attractive features to their products. These features make the WordPress Themes more user friendly. Features like custom theme options, layout options, extra sliders, sections, short codes etc. Top WordPress Theme bundle making companies like Avada, Hestia, Divi and VWThemes also add all these features to their WordPress Themes products. It helps the user in operating themes and making their mark on the internet. And because of this the companies make it a selling point in the market.

Some accuse that these extra features make it hard for themes to perform. They also accuse that these features are unnecessary and companies cost a lot for them. Well, they say that its an ‘unnecessary’ to cost that much for features that customers don’t use much. It’s a false accusation when it comes to leading WordPress Theme Making companies.

Companies with high ratings in the market cost a bit much, but they work efficiently. All the features they provide are usable and they cost right for them. Features like different options for sliders, theme layout and short codes only help in making themes more user friendly and look attractive. If you go on with cheaper companies, they have such policies of costing more than offering. Its suggested to buy themes from reliable companies only. In VWThemes, you get what you pay for and its never too much.

Bundle Theme Plugins

WordPress Theme Bundle is a best-selling product for many WP Theme making companies. Its because it provides variety of themes and different features that give you ready-to-use website where you just have to add content. The drag and drop themes makes it easy for users to establish their website. But to make it more functional, theme makers add plugins.

Plugins like Woocommerce help the users create online selling store to increase sells. Instead of adding single plugin or making single plugins available for users, they prefer to make a bundle of it. These bundled plugins makes it easy to pay for them at once. Due to this you don’t need to buy each plugin differently. You can buy them in bunch and save more time and money too.

Many say that these bundled plugins are useless as they don’t come with themes. Because you have to buy them differently, doesn’t mean they are not much useful or unnecessarily pricy. The bundled plugins provided by WP Theme making companies are much useful if used rightly. It’s a pretty big misunderstanding about the uselessness of bundled plugins.

Again it all depends on which WordPress theme making company you trust. Choose wisely because you are not only investing your money in it, but the future of your project too.

WordPress Theme Bundles are the best choice that you can make for your company.

No Customer Support

Now, this point entirely depends on which WordPress Theme making company you are putting your trust on. Not every company is trustworthy when it comes to buying themes. Some WP Theme making companies don’t offer customer support. But the leading companies in the market do offer it and be available for customers every time they need.

WordPress is a right platform to establish website for your project or company. But it is very complex to use and much irritating if you are not familiar with coding or programming. That’s where these user friendly WP theme making companies help you. They create a bundle of well coded and attractively designed ready-to-use WordPress themes for your website. You just have to install and add content in it as you want. Companies like VWThemes provide easy customization options to let you make changes in the layout. But what makes these leading WP theme making companies rank high in market is their customer support.

Customers who buy these themes often don’t have much knowledge about managing WordPress, so they rely on website developers to set them an efficient website. WordPress Theme Bundles give customers numerous options to choose from. But they can face difficulties in order to run it. So most of the leading WP theme making companies provide customer support for 6 to 12 months. It’s a matter of your choice if you choose right company to buy themes or not.

Compatibility of Woocommerce Plugin

When it comes to establishing Ecommerce website, you have to make sure its compatible with online store plugin and has the option for easy payment getaway. Many WordPress Theme making companies provide this feature in their WP theme. The WordPress Theme Bundle that they provide has a Woocommerce plugin in each one of them.

For example, in VWThemes the Woocommerce plugin in compulsory for every WP theme. This plugin helps in establishing online store for you to sell your products. Some of them argue that this Woocommerce plugin in not compatible for users. They accuse that the gravity form product add-one extension Woocommerce is only compatible with the version of gravity forms which is bundled in particular theme.

Its not the case with each company. Here also it depends on which theme WP theme making company you choose for. Some WP theme making companies work on each theme and make it individually perfect with Woocommerce compatibility. Companies like VWThemes provide WordPress Theme Bundle with Woocommerce plugins in each themes. When you go to the cheaper companies, you have to face problems with factors like plugin compatibility.

No Upgrades

Many of WordPress Theme users complain about functioning when the updates come. WordPress keeps updating its version according to latest internet trends. When WordPress updates itself, the websites running on it has to update themselves in order to avoid glitch and slow speed. If the user is aware of the coding to update its website then it can happen manually. But when user is unaware of what coding the website needs for upgrades, they rely on WP Theme making companies to help them with it.

It again depends on which company you are putting your trust on when it comes to such difficulties. WP theme making companies like VWThemes make sure to have an answer for your every question. They make sure to have solution for your every problem. Companies like VWThemes give free upgrades for over a year on each theme from their WP Theme Bundle. They give customer support as well as upgrades for each theme. Whenever WordPress has an update, the user gets notification about the need for an upgrade for website.

In all these misunderstandings, there’s always a matter of choice. So if you are investing your money, time and effort on something more important like Websites, choose wisely.

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Most Common Mistakes While Managing WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress is a dynamic website developing platform on the internet. And WordPress Theme Bundle is a best choice you can make for your business or personal website.A website is a crucial element in your expanding your business or reaching towards your goal.

WordPress Theme Bundle

WordPress theme bundle contains multipurpose themes which you can use for any kind of business. Companies like Divi, Avada and VWThemes provide such incredible and multipurpose themes for each business and personal use. They are multilingual, SEO optimized and strongly coded which gives you excellent performance and improves your sells rate. To help you choose right, there’s a ranking facility where you can check out WordPress Theme bundles from different companies. Multiple articles can help you with it. But still most of the users commit same mistakes when it comes to buying WordPress Theme Bundles.

These aren’t the mistakes that you can’t avoid. If you focus on these little points carefully, it’s quite easy to handle WordPress Theme bundle. These are some of mistakes that most of us stumble on while managing their websites. So take a good look at them, understand them and go ahead with doing some new mistakes. Because you can’t possibly learn without making any. So let’s start this journey.


When you want to store your memories in the way of photographs or videos, you make sure to securely preserve it. You don’t just rely on the phone storage, you take a backup by uploading them online. If you can be so cautious about your memories, why can’t you be for your website?

Yes! You have to take a backup for your website. Its very, very, very important. Not taking a backup can cost you your entire business. Yeah you read it right! WordPress Theme Bundle make it all easy for you to setting up a website, but when it comes to make changes in it, it still can be a bit rigid. Any wrong action taken by you can change the website’s look and functioning too. It doesn’t have an undo option to make it alright again. So you need to have a backup of your site.

Let’s see what happens if you don’t- you can destroy your site’s look and its functioning. It can harbor security loopholes, your site will be an easy catch for hackers, the website’s damage can be unrecoverable. As WordPress doesn’t backup automatically, you have to find solutions for it.

And here we are with the solutions. As you found WordPress Theme Bundles and various plugins for your website, there are several free and premium backup plugins in the market. You just need to install them in your website and use them. Plugins like VaultPress, Backup Buddy from IThemes and BackWPup are suggested for better performance.

Backup Your Backup

Not being all Monica about it, but being double sure about everything is necessary. Take it like having a soft copy of any important document as hard copy. Backing up your backup is very important while doing business. And WordPress has an easiest way for it.

You just have to upload it on cloud. Yes! Just like the photographs you backup several days ago. You can choose your cloud from Dropbox, Box, Skydrive and many more. Uploading your backup on the cloud makes it immortal. You can access it when you want. If your backup fails, you will still be having another option to redeem your site.

As we have suggested earlier, Vaultpress and BackWPup plugins are best for backups. Vaultpress is a premium and BackWPup is a free plugin. They already have a cloud feature which uploads the backup on cloud automatically. So choose wise and always have a backup!

Testing Products on Live Site

Live WordPress site is like a ticking bomb. The stuff that you are putting in will directly affect your site and you won’t get enough time to solve the issue. If you cut the wrong wire, it will blast. Just like that, if you install a plugin or any product on live site, you won’t get a time to fix it. If you set your site offline for some time to solve the issue, you might face a lot of problems.

This can create organic traffic from search engine, you can loose direct referral traffic, affiliate income, advertisement clicks, conversions and sales, Email opt-in and most importantly your rank on search engine. As the WP Theme makers have made sure with SEO optimization to make your website rank high on search engine, you can ruin it by one silly mistake. Loosing your rank on search engine is not good. It can cost you big time.

So, what should we do? The suggestion is to create an experimental copy of your website. You can access to several platforms where you can create the replica of your site. For example, you can use Staging area in WPEngine. It creates the exact looking website as yours where you can install plugins and make changes without worrying about any consequence. Even if something goes wrong you can undo it by installing recent backup.

You can also set up your own staging area for this. But in order to do that, first thing’s first, you have to have a knowledge about coding and programming. There are numerous tutorials on how to create your own staging area for WordPress website. If the experiment gets successful, you can simply merge it to your live website and update the changes. It’s like creating your own lab for ‘suite’ experiment. So, be your own iron man and keep the mistakes under control.

Trusting Cheap Hosts

This is the most basic mistake that most of the users do. There are web hosts starting from 5$ to 60$. Its not like the priciest the better. But buying a cheap host can cost you a lot than what you saved.

The cheap hosting companies usually flood their server with too many client account. They create traffic and whole cluster gets down. They also have a very low tolerance for resource overuse. You can’t control this overuse as there is no limit on resource plugin usage. When you exceed the limit of resource usage, the server automatically logs a resource overuse or abuse against you. This can be the reason for the suspension of your website.

WordPress hosts like VWThemes create the perfect site for you. The premium WordPress themes and WP Theme Bundle from this company has all the necessary features to make your site function fast and look good. The single theme from VWThemes costs 40$ and you can get 98 such strongly build WP themes in just 99$. What else do we want?

So choose wise when it comes to investing time and money. If you go for cheaper ones, you will get expected results.

Installing Too Many Plugins

As the overuse of resource plugin can be the cause behind suspension of your website. Just like that, installing too many unnecessary plugins can be the reason to shut down your website.

Most of the times when you buy certain plugin you just install and forget it. To actually use the plugin, you have to activate it. When you install the plugin it remains deactivated until you activate it. When you install too many activated plugins they create conflict with each other in functioning. One plugin can take a hold of certain resource and won’t allow others to use it. This restricts the activated plugin to perform. One more thing is that if you download a plugin with low download count, it will create problem in functioning of the website.

What’s the solution on this one? First of all don’t buy too many plugins. Buy only those which you use and can use properly. Secondly, don’t buy cheap ones. Always trust the reputed and popular WP themes and plugins. Check each plugin on your experimental site. Deactivate unused plugins and don’t buy ones that aren’t available on WordPress repository.

All of them that I’ve mentioned above are common basic mistakes that most of the users do while operating WP Theme Bundle. Be smart and try to avoid them!



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